The Secret to Making It through Military Boot Camp

When you are trying to get yourself thought boot camp, you will face a lot of challenges, the drill sergeants are there to help you get through the civilian skin and become a member of the military. They will be complete A-holes the entire time and will make you feel like a worthless loser.

Sounds like my kind of thing. Well, after finishing boot camp, I reflected back and though about it long and hard. Finally, I was Abel to figure out that the reason why I tried on the drills sergeant hat was because I went in there blind with no prior training or tips.

To spare you the embarrassment and the mistakes that you might make, I will be giving you the things that you should keep in mind.

  1. Give The Drills Sergeant Your Full Attention

When you get to boot camp, it is not like first day at school here the people are still adjusting to the place. You will find several sergeants all running different drills and this will be the one thing that can distract you. When you are being drilled by a sergeant, do not listen to anyone but him. And by nobody I mean no one else will be giving you orders when you are being drilled.

Give The Drills Sergeant Your Full Attention

  1. Be Confident

Even if the guy scares you, do not show it, they feed on your fear and make you look like a big scared cat if you let them. That is why you need to be very keen on what is going on there. If he asks you a question because you messed up somewhere, do not say ‘I’m sorry sir’; say ‘AM SORRY SIR. The difference is in the way that you deliver this line. Do it like a real man with real balls and make it clear you will not take any crap from anyone.

  1. Do not Let Him See You’re Breaking

When they give you more than you can handle, they are trying to break your spirit and that way, they can berate you if you let the frustration show. A buddy of mine couldn’t take it anymore and he rose up from the ground one day and charged at the drills sergeant while screaming profanities. He got cut out. Anyway, just smile and keep your cool.

  1. There Is an End

Boot Camp will not last forever. There is an end to all good things and when you are feeling like packing up and going home to mommy or whoever is waiting, know that you just committed to something and that you have to get to the end and at least see what is there. Giving up is for big giant (the name adults stole from children which used to mean cat).

secret making military

  1. Drill Sergeants are Not Monsters

Yes, they will insult you, your mother and anyone remotely related to you, they will bully you, they will berate you and break your spirit but they are, get this, just trying to help. I know that now. In boot camp, they look nothing like help but they are there for that.

In Conclusion                                                     

Boot camp is as much fun as you make it. Be disciplined, be tough, don’t cry and don’t quit. If you make a mess, let it be an honorable one. It will change your life and make you a stronger better person.

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