TACFIT Survival Review: Get In The Best Shape, And Survive Emergencies?

Weight lifting, powerlifting, calisthenics, lean muscle, heavy muscle, bulk body, lean body, shredded, ripped, everyone has heard of everything. Only a few make it to the stage where these words come from. Even after years of grinding so hard and finally reaching there, you know you would be the first one to run in an emergency.TACFIT Survival

What purpose does all the muscle serve? Running as fast as you can? Is it just meant for the shows, 30 by 60 posters and ramp walks? Instagram images, Snapchats and a little attention from the girls at the bar is why you suffered years of pain?

Could You Survive in any Situation?

Let me answer this for you. No, you cannot. If you said yes think again. Any situations mean anything from a desert to waste-water-lands. Amazon, Antarctic, Sahara, Himalayas, Madagascar could you really survive all of these alone? Not just these but a sudden attack in an alleyway?

You could grind for hours at the gym and still probably won’t be able to survive a real-life situation. You are trained with muscle or moves and not both. Even if you are trained with both of them, you won’t be developing instincts to fight in real life.

What Do You Do?

If you want to survive any situation or if you want to become a bodybuilder or join the military you need to learn their ways of survival. You could join any classes for martial arts for years still you won’t ever have the strength to do that.

Every course in this world is set to make money and not you. If you really think you have the potential and you could do what it takes to get to the highest level of predators, you need to get into TACFIT Survival.

TACFIT Survival

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What is TACFIT Survival?

TACFIT Survival - what is it

“Our brains evolved for one reason, and one reason only: to produce adaptable and complex movement.” This was said by a noteworthy neuroscientist Daniel Wolpert.

TACFIT Survival is a body weight exercise system that is meant to focus on your core strength instead of useless muscle mass. The program focuses on making you the best version of yourself instead of making you a bigger version of yourself. The idea of the program is about training you without any external weight and teaching you ways in which you could handle your body in a much better manner.

The program intends to make someone thrive to the limits and overdo them if needed but never fall back because that is the rule of survival. Never fall back. The program has evolved over the ears to pull out complex movements and get adaptability in the user’s body. It intends to confuse the mind and play with the decision making. It’s done to eventually get it to make the best decisions in fractions of a second because that’s what the nature gives you, fractions of a second.

The Brain Behind it

TACFIT Survival

The Brain, The Body

Alberto Gallazzi is the man behind the idea of making people stronger from the core instead of different body parts. Alberto is has been a part of Special Forces and has been a Police Consultant, Former Airborne Commando, a Dignitary Projection Agent and has been the world Champion of Full Body Contact Jujitsu.

15 years ago, Alberto started a bodyguard company with his partner, however, in the same year, he was called to Italy for pthe ost. He made all his discussions with his partners and wanted to give people a platform where everyone could get the fighter’s physique along with great strengths and reflexes. He wanted to create the best program that makes the person thrive to be the fittest

Alberto the ultimate athlete and teacher at a professional level worldwide made his dream come true in the best possible way. Today, 15 years later we have the best plan for survival training. A program evolved to make the user thrive to the limits.

The TACFIT Survival Ways

The program intends to teach you all the ways of survival without using any weight training. The programs do not even use any martial art training but survival training instead. Even after all these uncommon ways, it remains the best and the most trusted method of training.

The TACFIT Survival Ways

The best part about the program is that not just locals but everyone could use it. Ex-army officers, bodyguards, and intense trainers everyone use this program. TACFIT survival remains everyone’s choice and will continue to give results.

TACFIT Instructors

Jolie Kobrinsky, CST Coach

Angela Fisher, CST Head Coach

Emily Larson, CST Head Coach

Cristiano Fillai, Coach CST, and Team Leader

Max Belpulsi, Head Coach Guerrilla Fitness

Fabio FOGATO, Field instructor.

All of the names above are associated with heavy training and extreme condition survival. These are not just names of instructors but people alike of Alberto. Special forces, world champion and people we look up on. People we idealize and want to become.

Each one of the names is a specialist in their own fields of work. The program is not something built out of thin air but with patience and deep thinking. The program was developed under the surveillance of Alberto Gallazzi, but the help of these experts. The masters of their own kind.

What Does it Include

The Goodies You Get for TACFIT

The Goodies You Get for TACFIT

Before you step into the manual let me introduce you the package it holds. The manual is a 6 part full survival training. Taking you right from being someone ordinary to what you always almost wanted to be. Survival videos, instructional videos, follow-along videos and anything you will need is covered in these tapes.

Also, we’ve got for you some cool trick to get your body ready with warm up. Even cool down techniques are covered to help you end your routine the ideal way!

Survival Videos

The program has a special set of survival videos. These videos intend to show you the situations and climates out in the world. The ones you would be facing and could survive. The exact ways the specialist reacted and moved is recorded and delivered to you. So, you could watch and learn the ways of survival first handed.

Along with, the situations you get a clear idea of what the world holds for you and what you are getting into.  The world is a hard place to foresee but you might be able to do it very well.

Instructional Videos

Another set in the program is of the instructional videos. You would be made familiar with all the routines and the exact ways you are supposed to do them in this part of the manual. The manual will give you all the workout and the days you are supposed to do it.

How many times a week? How many reps and sets? Everything will all be answered here.

Besides that, the postures and the ways you are supposed to do a drill will be explained in depth in this part of the program manual.

Follow-Along Videos

Instead of learning once and then trying you could follow along with the instructors on counts with them. The follow along videos allow you to complete your workout along with the trainers. Keeping your pace up with the experts is what is going to make you one of them.

You could pause them, but a pro tip, don’t. Try going to the experts to get a better surge and eventually better results for yourself.

Warm-up Videos

TACFIT - warm up videos

Before you start, you’d need to raise your body temperature by a little bit. Probably, even need all your muscles flexed and ready to roll. The warm-ups videos are going to guide you through the warm up routine. These videos will give you ways to open up every muscle in your body the right way. Following these pro tips, you’d never get a muscle fatigue.

Warming up the body and get your blood gushing down to every muscle through every vein in your body is one of the top priorities before starting any fitness regime.

Cool-Down Videos

First of all, you don’t want to miss your second day, now do you? Cool down videos intend to relax each and every muscle in your body. You don’t want blood gushing down your veins all the time. Till you are working out, it’s a good sign. After that, you need to stop the gush altogether. Therefore, these videos intend to cool down your body to normal temperatures and stop blood gush.

You could follow the cool-down videos even if you don’t follow the workout schedule for a day. After a jog or a walk or any session that warmed you up!

Get Ready to Survive now!

If you have made this far then you are ready! You are ready to become the best version of yourself because you are joining the league. You are ready to get some training under the hands of Alberto and his champs. Those big pecs and wide backs along with amazing reflexes await you.

You are going to become the hardest, the strongest and the unbeatable! Great physique besides the ability to tackle any survival situation just with one click. Click now and get amazing discounts and offers only for you!


Want To Be In Great Shape, And Ready To Tackle Any Survival Situation That Comes Up? Click To Get TACFIT

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