Tactical Combat: The Way to Not Die In the Field

This is the kind of combat that is taught to the black ops, the Special Forces and the bets of the best in the soldier world. Tactical combat is not just proper planning, its stealth, it’s the ability to be deadlier than deadly and the reflexes that will save your life when you are counting on them to do that.

Step 1: Surprise

The gentle tap on his shoulder prompts him to turn around, he did not see me coming, did not hear my footsteps or see any shadows. Before he can shout or raise the barrel of his gun, he is lying on the ground with a neat little hole in his throat.

They rest of them did not hear anything because I have a silencer and I did not let him drop with a thump, I gently eased him down. That is the power of surprise because you never let them see you coming.

Tactical Combat

Step 2: Noise and Corners             

When you are turning around the corner, the first thing that anyone should spot first is the muzzle and your eye with the sights trained on them. Make sure that your account for the shadows and that when you are walking; you make as much noise as a cat walking on your blankets does.

Step 3: Cover

This is the place where you will seek to hide as you move or conceal yourself when the lead starts to rain on you. When you are moving, you need to pick out where you are going next to make the best move possible.

Step 4: Keep Your Distance

You may be dealing with idiots but even they can shoot at an approximate 6 meters straight at you and not miss. You will need to have distance because then, if the ‘whatever’ hits the fan, you will not get any on you. So, stay out of their lines and keep away.

Tactical Combat - Keep your distance

Step 5: Inspecting and Memorizing

When you are in the zone where the action is going to take place, you will need to be very keen and very inspective. That will mean looking at the corners, the shadows and the anomalies that may be traps.

Memorizing what you saw the first time will help you notice when something has changed. Noticing the things that are off, is a skill that is honed with time and remembering the basics. Also, trust your gut instinct because that one will always tell you when death is coming.

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