Six Degree Flow Review: The Guide to Preventing Injuries and More!

Six-degree flow review

Six Degree Flow

Getting fit can be quite a thorn in the flesh bearing in mind that deep down your heart you need to keep your body fit but you do not want to take the required steps. Sometimes, factors which seem to be beyond our control hinder us from doing what we want to. It’s quite a concern since

  • You have limited time, and you work on a tight schedule.
  • Gym equipment can be expensive and getting some for your home can be money in the pocket threat.
  • You have health conditions which you think they cannot let you do any exercise.

Well, these are very logical and understandable excuses, but they do not change the rules of the game. Failure to take measurements and control your body flexibility and fitness will definitely cost you something big, either now or in the future.

This is however bound to change when you are done reading the review. Not only reading but also if you buy Scott Sonnon six degree program, you will be in a better position to train on yourself no matter your health status.

The program consists of a plug and plays 73 videos, a handbook and some additional 3 videos critical to the training.

Actually, if you have any condition related to health you are advised to take Scott Sonnon training materials only, and within no time you will have forgotten which specific parts were aching.

The best thing to do is to take a personal test and determine what you want to do first. Either; to exercise or going to see a doctor. Definitely, I know everybody does not want to visit the doctor for health-related reasons especially those associated with excessive fat and calories.

At least with that in mind, I can assure you by the time you are done reading this review, you will be definitely yearning for the time when you will start to exercise. Scott Sonnon is the author of the comprehensive training video guide and a book called six-degree flow.

Among the above excuses he had a serious joint disease and was the last person, you would expect to be teaching martial arts and training others. He had broken his back and neck too in the course of the regular training. He had no other option but do only those pain inflicting exercises.

Luckily enough he was able to go to Russia as an intern to learn their training system.

There and then things changed completely. Finally, he was looking like a person in early 20th whereas in real sense he was at ’40s.

What exactly changed?

Six Degree Flow - Masseur massaged his calf

He discovered the flow. It was like a soothing bath, a body treatment massage which actually repaired his worn out tissues and regained the full body movement potential. Through flow, he was able to heal his old joint disease, regain his lost body movement capabilities and get a full body transformation.

You will realize that,

All those myths related to cost of gym equipment as the main cause of lack of exercising is a pure fallacy. Your body is built in such a way that you can use it to train and achieve excellent results.

You will realize that; actually, you have more than enough time for exercising no matter how tight your schedule is.

You will realize the cost of exercising is far much less than treatment costs associated with lack of exercise. This motivates you to keep up with the workout schedule.

You will realize that exercising is actually fanned rather than a body straining activity. Most of the people fear training related to weight loss due to the way those lessons are administered. Most of the trainers are from the school of thought that goes by the principles that harder is better.

Hard can be better but not always, thus instead of playing a game of either lose or win, why can’t you chose to take a win-win situation and pick a module which won’t hurt you and it is simple enough that no matter the age you will be able to perform well.

Above all, you will realize that neither will you be required to visit the gym nor buy the expensive equipment or run your body on treadmills or spend uncountable time doing sit-ups.

What you get after reading the pdf book.

Six Degree Flow - What you get after reading the pdf book

  • You will realize it is one of the simplest routine things to do and achieve undisputed results.
  • Get rid of pains or aches in your body,
  • Improve your physical body fitness and get rid of those size issues.
  • Improve the performance of all parts in your body.
  • Get back that fine, well trimmed, firm and smooth toned body. You remember your childhood soft body, yes that is the one which will come back despite being advanced in years.

Eventually, you will end up sleeping like a baby. You soul and body will be communicating in one language. You will be doing what your body is naturally made to do. Most of the old school training techniques leave you more drained than when you started the training.

Some training techniques promote wear and tear of body tissues, and this accelerates the aging process. Not only that but rather it also increases fat deposit rather than promote fat burning. With this ebook, you will be getting the best work out plan.

