The 44 Hour Diet Review: Melting Fat Without Any Exercise At All?

We were looking for the best weight loss products to review. And Matt Marshall’s “The 44 Hour Diet” stood out. First of all, it is a method that explores realms that people usually avoided due to controversies. Second, despite its controversial aspects, the method did seem to actually bring results. Before we start the review, however, we would like to add a message of caution. If you think about buying “The 44 Hour Diet”, know that it is intense and extreme.

The controversy around “The 44 Hour Diet”

44 hour diet

If you are wondering why you have not heard about this product before, it is because this product is banned from major social media and e-commerce sites such as Facebook and Amazon. It is banned due to its extreme and controversial aspects.

Some controversial tips in this manual

  • Taking a Baby Aspirin 3 times a day to increase metabolism
  • Chewing a piece of nicotine gum to incinerate fat

Matt Marshall is a personal trainer who uses unconventional ways to lose weight. He believes that when it comes to fat loss, it is better done in the same way you rip a band-aid. Quick and fast. For years many nutritionists have been telling us to take a slow and steady way to weight loss. The reason that they give you is metabolism.

According to many nutritionists, losing your body weight fast can mess with your metabolism. The creator of “The 44 Hour Diet”, Matt Marshall is telling that it is the complete opposite. He is backing his claim with research from New Castle University.

Losing fat

The experiment included 3 groups of people. They were put in 3 different diet plans within different ranges of time.

  • The first group had an extreme diet plan over the course of 6 days
  • The second group followed a moderate diet plan over 3 weeks
  • The third group followed an easily reduced-calorie diet for 6 weeks

Metabolism and Weight Loss

The results were that each of the groups lost more or less 5% of their body weight by the end of their respective diet period. However, when the metabolism levels of the all groups were checked, the 6-week group seemed to have their metabolism deviated the most. The 6-day weight loss had their metabolism changed the least. This proved the metabolism claims of fast weight loss were incorrect.

Another claim that is popular among people against fast weight loss is “hormones”. They say that using extreme methods to lose weight can mess up to hormones of people—especially the testosterone hormone in males.

According to the studies that Matt Marshal presents, the reality is the complete opposite. When testing the effects of long-term low-calorie diets, it showed that people who diet long-term tend to have lower testosterone levels up to 785, which is truly a staggering number. It shows the damage you are actually making to your hormone levels by ineffective long-term dieting.

Why NOT lose fat slowly…

The 44 Hour Diet keeps emphasizing how losing fat slow can actually give you opposite results of what you expect. When you follow a “slow and steady” diet, even though you may see some results at first, eventually, you tend to gain more fat as opposed to a fast and crash dieting method.

You also tend to have low energy and be less active. The metabolism tends to slow down when you continue to have a low-calorie diet for a long time. Sometimes, dieters discover too late the harms of following restrictive diets for a long period of time. Not only can it result in health issues like weaker bones or reduced fertility, but it can actually slow down your weight loss progress.

“Regularly eating fewer calories than your body needs can cause your metabolism to slow down. Several studies show that low-calorie diets can decrease the number of calories the body burns by as much as 23%. What’s more, this lower metabolism can persist long after the calorie-restricted diet is stopped.”

And that is why the 44 Hour Diet program claims that it is better to go hard and fast when it comes to weight loss. Contrary to what most personal trainers tell you, losing weight fast won’t lead you to rebound weight gain. It is taking too much time to lose weight that will lead you to slowly gain weight even more. The research shows that those who lose weight in less than 8 weeks are more likely to maintain it by the 6-month mark.

Why did it get banned?

After much evidence to show why fast weight loss methods are the way to go, Matt Marshal well gives an overview of this product. Since that is the part everyone wants to read in reviews, let us move on to it now.Lean body

First of all, let us take a quick look at why his amazing method of weight loss got banned from Amazon and Facebook. Matt Marshall has a few ideas. His strong language in discussing the bad fat loss methods is one of the reasons it got banned. The second and most apparent reason is the controversial methods and tips that he is giving.

None of the methods given in the book are illegal. They are tested and proven tips that actually worked. Most importantly, Matt Marshall does not encourage taking steroids or illegal drugs. However, there are some tips that push the boundaries of the usually accepted weight loss methods. These include nicotine and alcohol usage to lose excess fat fast from your body.

