Talking To Toddlers Review: Best Way To Teach Your Toddler?

Having a little baby at home is a blessing and more of a fun. But at times dealing with toddlers can be frustrating as well because of the communication issues. Well, if you have toddlers at home, and by now I am sure you do because that’s why you are reading it for the reason.

You do understand all the troubles and challenges that come with raising a toddler. Being a new mother myself, I have been reading lots of self-help books to connect to my baby.

Recently, I came across an audiobook named Talking to Toddlers which turned out to be quite an interesting read and I must say that after I decided to buy the book and follow the instructions shared, I have had a much better and easy time talking to my little one.

Most of the parent’s complaint that one of the biggest problem with their kids is the communication issue. So, I decided to review the Talking To Toddlers audiobook to highlight the available solutions that people can follow and connect with their kids.

In this review, I will try to reveal all the useful information about the book so that you can analyze the effectiveness and usefulness of this book.

Introducing Talking To Toddlers

Positive parenting can really make lots of difference in a way you talk to your baby. The audiobook is written by Chris Thompson, a parenting expert. In his book, he offers an extremely useful program which will help you stay away from all the fights and constant negativity with your toddlers.

Instead of screaming no, yelling endless times and then feeling bad about talking that way to your little angel, this program will guide you how to speak to your toddler in the most positive way for a smooth and happy outcome.

You will learn to phrase all the questions and explore the motives of your small decision-making skills to make changes in the interaction and communication between you and the baby.

The book will help you to learn positive techniques and skills on parenting which will definitely work wonders for your daily parenting job. The audio program comes with twelve tapes and one-course workbook.

About Chris Thompson

Chris Thompson

As I mentioned earlier, the owner of this highly talked program is Chris Thompson a writer and a registered NLP practitioner.

Initially, Chris was professionally involved in strong communication strategies and has been influencing and motivating people for a very long time. He is well trained on Neuro-Linguistic Program and has learned the remedies to cure anxieties, bad habits, and phobia.

When Chris had a child, he understood that the NLP techniques are amazing and can be used to change the emotional and mental state of an extremely stubborn toddler. He borrowed those techniques and utilize them on his children in the most effective way.

The author has extensively worked in developing various parents related language strategies and has poured all his knowledge into the audiobook. Chris points out that the lack of communication with your child can cause your toddler to show tantrums. It is quite understandable because kids at this age don’t understand the logic.

When you visit the website, you will discover the three easy tips that you can check by yourself if they fit you or not. These free lessons will give you a little insight into the program.

In the book, the author explains the step by step methods to interact with the baby and also provide alternates to control them. The best part of this program is that your child will not be able to understand if you are controlling him because that could make the entire situation worse. The book reverses the role and makes your baby think otherwise.

Who Needs The Program

Talking to little kids do not come easy for anyone. Therefore, it’s important to learn positive parenting skills and that’s where this program comes with valuable tips and techniques. So, anyone who has a toddler at home and wants to groom their learning skills needs this program.

How to ask questions, how to phrase those questions before saying are some of the key points that have been discussed initially. If your way of stating any request was not up to the mark, it can surely lead to toddler stubbornness. The book has numerous benefits because you can interact and communicate with your child on a much pleasant and positive level.

How to ask questions, how to phrase those questions are some of the key points that you should learn about. If your way of stating any request was not up to the mark, it can surely lead to toddler stubbornness. The book has numerous benefits because you can interact and communicate with your child on a much pleasant and positive level.

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Why Do You Require The Program

Nothing can challenge your parenting power than your kids. Good parenting doesn’t really come all natural because at some point in time all the parents have admitted feeling little overwhelming with a willful and extremely stubborn child.

But parents don’t need to fall into constant negativity around their toddlers. The constant yelling and screaming can leave your hoarse and exhausted. This program can take you through various parenting lessons that can keep you calm.

By the end of the program, you will be ready to take on the challenge and prove to be a successful parent. The program can teach you the parenting skills and positive parenting concepts that you want, so you can be a happier and much more successful parent, without many of the common problems that result from poor communication.

Customer Reviews

The program has been used by many people who have shared their success stories on the official website of the product. While going through the website, I read several testimonials and reviews pointing out the overall benefits of the program.

This also confirms that the program is really effective. Helen R. Thompson from Child Learning Support, Australia wrote that the audio course is quite valuable and she was able to learn lots of interactive techniques that were quite easy to implement. She was able to see the amazing result within few days.

Similar sentiments are shared by many other users from across the world. This means the product has been a constant success and continues to be favorite among the parents.

Purchasing Tips

You can buy the program from its official website as a PDF edition. Once you buy the PDF you will get an automatic upgrade to the MP3 version. You will be able to gain instant access to the book once you complete the transaction.

The audiobook is compatible with any device such as a desktop computer, laptops, iPads and also the mobile devices. That means you can easily carry your files anywhere you go.

There are many people who like to go for the online PDF version because it is very convenient. But still, if you want to rather go for CDs you can also order that as well from the official product website.

Also, if you prefer to read the book instead of listening, you don’t need to worry as the lessons are also available in the written version.

For any XYZ reason, if your system crashes and you end up losing the download copies of your product, you can always get back to the website and download the program from the available link at no additional cost.

Sounds so easy. Isn’t it? This is a really convenient feature offered by the author which means you would not have to worry about keeping the backup.

What’s Inside The Program

There are total of twelve lessons of 20 minutes each.

  1. Introduction
  2. Double Binds and Presuppositions,
  3. Get What You Want Without Saying “NO”,
  4. Yes/NO/Compliance Sets,
  5. Commitment and Consistency,
  6. Reciprocity,
  7. Pick Your Battles,
  8. Reframing,
  9. State Management and Anchoring,
  10. Embedded Comments and Quotes Technique,
  11. Dealing With Physical Pain
  12.  Threats and Punishments.

Since the author of this amazing Audiobook is an NLP expert, he knows what he is talking about and how the kids are going to react.

He explains in detail about various verbal language methods many of which you would not even have heard of. The program is available in the mp3 format which means you can hear it on any device and as per your convenience.


Chris Thompson, the author of this amazing book knows what he is talking about and actually care about your connection with your child. This is confirmed by the valuable tips that he shares on his website and all the free webinar that he provides on effective communication with your child.

You just need to put a little bit of time and effort to get the productive results.

The course is all about empowering yourself to handle your child in a much gentle way.

The right language, the moves to keep your toddler calm not only gives you mental peace but also enhances your emotional connection with your little one.

In this review, I have tried to summarize all the important points on what this book offers you and if you need some help in communicating with your toddler why you should buy it.

So, if you want an easy to understand and follow guide book on parenting, then Talking to Toddler should be on top of your list.

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