Sinfully Healthy Food Review: Can You Eat Your Desserts Guilt Free?

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Apple, fig and almond muffin recipe

Apple muffin

I love water, but not probably in the best dishes as I know that more water in the dishes can’t give the best as it should be. The apple, fig and almond muffin recipe is the best recipe for those who want the best dry recipes of all.

This was the best recipe at the time of raining as it f-gives the double enjoy of tasty and healthy food because of its incredible gradient using in this along with the dry foods. The each bit of this incredible dish provides the taste of a real almond dish and determines you the missing of sunshine.

The reason which is a fact behind the popularity of this dish is because of its gradient and cooking style which is unique in itself. The main thing is that it is not as tough to cook as others. It is really amazing to have this kind of yummy food at home, especially when it is raining outside. You can just bake these amazing muffins and settle down with a book and a cup of coffee to go with it.

The best thing is that it contains chopped almonds along with the goodness of eggs and milk which is really delicious and unique enough to provide the best memory of baked goodness to you and your family.

Baked apple with raisins almond and orange

The baked apple is a really cool dish for dry dish lovers as it contains a lot of things that can uplift your mood. The almond and orange in one dish gives you the amazing combination of a crunchy and tangy delight right at home. In some countries, this is a very popular dry dish and is often baked by grandmothers and also by chefs at bakeries. The apple is really amazing as it gives the best taste at a reasonable price. The apple with the almond and orange is a really cool dish. The best thing is that, it can be cooked in the short time of 50 to 60 minutes. The honey and oil along with the apple with orange imparts a really good taste.

The best thing is that it is easy to make and is really appreciable if relatives or any guests come to your home.

Birthday banana, chocolate and pecan cake

This is the best layered cake recipe across the world because it is time saving, tasty, healthy and economical to cook as you can cook this recipe at all times, whether it is for colleagues or cousins or a date.

The best thing is that the birthday banana is not only for dry dish lovers but it can be baked as both wet and dry, according to the ingredients. This is the best flavored cake with a touch of fruits. It is also the best combination of fruit and chocolate.

This super easy cake is able to provide you the best taste in less time and is also baked at a reasonable cost due to cheaper ingredients, which is pretty cool. Of course there are a lot of cake dishes available around but this one is pretty awesome because of its fruit and chocolate taste and the easy recipe.

Having a dessert is really good after a full meal. So, if you are serving this cake after food when you have some special guests coming to your place, then it can play a vital role in giving the best impression to your guests about your cooking skills.

Fresh berry and lime sorbet

This is the best blackberry dish with fresh lime which makes it really awesome. The water and sugar are the main ingredients of this dish after the berry and lime which is not costly. The cake type dish boils first and freezes afterward and that is really awesome and pretty cool to watch as well.

The interesting thing with this dish is that, it is really amazing in its taste as well as a healthy meal. The best mixture of these contents and ingredients makes this an amazing dish.

The dish can be used as a liquid dish if you add a good amount of lime syrup or lime juice to the whole mixture. This is one awesome dish to make for your friends and family, especially for those who love the taste of blackberry.

Chicken breast with preach lime


Chicken breast is the best recipe of all times in some countries because it is tasty as well as healthy to serve up as part of a full course. The dish is really simple as it doesn’t take a lot of things to make this dish. The main thing is that it has the goodness and food value of lime. The chicken breast in the dish makes all the things quite easy and awesome.

Each and every bite of this incredible dish is full of proteins and vitamins. The main thing is that it leaves you with a memorable taste for a long time to come. It also made with inexpensive ingredients and is thus something you can make often. The essential thing which should be considered at the time of cooking this amazing dish is that it has high protein but less fat because it uses chicken breasts as the core ingredient. The color and appearance of the dish is also beautiful and approachable and looks amazing once garnished properly.

The high protein glaze makes this dish awesome which is really good for appearance also.

Expert says that it is the best combination of lime and chicken breast as it does not contain much fat but it has the highest protein and the greatest taste for a foodie.

The site has various dishes like this in a simple and reliable way as they have a lot of dishes with appropriate pictures.

Chicken and bell pepper skewers

Chicken skewer

The chicken and bell pepper skewer is really awesome because of its cooking style. The cooking style of this particular dish is really simple and less time consuming which makes this yummy dish worth your while.

There is no sugar that has to be added in the dish and this comes as a great relief to those who has diabetes problem. The cheese, chicken and paneer makes for a perfect combination and the dish has the real taste of chicken and pepper along with the high proteins.