Another reason was the extremeness of the results. While most nutritionists preach only losing less than 2 pounds a week, Matt introduced methods that lose over 13 pounds a week.

Staying LeanLean body

Too many personal trainers who make a buck out of people’s misery have popularized the idea that staying lean is difficult. According to them, it is so difficult that only people with great willpower can do it. For this reason, many personal trainers have now become motivational speakers. According to Marshal, however, this is not the case.

The 44 Hour Diet tells you an easier and faster way to success. According to the methods in the week, you can go up to 3 cheat meals per week and still gain miraculous results. In some studies, having cheat meals can help promote weight loss. How? Cheat meals can help boost one’s metabolism. Plus, they ward off the gnawing feeling of deprivation. This deprivation can cause people to fall off the diet wagon. Having these small cheat meals can help you stick to your diet plan in the long run.cheat meal

What is in the 44 Hour Diet?

This weight-loss method is a very creatively done manual to lose weight fast. All the methods have been tried and trusted by the professional personal trainer Matt Marshal. He has put together this manual more as a way to help those who are struggling, rather than for the monetary value. To put it briefly, you get the following things in the set of manuals that you get.

  • The 3-day jump start – how to lose up to 8.8 pounds in the first 3 days thanks to an unusual experiment
  • An all-natural method for boosting growth hormone by 512%
  • How to use alcohol (if you choose) to accelerate overnight fat burning

Who is it for?

The guide is for anybody who wants to lose weight quickly. However, it is best suited for those people who are always trying to lose weight but stumble on certain factors like alcohol drinking, smoking, or depression. These people find it extra difficult to find a good system that will help them lose weight due to their circumstances.hormones and weight loss

People who drink alcohol

If you are someone who likes your occasional drink and was forced to stop due to your weight loss plans, this manual is targeted at you. What if you can enjoy your drink and lose weight at the same time?

There is a lot of content talking about the evils of alcohol when it comes to weight loss. Yes, it does divert the body’s digestive process away from other nutrients. Yes, it can slow down metabolism. This is why the manual covers this topic. There are ways to consume alcohol and still burn fat.

People who smoke

Elaborating on the contents of the book, the nicotine gum tip is another controversial method that works. While you are not required to try it, if you want that fast weight loss, it is a good method to try. This method is popularly used by many fitness models to keep that always perfect figure in check at all times.

Here is the science behind it. Ever wonder why people who suddenly stop smoking almost always gain weight? One reason is that the flow of nicotine into the body is stopped abruptly. Taking in nicotine slightly elevates the person’s rate of metabolism by making the heart beat faster.

In fact, if you are a regular smoker, you would probably experience an increased heart rate of about 20 beats per minute. You experience that the whole day, thus burning more calories. But smoking can damage your lungs so chewing on nicotine gum is the alternative.

People who suffer from a cycle of sadness

This manual also speaks to your mindset as well. What Matt Marshall calls the “cycle of sadness” is another reason that people stay overweight for long periods of time. He gives you ways to look at the world from new perspectives and actually be the fit and happy person you always wanted to be. This manual helps you find the right mindset for losing weight.

The weight loss “hacks”

Metabolism works wonders for your physical appearance. Increasing your metabolism means that you can eat that extra brownie and still not worry too much about the added calories that can turn into fat. By the “baby aspirin” trick that this manual introduces you, you can help your body increase the metabolism without much effort from your end at all.

You get the “dirty dreams” hack, which is one of the most controversial tips in the book. But as long as it is not harmful and it works, is that not the only thing that matters? You also get the “ice cream hack,” where you can actually eat a whole lot of ice cream and use it to get a leaner body. If your eyes are widened with surprise now, then it is time to get into “the 44-hour diet”!

The entire manual contains many such “hacks” to lose that extra fat in your body. When you buy this manual and follow his methods, you will be able to soon gain that “all muscle” body that you see in magazines all the time.44 hour diet

The Final Verdict

The 44 Hour Diet is one of the most controversial weight loss methods that come with many “unusual tips”. It is targeted at those who want to lose weight quickly and then maintain it for a long time. If you are into taking a risk and actually getting it to pay off, then go for it for sure!

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