Suspension Revolution Review: Easiest Way To Train For Six Pack Abs?

Hey, ready to read my experience with Suspension Revolution 2.0 (SR2.0). A new unconventional way to work out indoors by yourself, with a full guide in videos.

I wanted to write the review because sometimes it is hard to believe what we see advertised on tv or the internet. But this time, it worked and worked so well that I’d like to share my experience with it.

I was looking for a different way to work out. Kind of tired of weight lifting and the same results. Paying for memberships and never really taking advantage of them.

Personal trainers who really didn’t pay attention to me, only on paydays and overcrowded gyms like waiting for the machine around 30 min to use it.

The best part of this method is so versatile, with several exercises that can be done without extra materials and can be used from a Tablet.

What Is Suspension Revolution 2.0?

Suspension Revolution 2.0 is a bodyweight workout technique by Dan Long for both Sexes. This program uses TRX or similar to push post-workout after-burn, EPOC, and thermogenesis to new levels. This leads to a much faster reduction in fat while lean muscle gains compared to traditional machine and other weights workouts.

This online training is unique, and Dan Long has fashioned it into a viable, fully comprehensive blueprint for everyone, including beginners, intermediate and advanced. It comes with about 191 exercises and 27 Suspension workouts.

It’s an effective program that is attractive because you can do it at home using straps and without expensive gym equipment. As a result of the straps required for this kind of bodyweight training, users of the program have access to flexibility, extra range, and resistance tuning instead of traditional bodyweight workouts. This program is the only complete and effective program created precisely using suspension bodyweight training.Suspension Revolution Review: Easiest Way To Train For Six Pack Abs?

How Does Suspension Revolution Work?

The program consists of 191 suspension exercises and 27 metabolic workouts. According to the author, this suspension exercise and metabolic activities will make every user burn fat much faster than weight training. The exercises boost the afterburn or EPOC effect while increasing post-exercise oxygen reduction, promoting calorie-burning when resting.

You can do this easily because the suspended exercises react to your body differently from regular weight training using over 600 different muscles. These muscles may be near impossible to stimulate via normal workouts.

The workouts in this program hit varieties of muscle groups simultaneously with types of options throughout the program to prevent adaptation and stagnation. Also, you can readdress the roles that two conflicting forces play when they come into play in a workout program.

The notion is that your body is made of different architecture, which may differ from other body structures. Normally, you desire to improve, stronger, get leaner, and build muscle. At the same time, your body has a different opinion since it wants to adapt and become efficient and adapt to any given stimulus to stay the way it is to change the least benefits it can get away with.

This is a common occurrence that affects the workouts of most people. Once you experience the very first improvement, you reach a stagnation plateau with the notion that you are not making any tangible progress anymore as earlier. This can then be attributed to your body’s natural survival instinct calling for the onset of homeostasis. In contrast, your body has already got accustomed with no plans to change anymore.

Why Should You Exercise?

Getting Fit is not just a matter of good looking and health; it is also useful for sports; I practice Rugby and occasionally Kung FU. I know it sounds badass, but Kung Fu helps keep my body agile and play better in the field.

The coach always asks us to lift weight to keep fat at a minimum to increase muscle mass. Regular exercises give you only muscle group at a high price sacrificing mobility and getting bigger.

After reading other reviews, I decided to try it. Because if there is no weight lifting, I can keep up the smooth movements gained with Kung Fu, so it sounds good.

Besides, the advertisement said it is the secret method of professional athletes, making it more attractive. I’d love to have an Actors body, well, also money and their career, but I think that is a bit more difficult to get; it’s easier to just follow the program and get the body.

Starting the Journey to get ABS to show off

I have been exercising in commercial gyms for at least 8 years (interrupted, of course). And I have not been available to keep my exercising routines interrupted in those gyms because of high memberships cost and even expensive personal help.

I ended up working out by myself with little or almost no results; that is frustrating, so I quit. It was just wasting time and money.

Even if I desired a fit body to show off on the beach, it was really too hard to get it.

Who doesn’t want to be fit so you can go to swimming pools or just walk with high self-esteem? But it is just too hard to get it traditionally.