This might sound strange, but I am sure there is a person you know of, who goes to the gym and training classes every day but when you look at the person, nothing seems any different.

The person does not seem to have the features expected from a person who does body exercises. Scott Sonnon training videos enhanced with the pdf ebook manual will give you an admirable shape.

Burn excess fat and still derive the maximum amount of energy to store in your body in a safe mode. Your body actually does not need to burn the fats and emit them out of the body.

What would be the point of eating and then lose what you have eaten? It is supposed to be stored in un-harmful type for an easy workout. This will make exercising a nonstrenuous activity.

All these and more information is available in Scott Sonnon pdf book and video reviews. This is an ebook which has well-outlined work out plan for martyr arts and yoga class lessons. This is especially good for the aged who do not have the flexibility.

Six Degree Flow - male bodybuiler holding ebook reader

It’s a no-brainer training book as you will learn a ton of lessons from him. You will learn how to use your body as an exercising tool. Six-degree flow is a plug and play program which you can carry with you on your phone, laptop, smartphone and any other video displaying devices.

Since it has an audio format, it becomes easy to follow along rather than when the materials are in graphics and images only.

You might be tempted to dispute it like any other training book or a scam material, but when you get the full profile of Scott Sonnon, you will realize he has made previous programs which have turned out to benefit a lot of people. Programs like TACFIT 26, primal stress, TACFIT Commando and much more.

 He is not the kind of person to trick you around to buy his book only to realize it was a scam in the making. His profile is rich of traceable successes. six degree flow is just a piece cake on his career.

 He was an adjunct professor attached to physical education at Penn state university.

  •     A US national team coach.
  •     A 5-times martial art world champion.
  •     Is the global instructor at the Nikes training center.
  •     Named by black belt association as one of the most influential instructors.
  •     Cleo magazine ranked him the number one best instructor.
  •     Named as one among the first 24 best trainers in the world.
  •     Men’s health proclaims that he is the first to create world’s smartest workout plan.

Regularly trained the military and firefighter whom he helped recover from their injuries through nonsurgical means.

Every content in the book is premium, and nothing can compare to the free stuff you can get on the internet, every session of the ebook is written with you the buyer in mind. Not only that, Scott Sonnon believes in himself to the point that he has extended a full 60-day refund policy with no question asked.

Six Degree Flow

Get your copy of the Six-Degree Flow right here, and learn how you can eliminate all those aching paints and hurt joints, while improving your health!

Six Degree Flow - man exercising with jump-rope outdoors

This is a real show of the fact that he knows what you need is in the book. When you buy the program, you will realize that it caters very well for both the beginners and the intermediate trainee.

What makes it attractive is that there are a bunch of training material offered as bonuses; which will help bridge any gap between the beginner’s level and the intermediary level.

Becoming an expert on anything is what sets you apart. Scott has become an expert in flow performance. He has gone ahead and tested all the techniques he teaches. The majority of the physical activities of practice included in his training modules are backed by a bunch of scientific researches.

The reviews offered in this article will not make you understand exactly what you need to do and exactly where, no, you need to make a purchase decision and buy yourself a copy of the book. As mentioned earlier this is a no scam program as it is covered by a 60 days money back guarantee with no questions asked.

However when you buy the e-book, then will you realize that it’s actually a steal. The content is more than valuable in comparison to the price you pay. The modules are broken down into workable sessions of less than an hour.

The flow allows you to work out your body from within without much of a sweat.

9+ gigabytes worth of contents containing instructional videos follow along with manuals, and high-quality video files. These will ensure that you attain a bunch of benefits.

  • You lose fat.
  • Develop muscles and stamina’s
  • Improve motion range, through increases perseverance developed during work out.

The sessions are well timed not to strain your body.

 The majority of the sessions are 50 minutes or less long.

 This program sounds too simple to be effective,

There are scientifically proven facts that the hardness or simpleness of an exercise is of little significance to how your body works. Thus the body only understands the form of resistance.

