TACFIT Commando Review: Become Stronger, Faster, And More Tactical?

Have you ever been curious what it’s like to join the military? You might have seen videos of how they train. Then, imagining yourself in their place seems impossible. In my case, I thought I could not do it as well. Even if my desire was to have a healthy and fit lifestyle.

People may ask, “How can a person commit to such a strenuous training session?”. I had the same thoughts as well. I tried it out for myself and gave up within days of workout until I have heard a great program which can help you overcome such dilemmas.

TACFIT Commando Program is one of the most top secret elite training sessions. It showcases a number of workout sets and techniques. Once more, you can execute this at the confines of your home.

You will not have the hassle to drive to a certain location to workout. Also, you have the freedom to choose when you do the training session.

TACFIT Commando

About TACFIT Commando Program

The program is one of the most hyped up programs as to date. Scott Sonnon, a trainer for the SEALs, bodyguards, and special ops, decided to share the training techniques with other people.

But before this, he had to ask for the approval from the government and high personnel which he received positive enthusiasm.

The creator of the program aims to motivate people into transforming themselves into a fit body weight person. This is not a normal workout which you do in the gym or other sports activities.

Take note, it is not beneficial for people who have low pain tolerance. Because in the first few sessions you will execute, it is guaranteed you can have muscle pain for days to the point which you will have the difficulty walking normally. Though, that is what few accounts claim it still depends on the person.

TACFIT Commando

Hundreds of people across the world gave positive reviews of his program. That is why, the TACFIT Commando has been showcased in black belt magazines, men’s health, and many more.

The author has also published 7 books and more than 40 training manuals. People who have crossed his path, continue to give him support because of his effective programs.

Who should use the program?

Anyone can use the program. You may be male or female, young or old, but all you need is commitment and consistency. In order to achieve the body you want.

What happens when you use the program?

Many benefits come with purchasing the program. Here is a quick rundown:

  • Agility
  • Strength
  • Coordination
  • Stamina
  • Recovery Rate

In terms of physical fitness, your body will be able to increase your speed and other factors. There are certain kinds of exercises in the program which focuses on certain components. There are training sessions for increasing your speed, strength, etc.

TACFIT Commando

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TACFIT Commando

What Do You Get?

The TACFIT Commando provides a whole program, from the beginning stage and during the whole process. When you start training, it is preferable you continue this with no fail. Once you stop, you may have a difficult time adjusting once again.

When you buy the program, you will be given the following:

Start-Up Guide
This is a 38-page book to help you start off in the program. Not everyone has the ability to adjust on executing strength workouts. So, the module gives basic introductions on the tasks you will do in the next couple of months.

Start-Up Guide also provides an overview of the rest of the systems you will go through during the program.

Mission Calendars and Daily Journals
Normally, a program will only provide the exercises you need to do but does not contribute to the whole process. Thus, the client would have a hard time matching up certain exercises to fit his daily workout sessions.

This provides a day to day workout routine you need to accomplish. It consists of 18 journals which you have the freedom to choose from. And all you have to do is follow and complete the exercises.

Website of TACFIT Commando Program

Mission Instruction Briefing Videos
The debriefing consists of 9 videos with Scott Sonnon. Most people use this while they are executing their workout because Sonnon’s video guide aids them to do the right positions.

It has given people the motivation to go on the program despite the difficulty level. Some gave reviews stating how it was (and continues to be) a challenging experience but this pushes them to their limits.

Follow Along Mission Simulation Videos
Besides the Mission Instruction Briefing, you will also receive an additional 9 videos. These videos are detailed training sessions with the creator, Scott Sonnon. It is compatible with any phone, and computer. You can even plug this on your television!

Secret Recovery Techniques of the Special Ops Video Series
As I have mentioned before, the difficulty level is profoundly up the top. So, it is unavoidable to have cramps and muscle pain at the end of the day. But you can counter attack this by following the 6 videos in this program.

It will not only help you to overcome the painful cool off but it will enhance your pain tolerance and aid you to give your best performance.


In the present day, many people are more conscious of their physical state. Many prefer to find the fastest solution to losing weight. Some resort to pills, medications, and surgery but we all know how unhealthy and unpractical it is.

You can never receive something you want in the swipe of your finger. Staying fit and in good form is one of those long term goals. It will take months, even years to achieve this but it’ll be easier if you can rely on a program that pushes you to your limits.

special operations fitness

And that is what people who have tried out TACFIT Commando commented. They have given reviews of the program after months of using it.

There are cases when we feel unmotivated because of how boring or difficult a session is. But customer reviews state how the program even pushes them to work out, they never felt the need to have a few months of rest from the program.

A review from Nate, states his experience with the training session. He was a gym man and just like many people, he also has days where he gives up working out. Then, Nate would return to it when he gains weight.

This routine is unhealthy, and he admits it is. So, he decided to do his research and there TACFIT Commando was, Nate immediately bought it. Months later, he is still consistent in the training program.

My review of the program is the same as the thousands of people who gave their feedback. So far, I have been using the program for 6 months now, and not even once have I stopped on my workout routine.

With the help of the other freebies as well, I maintained my physical form by consuming healthy meals and exercise at the right time.


Being able to try out this program is a huge honor, it has shown me that it is possible to train just like any other military workouts. I never thought I could even do this, without the help of Scott Sonnon, I bet I will stop after days from such difficult exercises.

Besides the TACFIT Commando Program, it also provides the following bonuses.

The Tactical Readiness Diet Plan
Exercise is not enough for a person to stay fit. If you still consume unhealthy meals, you will never achieve your goal of having a learn or muscle built body.

The secret to a complete and healthy lifestyle is through regular exercise and fully nutritional meals. With this diet plan, you can never go wrong with your meal choices.

The Warrior Recipes Book
People gain weight due to the excess meals they consume. To top it off, they eat outside or unprocessed food. Food which you cook at home is safer because you will know the kind of ingredients to put in.

So, this module provides recipes on how to complete your calorie counts per day. It is a 103-page recipe book.

In the Field Video
In this segment, you will witness real elite personnel who execute the workout sessions which Scott Sonnon has provided for you. You will see how it is like surrounded by elite militaries in arms with marines.


Whenever I have a concern about the program, I can email the developers and would receive a full detail on the steps I should do. As a beginner in the field of strength and cardio training, I have never realized how easy it is to do a training session at home.

Now, I share this amazing program with my friends and family. Some have tried it out and agreed on my claims as well. I am here to tell you that, as a person who has shown huge results after this. It has been life-changing.

What are you waiting for? Don’t miss a chance of being a better you through this.

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