The main problem was

Overcrowded Gyms

Lack of personal guidance

They couldn’t fit my schedules

The shame of starting from zero in front of others

Besides, who loves smelling places or using machines after some else and feeling the sweat on them? I know there is an advantage to meeting people, but at what price. With a FIT body is easier to meet new people so we can avoid gyms

My Journey on Home Gyms

One of my biggest mistakes was buying full and partial (yeah, two times) home gyms with no guidance. They really didn’t work at all. In the beginning, they seemed quite ok, but after two months, they became my second wardrobe

And don’t get me wrong, the issue is that with no guide exercises and only my imagination is not a good combo, also when they are kind of complicated to the ensemble, and it took me a while to do it correctly ( the ensemble part)

I also tried to download routines, but they were too specific for a different home gym (which I didn’t have), so I went crazy inventing my own routines adapting from another kind of gym until l got hurt and left it alone

Now, I need a bigger garage just to keep them. I hope they can help me to pay the rent. In the end, a huge garage sale was held and got some money back and the promise of not buying them again.

And when I got only weights at home, not the full gym, it was a bit worse. There was no proper way to lift or bench to support; I was mostly sitting on the bed trying to exercise with them; you can imagine it didn’t work that well.Suspension Revolution Start Using Your Bodyweight And Suspension Exercises To Get Your Six Pack Abs

Doing it At Last

After I got the videos and the Suspensor, I had no excuses but to work those ABS for the party!!!

I started as a beginner; you can imagine it was hard to begin, but it is easy once you get used to the routine. It can be placed anywhere, and I could work anytime that best fit me.

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” — Walt Disney

I could literally feel how I was burning fat every day.  And I got pain in muscles that I didn’t even know existed before but was recomforting at the end, to know at last I was getting FIT.

I just needed a perfect spot to place it at home to start doing it. I found it right in my bedroom, besides some exercises, it is also easy to do them outdoors if you want to go jogging first you can take it with you, just amazing.

Learn Exactly How You Can Develop The Six Packs Abs You Always Wanted Using Incredibly Powerful Suspension Bodyweight Exercises Today!

No Excuses

Even when I have business trips, I can take them with me. The hotel room fits perfectly. It’s not that big or heavy, so there is no problem carrying it on. And the materials are fully digitalized, so my tablet is my best friend again.

Sometimes I took it outside to work out after jogging. It is funny how people look at me while exercising. I have met new friends because they asked about my workout. I do not insinuate that will improve your social skills, but hey, it worked with me, let’s call it happy side effects.

Other Advantages:

You do cardio and muscle stretch at the same time

Mobility is increased while raising the difficulty of working out

Endurance is a happy side effect

You won’t get hard-worker hands as you get them with the weights

I got the challenge of taking a selfie every three days to measure the results, and it worked.Suspension Revolution Start Using Your Bodyweight And Suspension Exercises To Get Your Six Pack Abs

Advantages of Suspension Revolution 2.0

Per Dan Long, traditional workout Limited does not exercise the full body. It’s only parts, and you leave some of them without a workout.

You can really feel it since day one when you start the method. How all your muscles hurt. But like everyone says, NO PAIN, NO GAIN.

I’m not going to lie or say in my review, it’s just fun and easy to work out like this. It’s quite the opposite, it is really hard, but the results are REAL. So, you need to ask yourself, what do you really want, easy and no results, or something real and different?

The best part is choosing your own level to start working out. The best part is that it doesn’t mean fewer results or more time, you can feel it, and it is AWESOME.

There is no excuse for where and when to start with all digital materials. It is just one click away from you.

Wholesome Results

“Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.” — Henry David Thoreau

Also, do not expect only working out with Advantage Suspension Revolution will give you the body without any extra discipline; your food also counts.

Someone said you are what you eat, and Dan recommends some meals that will help you get the results while you stay healthy on the outside and inside.

It might be a bigger challenge to get discipline on the food. It might be tempting to feel all the fat burning while exercising to sneak out for Fastfood occasionally. Just don’t blame the exercise for the slow results

I’m already on an intermediate level, looking forward to making the big jump for advance. I just can’t stop talking about it. Results are real. The method works, and I have recommended it to all my friends. I think they hate me now. But it is just so good.Suspension Revolution Start Using Your Bodyweight And Suspension Exercises To Get Your Six Pack Abs


I really enjoy exercising, and this new method is perfect for me. So, I really hope it can be good for you as well. I am getting fitter. I can work out at home, on the street, and even out of town on a business trip.

I’m going to the beach to show off my new body and feel awesome. I have improved my performance with my Rugby team. You can say the only bad side effect is that you might change your wardrobe to a smaller size that will fit you better, which can be the most expensive part.

Hope you can find it useful for you and get real results with a new method; most of the time, fresh is always good. Good luck, and remember to spread your experience to motivate others too.

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