Smoke Free In One Hour Review: How to Quit Smoking By Lunchtime

Smoke-Free In One Hour Review

Have you tried to quit smoking but found it difficult to do so?  Unless you are ready to quit, you will always in the unending cycle of a smoker.

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The program review of Smoke-Free in One Hour will help you break the habit. The cigarette manufacturers know that you want to quit but they exploit it to their advantage through nicotine in their product. Do not fall into the scam that sells fake products promising you a quick solution to the habit.

Such products are sales gimmicks designed to help them make a profit out of your satiation. An honest Smoke-Free in One Hour review will readily address the problem.

How I got over my cigarette addiction

Before I watched a video on how I could quit smoking, I had sampled hundreds of reviews but none sounded genuine. I was stressed and tired of false promises online.


After going in circles decide to see a certified hypnotherapist. There are many such people but you will be lucky to find one who would genuinely help you Smoke-Free in One Hour. Many of them make you worse than you were before, reinforcing rather than killing it.

I came across one and after pouring my heart out; she was able to help me quit my smoking habit. I had done my own research on how hypnotherapy works against smoking. I gathered that it works through the following:

  • Taking you into a deep, relaxed state of mind
  • The mind creates room for suggestion
  • The hypnotherapist helps you imagine the awful cigarette smell
  • Stop smoking hypnotherapy techniques


I thought this would be a quick fix and that one session later would be free from smoking. How wrong I was! It was my first journey to recovery and that I needed a few more sessions to completely recover.

Non-smoker on a permanent basis

It never occurred that I could stop smoking for good. I had tried it many times but always reverted to my old ways of smoking. No review seemed to have any impact or change my mind; I researched what other people were saying about smoking.

I read a story on  how to  be smoke-free in one hour  and understood why I had stop smoking:

  • It was costing me a lot of money
  • I was affecting my family with second-hand smoke
  • My pets would be affected by the chemical in the cigarette

smoking that public park endangers the health of the child.

Desire to quit

Just like you, I had the desire to quit but no willpower to end it. Cigarettes ruled my life but I was determined to stop the craving for cigarettes for good.


Stop Smoking

The hypnosis seemed to be the last option that I was left with. I decided to buy the Smoke-Free in One Hour through hypnosis. I was assured that I would get over my craving in an easy way. If it was going to fail, I would simply ask back my money in 2 months.

If it was going to fail, I would simply ask back my money in 2 months.



The review I made of the Smoke -Free in One Hour shows that it is tested and proven to be effective in ending the addiction. Let me tell what else I gathered.

The product is trustworthy

There is a danger of being conned. What may appear to be a good product is a scam and you may not realize because you are desperate. Finding something that is legit and trustworthy will go a long way in overcoming your addiction.


The site where I gathered reviews on the product gave me information on how I could download. The ease of access is important so that you can try the product upon making e-payment.

High satisfaction

The high level of satisfaction meant that I did not need to ask for my refund. One more interesting thing is that there were no other refunds made from the research that I made.

Satisfied with work done


The guarantee for a refund shows that the manufacturers have the confidence in their product to the extent that they are willing to pay you back should it fail. The high effectiveness of the product rests your fears that you will not live all your life addicted to nicotine. It is easy to use and the results are perfect.

Buying from a vendor

There is the official site where the product is available albeit on a limited basis. If you buy it outside the official site of the company, it is possible the product will be a scam. If you get a genuine one, you will have the following benefits:

Visually appealing design

The product is made a highly stylish design which is also visually appealing.

Help at hand

The community behind the Smoke-Free in One Hour lends its hands to anyone who needs it. It means that you will find an active community which shares their experiences. You will benefit immensely from the help they offer to those who want to kick the habit.

Ease of portability

One of the features that I like about the product is the fact that it can easily be carried on various platforms such as the Smartphone or the thumb drive. If you have a PC, you can easily run no matter where you are.


The product is not as expensive as the other methods of helping people to quit.


Instead of wasting your time trying methods which don’t work, you should try this one as it has been tried and found to work fast.


There is safety, not only in using it but also downloading.

Ease of operation

The product is easy to operate since there are no complications. You may have handled others which are difficult to use but this one is an exception. If you are like me, I don’t like products which have no clear methods of operating them.

How I ended up with the product

I was addicted to smoking for a long time but harbored a secret desired to quit. I had friends online whom I consulted on what to do was determined to also help someone like you the same way I did.

Searched online

I searched and researched online on how to quit one hour and got plenty of ideas.I  checked on the link the friend sent me and sampled what was said in the reviews’  did not want to end up part of the statistics of people who had been duped into buying worthless anti-smoking gear.

Making the decision

It was not an easy decision to make since I wanted to be sure that this is what I needed. The scams are designed to look just as genuine as the real product.No amount of persuasion could make me be tricked into buying what was not going to work.

Young serious African businessman

Sought answers

I searched for the authenticity of the claims that the product and whether it was going to live its billing. I was impressed by the fact that I had done own background research to find just what I needed to overcome my addiction.

My experience

It would have been unfair to keep my findings to myself. The interesting facts I made will make embrace my choice and make the right decision as well. I used it and got the results I desired: I got free from the addiction and have been free for the longest time.

The site where I found the product made it clear to me from the onset that this would not be a short cut but the gamble would pay off.


I trusted the product right from the time I started using it. I knew I that I the manufacturer had invested heavily in it hence the chances of failure was low. I was ready to be free from my addiction at any cost.


Smoke Free In One Hour Review 1


Healthy addiction

Unlike the harmful addiction one suffers from, the Smoke- Free in One Hour makes you addicted in a safe way as you get weaned off the nicotine. In fact from the reviews that I made, no one got back to their harmful ways after using it.


To say that it is a fantastic product is an understatement. Everyone I met who had used the product admitted that it was worth using it.

If you have not tried it, you should give it a try and share with others what you gathered just as I have done.The positive word about it might just save someone who has been struggling with their addiction for a long time.

Quick response

Should you have any questions about the efficacy of this wonderful product, do not hesitate to ask the owner via the site. The response will come quickly; hence all your concerns will be addressed promptly.

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Some products fail on the first trial and if there is not money-back-guarantee, your money will go down the drain. The 60-day refund guarantee assures you that you will get back your money should the product does not work as it claims on the site.

Thankfully, I did not need to ask for my money -back because at the end of the period, I was not a smoker anymore. The desire was gone and I could see that my family was once again coming close to me without worrying about the smell of smoke or second-hand smoke.


Smoke Free In One Hour Review 2


I was hesitant to purchase it on account of the cost. When you compare the little price you pay to be free and the hefty one that you will need to pay for being an addict, you would pay the asking figure without any questions.

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Please, do not download the product for free. If you find a site with a free download, it is definitely a fake one and you could end up with a worse addiction than you had before.

Full customer support

In case you need the support as a user, you will find a team which is always ready and available to support you 100% any day or night throughout the year. They are highly resourceful if my experience with them is anything to go by.

Reliable information

In the digital era, we are bombarded with a lot of information on the internet superhighway. Not all the information we come across is legitimate. It is incumbent upon us to selectively pick out what is authentic and filter out falsehoods.

The site owners are committed to saying it as it is without honey coating it for the sake of making money out of you. I have sampled the product and can testify that the claims made by the company are true in as far as treating the smoking problem is concerned.

Conclusion and recommendation

From the reviews I have given about the product, I  believe that this is the product that you need to quit smoking for good. The healthy, smoke- free online environment that the manufacturer has made is worth emulating.

You will never smoke again when you try it. I recommend it highly to those who cannot come off their nicotine addiction.


Smoke Free In One Hour Review


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