Another good thing is that the appearance of the dish is really colorful along with the best taste. This is also a dish which is entirely peanut-free and free of any other nuts which can cause allergy. This dish is highly flavored due to the chicken and cheese which is added generously in the recipe.

The quick and easy process up to 12 minutes after boiling the chicken makes this dish quite cool and pretty to serve to guests.

Generally, in some countries this incredible dish is served at the time of dinner as it is easy and not very time consuming to cook but it can be consumed at any other time as well, whenever you feel hungry. The dish doesn’t have any side effects for kids and is great for those who do not want their kids to eat outside food regularly. It is comfort food at its best.

Asian spiced crab cakes

Crab cake

The Asian spiced crab cake is really famous in all of Asia and even outside of Asia too. Crab based recipes are great in addition to vegetarian food but the Asian spices make the crab dishes even more awesome as it is best in all the aspects whether in taste and health.

The Shellfish makes this a unique and different type of cake altogether. You can try it along with the spicy Asian taste that the flavors bring to this cake. The best thing about this cake is it can’t be cooked before the fish is fried. So, it provides the best taste with all the goodness of crab meat and fish, along with a lot of proteins and vitamins.


Pure vanilla with sweet vanilla frosting

Egg and flour

As we love vanilla cakes with vanilla frosting, so we will give you a short review on vanilla frosting cupcakes. Cupcake made of pure vanilla extract is something which gives the cake fully infused and a rich flavor. And it’s healthier then the synthetic vanilla flavor. It doesn’t affect the cake with its chemicals and makes it absolutely safe to eat for kids. A cake without side-effects is the best thing you can get in this age of chemical products. In pure vanilla with sweet vanilla frosting cupcake, the real taste of vanilla makes it special and healthy and safe from the chemicals of synthetic vanilla essence.

The pure vanilla with the sweet vanilla in frosting style is really tough to make but with the help of the expert reviews, it becomes easy and doable. However, real vanilla is a bit expensive which is why the dishes with real vanilla in them is a bit more expensive than those with synthetic flavoring.

Vanilla ice cream

Vanilla ice cream and pastries are quite famous in the world but the frosting is not much familiar across the globe as it has the popularity in the Middle East and Europe. The best thing is that the vanilla frost is not a time-taking cake at all if you have a good oven.

If you are getting the pure vanilla from the market then it is a little bit more expensive than the sweet vanilla, but it gives a great taste to your final dish. So, it is a costly dish to make but the amazing taste makes this dish worth your money and time.

Marinated turkey breast

This dish with the turkey breast is really awesome as it is made with turkey which is considered to be tastier than chicken. The best thing is that it takes a short time to cook this as 25 to 30 minutes. The ingredients like onion, rice and squash are really common ingredients which are used in this special recipe. So, it becomes economical as it is not as costly as other dishes.

The Marinated turkey breast is the sufficient to satisfy your colleagues or family as it has a great taste and is very healthy due to all the proteins it contains. The common ingredients and an easy recipe is the secret behind this amazing dish. So overall it is an excellent and a simple dish that you can make at any time of the year, even when it is not Christmas or when you want to impress your date.

Pure ginger with rich coconut cream frosting

Ginger is the best thing according to health experts but did you know that it can also provide your frosting with an amazing flavor as well? The pure ginger with rich almond cream is a really amazing dish to make as a frosting for cakes and cookies. The taste of ginger with coconut cream is sufficient to provide the best taste to your frosting. You can forget about cholesterol as there is nothing unhealthy or fatty about this amazing and light frosting, which is made by using only pure ginger and coconut cream.

The fluffy peaks that are formed by the frosting provide you with really amazing looking cakes that can be served up in front of your family and friends on their birthdays and anniversaries. The best thing is that, it can be consumed by any person whether a healthy man or a diabetic patient.

Overall, it is the most delicious frosting you can get along with great health as well.

Japanese green tea with special ginger frosting

The Japanese green tea is the best option to maintain your body as it is really helpful to decrease the cholesterol. The best thing is that Japanese green tea is a really lightweight drink as it has several properties like it controls cholesterol and helps to make the immune system better.

Tea garden

The ginger frosting along with the Japanese green tea is really amazing because it is really good to have both the essential things together in one dish. The best thing is that ginger and green tea, both are really helpful in improving one’s health and this dish gives you the taste along with the ginger frosting and green tea. No other dish can be the better than this.

Tea bag

Finally we can say that it is a great idea to have this homemade ginger frosting on your cup-cakes along with a hot cup of Japanese green-tea as this combination is not only tasty but will also keep you healthy and fit for life.

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