Stage Ready Nutrition and Training Review: A Real Plan That Works

Stage Ready Nutrition and Training Review

When I started out with Stage Ready Nutrition and Training, I was sure that I had found a companion in my training and fitness. I was looking for 4 things in my nutrition and training, i.e:

  • Strategies
  • Techniques
  • Tricks
  • Tips

The question is: did I find all the above 4 as I envisaged? To answer this question need to show you first from the reviews I made on the product and why you too, should buy it.

Model and bodybuilder body

One of my goals was to be like what Brian Cannone says about people who want to train to look like cover models.

Handsome muscular bodybuilder

Brian Cannone is the founder of the fitness Atlantic. He has a background in nutrition and training. He inspired me with his backstage secrets to having a body of a bodybuilder. The Stage Ready Nutrition and Training was a review that I first made when I was looking for the best fitness and training program. I will tell you how I uncovered the best diet plans, supplements and workouts to give me the kind of body I wanted. My journey had started far back when I thought starving was the only way I could get the best body. I realized that this was a scam but am happy that I finally found my new love in the fitness program. The first thing was to research what Brian Cannone was saying about his revolutionary program at the stage ready online.

Slimming without diets

I had always wanted to slim but I did not think was going to be possible without dieting. The program opened my eyes to how this could be done easily. I learned ways to lose weight and tighten my body to look like bodybuilders. It was an awesome experience and this is why I decided to share the techniques that I learned. My physique was yet to reach the potential I wanted so I went about looking for these 3 things:

  • Diet
  • Supplement
  • Nutrition

The program gave me the exposure that I needed to appear on the cover of a magazine in the near future. It initially appeared like a pipe dream but I held on to the program.

Muscular man with protein drink

It was still intriguing to me just how athletes and top performers managed to keep the shape. The smell of a contest was in the air the very first time I enrolled for the fitness program. The dreams of appearing in one of the covers of the model magazine were now inching closer. Yet, it was not that easy.


I was always confused about which diet I would need to get the best diet to give me the kind of perfect body I desired.


There were many training programs but I did not know which one was the best for me.


With so many supplements in the market was not sure which supplements would augment my training and nutrition goals.

Nutrition programs

I was tired of trying various nutrition programs which did not seem to work.

Sports. Man at the gym doing stretching

When I look back to the wrong path I almost took, am happy that I trusted my instinct and listened to good advice from the expert trainer and nutritionist Brian Cannone.

Contest ready

The Stage Ready Nutrition and Training prepared me for the contest. I was no longer nervous beginner like before. The fitness program had prepared me through techniques, tricks, strategies, and tips. I would want to let out the secret to you but I think you should be ready to understand why you have to start with the basics.

Getting to the top of the shape

The secret to getting yourself to the model body shape lies in 4 things i.e. nutrition, weight training, supplements, and cardio training. When you combine these 4, you will get the kind of results that you need. I saw along the way, people who got stuck in one stage and never preceded to the next. The program works so efficiently that you would be sure to get the kind of body you want. The physique does not come miraculously: you have to eat right on good carbs and ensure that the muscles are well nourished.

I discovered something called carbohydrate saturation point and how it impacted on my work out. Since we have different saturation points had to find the one that would perfectly suit me. The program helped me find my saturation point. The second trick was on the fat and how I could burn it effectively. Without starving myself, I uncovered the trick if stocking the body’s metabolism without starving myself.

words burn fat

There were more tricks on the way as I rolled down on the program.

Fitness competitors

There were many secrets that were well hidden for a long time but they were now being released in doses. They trusted that I was ready to be initiated to the real training and fitness befitting a future model.

Bikini model

I didn’t think becoming a bikini model would come that soon. I was given stories of people who started at a lower level than me but made it to the covers if respectable magazines like Oxygen. How they achieved this with remarkable ease intrigued. I was eager to know they executed the program so well to their benefits.

beautiful long hair female model

I was not going to abandon my quest half-way. This was the real deal and I was about to uncover one the best well-hidden secrets in stage ready nutrition. I had read a lot on fitness and figure competitions but it had never dawned on me what is required. I researched this and discovered a lot in fitness and figure competition and discovered how to be fit for contests.

