SharpEar Review – What Is It and Does It Really Work?

The ability to hear is one thing many people take for granted. However, as you get older, your ability to hear properly becomes significantly degraded. Hearing loss and ear problems can also be caused by infections and other diseases too.

Well, there are so many solutions for this, including wearing electronic hearing aids and the use of a Sharpear supplement. In this post, we focus on supplements, more so the Sharpear review.

What is Sharpear?

Sharpear Dietary Supplement All Natural

Based on many Sharpear review posts out there, Sharpear is basically a hearing supplement formula designed to reverse hearing loss. It is also formulated to deliver optimal hearing and nerve function.

This formula was developed in the United States by Sam Olson, and it uses completely natural ingredients. Although the sharpear supplement is mostly designed for older people suffering from hearing issues, it can also be used by younger adults who want to improve their hearing.

There are just so many things these days that can harm your ears, including loud headphones and noisy city streets. Using Sharpear will, however, provide your ears with the nourishment they need to stay healthy and optimally functional.

What Ingredients Does Sharpear Contain?

The makers of the Sharpear supplement noted in a press release that they wanted to create a completely natural product, and as such, they have done well to include effective all-natural ingredients in the Sharpear formula. Here are some of the main active ingredients found in the supplement and its formula:

Ginkgo Biloba

This plant ingredient comes loaded with a lot of antioxidants that will go a long way in reducing inflammation in the body. The plant also has positive effects in reducing stress and enhancing brain function.

But most of all, Ginkgo Biloba has often been used in treating hearing loss and tinnitus. This is a condition where affected patients experience a ringing noise in one or both of their ears.

St John’s Wort Flowerheads

The St John’s wort flowerheads are perhaps some of the most important ingredients in Sharpear, and for a good reason. There are just so many benefits to enjoy from it.

First, the flower is known to have very calming effects and will help boost mood and reduce symptoms of depression. The flower also helps to enhance how the brain perceives sound, something that in turn plays a key role in improving hearing.

You will also love to “hear” that the St John’s wort flowerhead will improve cognitive performance. This will leave you feeling sharper than ever before.

Vinpocetine Seeds

Vinpocetine seeds are also versatile and play several different roles. To begin with, they help to reduce inflammation in the ears.

This is very crucial in general ear health. In addition to this, the seeds also help stimulate proper blood circulation towards the brain and would have very positive effects on cognitive function as well.

Passion Flower

In case you suffer from ear infections from time to time, then passion flower is one of the Sharpear ingredients that will be of huge help to you. This flower has been used over the years to treat ear infections, and in addition to this, it also delivers very potent nerve pain relief.

Huperzine-A aerial Plant

The function of your ear is fully dependent on the nerves found there and the sensitive hair cells that help to absorb and transmit sound. In fact, proper functioning hair cells in the ear help to amplify low sounds.

This, therefore, means that as long as they are functioning well, you won’t have any hearing issues. The sad thing is that as you age, the sensitivity of hair cells reduces. But Huperzine-A aerial Plant will help reverse this, making sure you retain your sharp hearing even in old age.


L-glutamine is not really one of the Sharpear ingredients directly associated with ear health. But still, it’s included in Sharpear simply because it is vital in overall health.

When you read many sharpear review posts, you will notice the L-glutamine is categorized as one of the best immune-boosting ingredients that also help to improve brain function and reduce brain fog and memory loss.

Prickly Pear

Ears, unlike many other parts of the body, are very susceptible to bacterial infections. Any exposure can lead to severe infection, which may affect hearing and ear health massively.

However, the prickly pear found in Sharpear may help deal with this. This ingredient contains antibacterial properties and can also work as an anti-inflammation solution as well.


Corydalis is also like L-Glutamine. Although it’s not directly related to ear health, it has other roles that are essential in the proper functioning of your hearing. You see, the human body is massively interconnected. In essence, your physical state often determines your mental one.

Corydalis is designed to provide the perfect balance between the physical and mental. It does this by reducing stress on the nervous system while enhancing brain function and reducing brain fog and stress. All these factors are very central to the proper functioning of your ears.

As you can see from the ingredients Sharpear formula above, Sharpear is clearly a product that checks all the boxes as far as all-natural goes. This makes it an effective hearing loss solution that comes with no side effects.

The Benefits Of Sharpear As a Hearing Loss Supplement?

Sharpear Dietary Benefits of the product

The FDA approved Sharpear dietary supplement offers an array of ear care benefits. The following is a simple breakdown of each and every one of them:

Proper Blood Flow to the Brain

According to many Sharpear review posts and press release about the product, you will notice that this dietary supplement contains ingredients that help to stimulate the optimal flow of blood into the brain and ears. This will not only help to enhance cognitive function but also goes a long way in reducing stress and anxiety, among other problems.

Keeps Hair Cells Healthy

As noted above, the hair cells found in your ears play the biggest role in your hearing. But sadly, they don’t remain as sensitive as they should with old age. But you don’t need to worry.

The st john’s wort flower, among a host of other ingredients in the formula, will help reverse the degradation of hair cells in your ear and improve hearing sense. This will then help you regain your sharp ears again, regardless of how old you are.

Improved wellbeing

The Sharpear supplement maybe for a hearing health problem, but it offers so many other benefits to your health and wellbeing.

