Swing Man Golf Review: How Much Faster Will Your Golf Swing Get?

Improve your game and make a better impression

Hello, everyone, I’m so excited to write my review of Swing Man Golf speed program created by Jaacob Bowden. Let’s just say that is really easy to follow the exercises quoted on the website. And really doesn’t take that much time to do them.

ME and Golf

Being honest I am not a long time golf player in my 31 years. I started like 4 years ago because, as shown in movies, most of the business deals are closed in the green, but it’s not required just to play, you need to be good at it in order to earn trust.

Starting from zero was really hard. Never have followed any tournament. Never seen a field course completely. And I barely had basic knowledge of golf.

I thought: “How hard can be to hit a ball as hard as you can to throw it as far as you can in a small hole?”

Good beginnings

Well, I started in the shooting range to try out my swing by myself. As you can imagine, I got below average about 60 MPH and I’m ashamed of the distance (please don’t ask).

The guys of the club saw me and rapidly offered personal instructor that will help me improve the swing, direction of the ball and basics, but after what I had paid for a membership I said no thank you, I think I can figure it out myself instead of paying 80 dollars per hour.

Shame and Results

After a few months practicing by myself and with literally no results, I decided to star seeking help. If I wanted to become a deal maker I need to considerably improve my game. So far there was nothing improved yet.

Unfortunately, personal trainers are a bit expensive. So, I started surfing the web, to see about videos, some kind of rubber bands for elbows and different kind of stuff.

Finally, when I thought I had the hang it, at least the basics, I understood that there still was a long way to improve.

That is when I found a review about Swing Man Golf and saw all the things included, I decided to give it a try.

First Month

After acquiring the membership, yes, it’s a membership, not a DVD, I got access to a lot of materials. I saw statistics of speed and range, tricks, and techniques for improving. So I got:

  • Full access to the membership
  • Easy follow videos
  • Images well illustrated
  • Personal access to Jaacob Bowden (which is amazing)

I started with the exercises at home, twice a week, as he says in the course. It is not necessarily more than that to achieve visible results, and it was good for me, didn’t expect to win a PGA or open tournament, I was just looking to have reasonable performance in the green and impress my costumers.

After the month of doing all the exercises as advice in the program, I also chatted with some guys there, and brother Jaacob one or two times (he did reply I was amazed by it, I thought that was just and advertisement trick but he did reply).

I could see how my swing improved as well my reach in the shooting range, but I have not tried it on the field yet.

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First Real Tour

Well, the day finally came, not with costumers but with some friends that I made at the shooting range, I started with my swings and recognising the field, I got a couple of sweet shots and I did not make a fool of myself (I was so proud of it) but I have skipped most of the tricks and shortcuts that Jaacob includes in the program because I thought they were not necessary at all.

Don’t get me wrong, I was thinking: “how hard can it be?”, now that I have a good reach and a sweet swing, to complete a full course. But boy, was I so wrong about it.

I finished as I could with a lot of hits over, so I came home and started reading and getting acquainted with all the extra features included for me.

Taking my time

I spend the next two months reading, learning and chatting as much as I could with the other members. It was really fun, which was a nice surprise. I did not do it at the beginning because of the belief that will be boring but mom it was quite the opposite.

Everyone was so friendly and patient with my noob questions. I felt nice and welcomed there, even if I won’t play in the future (but I hope I will). It is nice to belong such a unity fellowship, my Golf fellowship.

Second Tour and Revenge Time

Well after some time spent on reading and practicing, I felt that it was time to try my new knowledge and skills. I call my friends to challenge them to a complete tour. I was so confident that that was my day. A new Tiger Woods was born and they will witness my revelation in Golf.

So we went to the field, and I was ready. I had my equipment and confidence with me. We started and until the hole 6 I got 3 birdies and I was only +8 overall, which for my second time I think it was great!

Of course, I did not win the challenge but I felt really good with the results and with the knowledge acquired, of course, I need more practice improving my motor skills but it was good.

It worked for me from scratch, with no experience or anything. Now an average score good enough to show off or to accept any invitation to play with anyone, and who knows, I could have been playing with my boss or my partner (that was the main objective at the beginning)

How Swing Man Golf Improved me

I want to recommend the program not only for the golf knowledge found there, or the experience accumulated in all the members of the community but also because of the community itself.

Now I have friends, golf friends in different cities, with whom I chat constantly to keep up with the games and also o sometimes even live events.

Now I have new goals. I want to visit them at the first opportunity and measure myself with another fellow golf mate with good reviews of the program. I think that Jaacob didn`t think that could happen, to make a close community of golf lovers (and some amateurs like myself).

It is nice to see how they discuss the best irons, wind conditions, even quality of the grass in different fields.

Understanding what others meant

Sometimes it’s even fun when they start arguing. And is kind of educational because I can learn new golf terminologies or hidden tricks there, that I can use in the future.

Where I want to go with all this, is that this program is not just some DVD that you buy on TV or the internet, which is not a DVD at all, it’s a virtual program and community. So, as a friendly recommendation, I can tell you that. If you read this review and you compare to the real pro’s reviews, you will see the techniques are good, Jacob has the knowledge and experience.

But you are gaining way more than that. The full package is just worth every penny that you invest buying it. And also they keep updating the tricks, the techniques and the program itself without any extra payments, ( like most of other programs does). You are part of the community and you get all the benefit of it.

Why You Should Not Get The Program

Well is a money back guarantee, so if you find anything why it should get the program let me know because after five months I can only find positive stuff.

  • Only one payment to all updates and new techniques
  • Access to unlimited experience community
  • Access to chats with Jaacob Bowden in person and even discount for his personal lessons
  • Tricks and tips on how to have shortcuts or reduce hits on the field
  • Advice on the equipment that you need to buy and fits better your game

As you can see it is full of advantages. I don’t see why not give it a try, or wait yes I think in one reason.

IT’S SO ADDICTIVE! Once you start you will think only of Golf and how to improve your personal record or compete against fellow golfers. So yes you got the program and you won’t stop playing or at least think of play it.


The program is so easy to understand and follow. It has been updating at least one in a month.

You can chat with people around the world with the same interests. And you chat with the creator in person and some actual champs.

You improve your speed and swings no matter your experience or fitness. And if you are like me you will finally understand and love golf.

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Swing Man Golf Review: How Much Faster Will Your Golf Swing Get?
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