These lies may be holding you back

woman spreading hands wide open

Contrary to most people’s belief that hard exercises are the ones which burn fats and calories, flow, and other simpler tasks enable you to burn enough calories which might be harmful to the body. Running and jogging literally burns the same amount of calories with a given range of miles.

Flow movements won’t help you shed the fat.

It has been scientifically proven fact that it burns fat just as efficient as the intense training. So flow wins since it is cool and not intense. It can be done by anyone.

Hard exercises are better.

This is untrue statement since it is not backed by any scientific research. Your body cannot tell the difference between types of resistance. It can only know the complexity or lack of it. There is no saying like no gain without pain in the physical fitness field.

Flow has actually been known to make you recover from state of stress and regain normally.

It reduces injury level to zero while keeping performance high.

It has the power to shift the mortality rate of distresses’ group of people.

It enables even inflamed joints to move painlessly around each other and eliminate tears and wears.

How flow reduces stress levels

It regulates the cortisol levels and thus affecting hormonal balance which inhibits stress. Studies have shown that high level of stress encourages high level of fat deposits around the belly and the waist areas.

These are the toxic fats since they are a major accelerator for cardiovascular diseases. These are the diseases which affect the heart and its operations. High fat deposits will lead to high cloud pressure.

Stress is such a huge threat to a man’s health that diseases related to stress are the number one killers in the world.

Normal exercises burn fats but if the hormonal imbalance has been reversed, the harder you exercise the more your body continues to store more dangerous fats.

Stress levels can be managed through breathing, mental skills, posture, and movements.

Flow melts away fat and keeps it gone.


The book is backed by research done at the Center for Integrative Medicine at Thomas Jefferson University verified that 1 hour of flowing movements had the capability of lowering cortisol levels in both men and women without experience before.

It is clinically advised to raise cortisol in natural ways, and one of the ways to do so is through the use of flow movements. Cortisol helps to regulate the amount of blood sugar and hence blood pressure. It acts as anti-inflammatory and an anti-allergy agent to sooth the immune system.

Flow actually regulates cortisol levels, increasing and decreasing them when needed. This capability means that it has the capability to regulate and accelerate positive stress without the negative stress.

Clinical trial proves that you can move from a size 12 to a size 8 through flow

Six Degree Flow - muscular man massaging his arms

A 30-minute flow yoga a week can cause you to shed or not gain at least 19 pounds. This research was done at Fred Hutchinson cancer research center in Seattle. This was approved as one of the smartest ways to lose weights as no pain nor injuries are inflicted. It can even be done by an admitted patient in a hospital.

Flow has been so efficient that people with chronic related diseases are being advised to engage in light exercises and yoga classes.

Practice with your body and shed away fats and develop strong muscles.

Six Degree Flow - Man Running with Focus

The human body cannot differentiate between your own body weight or weight of other external objects. By twisting, squatting, lifting, and residing your own body weight, you end up burning excessive fats.

Looking awesome is actually a by-product of being awesome

The ordinary training modules accelerate the aging process which they are actually supposed to counteract. Being old is the inability to adapt and maintain flow. Flow increases the quality of movement as well as the quantity.

Six Degree Flow - an athlete guy of bodybuilders

Thus on purchase the main products which you get include

-Six degrees 26 page fully illustrated eBook

-Full reviews of flow movements which are supported by videos

-Three follow along with training sessions conducted by Scott himself.

-Three more manuals discussing on

  •     Roll and sway
  •     Pitch and surge
  •     Yaw and heave

-Complete flow fit DVD as an additional benefit

-Two bonuses

  •     Prasara demo DVD
  •     Unbinding mobility routine video

These purchases are all backed by a 60-day money back guarantee.

Six Degree Flow

Get access to the Six Degree Flow system, and start using it to treat all your joint aches, pains, and learn how you can prevent them in the first place!

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