For instance, the supplement contains immune-boosting ingredients that will keep you safe from bacterial and viral diseases. There are also several active ingredients Sharpear that help with relaxation and stress relief as well.

Reduce the risk of ear infections

Sharpear is also very effective in preventing inflammations and infections to the ear. Remember, one of the main things that may cause severe hearing loss is infections to the ears.

For older people whose immune systems are depressed, getting such infections is so easy. But then again, the good news is that the preventative role of Sharpear will ensure you are safe.

How to Use Sharpear Formula for Hearing Loss

Sharpear Dietary Supplement

Although Sharpear is a very safe all-natural supplement, it is important to consult your doctor or primary caregiver about using it. Additionally, you should also know that the supplement is sold in the form of capsules that must be swallowed whole with water.

According to Sam Olsen and the makers of this dietary supplement, you should only use one single capsule in a day for ear problems. Ideally, take it early in the morning before breakfast with one single glass of water. The good news is that the supplement will work, so do not rush it.

Some people often believe that taking more than one supplement will speed up results. It won’t, if anything, will put your health at risk and cause other problems. Just stick with one capsule per day for ears, and that’s it.

Additionally, pregnant or lactating mothers should not use this supplement unless they have a prescription from a doctor. The supplement is also designed for people 18 years and above.

What are the side effects of Sharpear?

Well, when you read many sharpear reviews, you will notice that not much cover info about side effects on hearing health. This is actually because of the fact that this hearing loss supplement has none. It’s very rare to find a product that has no side effects.

But the way this product is formulated is designed to optimize results on ears using completely natural ingredients. Nonetheless, you are still advised to use the product within the required dosage. That way, it will be easier to get results without putting your overall health at risk.

How long Does It take for the Supplement to Work?

Sharpear Dietary 2 months

If you are going to invest money in an ears health supplement or a product made in a certified facility, then you will naturally wonder how long it takes to get the results. Well, before we even cover this, let’s make one thing clear. Sharpear is not a magical pill.

You won’t just pop it and get your hearing back. It takes time to work, and you are supposed to be very patient. Otherwise, your experience with the supplement will be ruined. Typically, a report from users suggests it will take between 2 and 3 months for you to start seeing positive changes in your hearing.

But the Sharpear supplement is more of a long-term supplement. You see, whether you like it or not, hearing loss is a fact of life for older adults. You must therefore do everything you can to keep your hearing as sharp as it can be for as long as you can.

In that case, Sharpear cannot just be seen as a one-time solution. Think of it as a long-term treatment plan that will help you keep your hearing ability in optimal shape. You may also need to combine the use of this product with a proper diet and regular exercise. This will give you the best chance to report good results on ears.

How To Get Top Quality Sharpear Supplements

With the popularity of Sharpear capsules in a bottle, there has been a huge rise in fake seller website platforms these days. You have to be very careful where you buy.

Sharpear is sold under three major options. The first one is the basic package for your ears which comes in one bottle and free shipping.

You can also go for the most popular version, which includes three bottles of supplements or capsules. And finally, there is the best value option that features up to six bottles.

You are, of course, free to pick any option you want, even the three bottles from the official website. But the more you buy, the higher the savings.

You will also qualify for free shipping as well. However, based on our Sharpear review, all bottles come with a money-back guarantee.

But for someone who is buying these items for the first time, maybe go for a single bottle first. You can then increase your order based on your experience.

Sharpear reviews: What other users are saying?

Sharpear Dietary review

One thing that truly defines the quality of a product is how it is perceived by other users in reviews and in the news. Well, Sharpear truly has some pedigree.

This is based on the reviews we have seen and its money-back guarantee policy. It seems like a huge percentage of users who have managed to use this product have benefited a lot.

This is not to say that you will get the same results. Remember GMP certified supplements work differently for different individuals.

However, the fact that there are so many enjoying this FDA approved, 100% natural supplement is a sign that it’s something well made. You should therefore give it a try.

General Ear Health Tips to avoid hearing problems

Although using Sharpear pills bought from the official website is a great way to maintain the sharpness of your ear and overall health, there are still other general ear hygiene and health tips that you need to keep in mind, and here they are:

Make sure your ears are cleaned more regularly. Too much ear wax, in particular, creates the perfect environment for bacteria, something that increases the risk of infections on inner hair cells massively. It is also important to have your ears checked regularly by an ENT expert. Everyone gets physical exams on every part of their bodies and yet ignores the ears. Do not make that mistake. You risk ear damage.

Do not overuse headphones or earbuds. Additionally, even when you are using these devices, make sure the volume is not too loud, as this will damage your ears. You may also need to invest in a pair of earplugs to wear when you are in significantly loud environments.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Working out and eating a healthy diet helps to enhance blow flow in the body, including to the ears. This blood flow has very positive effects in reducing hearing problems.

Final Verdict

Based on the Sharpear ingredients, customer reviews, and overall formulation, it is clear that this non-GMO product truly works for the ear. Hearing loss is a huge problem that not many folks are talking about. But it’s a serious issue that can affect the quality of life of any person.

Well, in case you have had any hearing issues, then you have to try Sharpear. You just have nothing to lose since you get a money-back guarantee. It is, after all, a natural product with no side effects and costs very affordably. It is definitely highly recommended, especially if you want to improve your hearing.

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