Muscle tissue

There was a mistake I was not about to make. I had seen people waste the muscle tissue that they had worked so hard to build. It could be a dieting mistake.

diagram of tissue illustration

They lacked the techniques like dieting, training, and tips which would help them build instead of destroying the muscle. The advice I got from the revolution program helped me to have a head start.

Skin tightening

The skin needs to be firm around the muscles but this is not automatic. You will have to get the right diet while training. I realized that our bodies can be smart enough to know what carbs you are feeding them. As such, you might find that you are unable to burn fat the way you intended. The tricks that this program introduces to you are to swap the carbs so that the body is tricked to burn the fat. The technique works so well, you would wish you have enrolled in the program already!

Muscle building and fat burning

Rarely will you find foods which help you burn fat and at the same time build muscles?  One has to get the super foods that should be included in the diet.

athletic couple

The instance you start taking these foods, you will be able to lose the fat which causes love handles and build muscles befitting the contests. There is an online scam that advises people to starve themselves and engage in never-ending exercises in order to be contest-ready. Be careful not to fall into the pitfalls which have cost so many of their goals lost the trophy.

Ab gadgets

There are shortcuts to many things and contest-ready is NOT one of them. The Ab gadgets that we see online will not give you the kind of body you want. The gym equipment will hoodwink you to think that you are getting flat Ab and attaining your goals. This equipment will exhaust you, yet all that you need is to attain the flat Ab at the comfort of your own home in a few minutes. The diet fads are not the best strategy to help you become contest-ready. Am going to tell you the last secrets to help you the body you need to compete and win the trophy.

Follow a credible training program

Avoid the shortcuts as we have seen how they mislead people. The training programs we see online are not always the best answer to your desire to appear on covers. They will not even tell you how to become a better person in bodybuilding. All they are interested in is to have you pose on covers on magazines.

man and woman with smartphone doing plank exerciseThe real training will not need to be featured in magazines. What you see is the final product where there has been proper training, dieting, and nutrition. This is nothing but the truth. The secret to a fruitful training lies here and since I made it, I would be willing to help you achieve the same success as mine.


The time to get out of the workout rut is NOW! There are ordinary workouts and a workout for fitness. I knew the secret a long time ago and since then, I have seen my muscles get well tones and at the same time, build on the abs.

man and woman athletes performing sit ups

My wife had always wanted to have a well-toned bikini body and perfect abs. I assisted her to enroll for the program and a few months later, she was getting invited to feature on top magazine covers. The super routines helped her to achieve the desired body shape in a short time.

Getting into shape

Achieving the best body shape will require you to lose the ugly flabby appearance to a model figure.

Fat loss

Losing fat is not as easy as we are made to believe by backstreet programs. To get to the optimum levels in burning of fat, you have to first and foremost ignite the fat burning process. Once you get to this level, you will be able to lose fat throughout the training program.

Gaining muscles

When you lose fat, the next thing would be the gaining of muscles. The fat burning mechanism will set the stage for you to gain the muscle for a body befitting a contest.

beautiful young sporty sexy couple

The arms and the rest of the body will be well toned that you will become the subject of admiration by others. In order to achieve the body you desire, you have to fast track the weight loss program under the guidance of the experts like Brian. Who said that for you to lose fat and gain fat, you have to become bulky?

The supplement factor

Building muscles require the use of supplements with the right ingredients. To compete naturally, you have to lose fat and build muscles in the best way possible. These are not ordinary vitamins. The right supplements will greatly help you kick-start your metabolism for a shapely body worth competing anywhere.


Right cardio

The work -out involving the cardio sessions will help you achieve the kind of body you desire. Fire your body with the right cardio training.


The Stage Ready Nutrition and Training is the best program that you need to be the bodybuilder or model that you see in top magazines.

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