TACFIT26 Review: Can You Get Fit And Tactical At The Same Time?



Building tactical fitness is not very easy. It not only requires dedicated training but also the application of the correct training methods. In fact, tactical fitness is said to be the most difficult and complex field in physical training. It requires the following of extremely effective training programs. Tacfit 26, authored by Scott Sonnon, is a very popular training program for tactical fitness. He has been writing in the field of standard fitness since 2006.

In Tacfit 26, he has also included sections on injury recovery. Reviewers have tagged it as the most effective program for tactical fitness as well as injury recovery. It is an all-comprehensive and highly improved program that starts from burning stubborn fat. The latter steps are then addressed to the building of muscles and improving the conditioning levels of the body by using various movements and coordination based exercises. There are also many unique conditioning training exercises to promote overall conditioning skills. These are also widely used by military operators and service personnel to address the various tactical needs. In general, the book will give you first-hand knowledge about developing higher effectiveness and efficiency with tactic fitness.

Tacfit 26 is mainly a flagship program consisting of 26 workout courses that can be followed at home in minimal space. However, these are also used by professionals at the gym or in big box health clubs, the program starts off with the alpha training and ends with Zulu. Each of the 26 programs featured in its last 20 minutes long. The workouts are carefully categorized so that anyone can follow the program irrespective of the previous fitness levels. The author has himself stated that his program is designed so as to make it accessible to as many people as possible.

Tacfit 26 exercises are mainly performed using gears such as kettle balls, pull-up bars, medicine balls, boxes, rings and straps, club bells, sandbags as well as body weight lifts. Conclusively, the tactic 26 will help you set up a very small and very effective gym that you can take along wherever you go. It also promises a very high rate of success.

There are also several reasons why tactical fitness can be more practical when compared to other modes of fitness. There is no wonder that strength training warehouses and massive gyms with cardio equipment are still the big fads, but if you have tried any of these before then you definitely know that these Globo gyms have many of their own drawbacks, mainly the skyrocketing fees and the various membership-driven agendas. These are the core reasons why many people are gradually moving away to compact and tactical training.

Talking about heavily equipped gyms, these may at first come off as the most practical option to choose from. However, in the long run, these machines only isolate your freedom of movement, thus segregating the muscle gain by different and uneven ratios. They also control your overall potential to the small and restricted movements that could result in painful sessions without many outcomes. In fact, if you go by true logic, compartmentalized movements are never the most effective type. It may give you short-term gains, but in the long run, it can totally devastate you with aches and pains from the overuse of isolation training.

What is it?

TACFIT26 - what is it

The Tacfit 26 training program is exclusively designed for an effective workout that can be easily followed at home with very few equipments. The exercise featured in it is basically focused on providing a pain-free and injury-free recovery. The workouts will not leave you drained. On the contrary, they will rather promote your agility and tactical skills. This 26-day program is a sure guarantee for enhanced stamina and endurance, even if you have suffered any injury prior to or during the training program. The program will also help you gain mass and build an overall healthy and strong body. The best thing, however, is that it greatly reduces your chances of getting injured on a day to day basis while taking up various exercises.

Each of the workouts featured in the program is designed with a specific mobility sequence so that your body is in the right form before moving on to the next stage. The workouts are sorted in an alphabetical sequence for easy traceability. Each specific workout usually lasts from 5 to 6 minutes. Furthermore, each of the 26 workouts featured in the program comes with 4 levels of difficulty so that you can effectively assess your level of fitness. The main workout will last for 20 minutes, followed by a compensatory session to cool down the body, which should last for 5 to 10 minutes. Normally, you will be able to complete the entire exercise in around 30 minutes.

If yo8u have already achieved the initial levels of fitness, you can either take up a relatively advanced workout to prepare for the advanced sessions or settle for the condensed portions that come with a moderate intensity while keeping you in form. You can also assess your pace by measuring the heart rate. 60 to 80 % of the maximum targeted heart rate should be enough for starters. Only when you are above the 80% are you suggested to divert to a, relatively easier variation of exercises.

All of the workouts featured in Tacfit 26 have six different pacing structures as given below.


  • The Tabata style workout – 20/10*8 +60
  • Four minutes of continuous exercise followed by 1 minute of rest with for four sessions –  4/1*4
  • EMOTM – every minute on the minute, where you will be required to complete the entire set of exercises within a minute
  • AMRAP – as many rounds as possible within 20 minutes, with repetitions for maximum results
  • 90/30*5*2 – which implies 90 seconds of work followed by 30 seconds of rest further followed by five exercises. All of this should be repeated twice.
  • AFAP – as fast as possible, complete with all the repetitions and correct techniques.

Each and every workout in the book is based on either one of these six basic formats.

Who is it for?

TACFIT26 - who is it for

For those who cannot find the time for exercise

The workouts featured in this program do not take up more than 30 minutes every day, on some days, you will not even have to take out 30 minutes. Therefore, the program is especially great for those people who find it hard to make up time and need more time for resting and restoring the body. With this program, you can make a real difference in as less as 20 to 30 minutes.

Shortage of equipment

It is very easy to get de-motivated, especially if you are missing out on some of the equipment. However, now it will not be much of a problem. Tacfit 26 combines different body movements and meticulously programmed coordinate movements so as to use your own body for similar results.

For those seeking variety


Most of the time, people get bored of following the same repetition day in and day out. What tacfit does is introduce variety into your workout sessions, thus making them more engaging and passionate. In fact, you will be overwhelmed by the variety of workouts that are assigned for everyday practices. These exercises will also stimulate your body for higher agility and tactical fitness. No wonder it is widely adopted in military training and different forms of martial arts.

For reducing body ache

TACFIT26 - body-ache

Obviously, fitness comes at a price, but if the price is so heavy that you will have to suffer for days afterward, not many people are going to be too positive about it. All of the workouts recommended in Tacfit 26 are designed to minimize pain and accelerate recoveries as quickly as possible.


TACFIT26 - features

  • Club bell section
  • Ring strap section
  • Box section
  • Parallette box section
  • Kettlebell section
  • Body weight section
  • Bar section
  • Medicine ball section
  • Sandbag section


Easy to follow

The book is written in a very easy to follow fashion, with lots of illustrations. The instructions are explained in detail in a step by step fashion. There are also video tutorials for the comparatively difficult workouts.

Money back guarantee

You generally find a money back guarantee only as long as the author feels confident about his work. The 60-day money back guarantee gives you ample time to go through the techniques and even implement them to see if they give any visible results. If you are not satisfied, you can take comfort in the fact that you can avail 100% money back.


  • The most common misconception is that this book is for muscle gain and bodybuilding. No, it is not, although it can help you lose stubborn body fat to some extent, the main aim is to help your body heal faster after injuries.
  • The fitness program comes with its own dietary guidelines. Failing to keep up with this could lead to erratic or zero results.



Given that the program allows you to train at home within minimal spaces and using minimum equipment, it is very recommendable, especially if you are someone who frequently changes stations. The book is not only very detailed but also features the most efficient and time-saving exercises that will greatly boost up your performance in the long run.


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