Sciatica & Back Pain Self-Treatment Review: A Cure For Sciatica?

Pain is an unpleasant experience that no one would like to be part of. This is why this review is there for you – to help you heal from this unwarranted pain.

Sciatica and back pain are some of the most excruciating pains that you can ever experience. They can render you immobile and dependent on others for simple tasks that you would be better off doing on your own.

Painful back pain

Luckily, with proper knowledge, you can actually treat sciatica and back pain without the need for a doctor’s intervention. This review provides you with information regarding one of the best-known treatments – Sciatica & Back Pain Self-Treatment.

What inspired me to carry out this review?

There are many sciatica and back pain relief reviews out there that recommend various pharmaceutical prescriptions and solutions to sciatica and back pain. However, there are no long term solutions to your problem. They simply offer temporary relief.

I am not interested in you just feeling temporary relief. It is about you getting complete healing. That is why I am considering this remedy which is unique in the sense that it is not;

  • introducing you to pain killers,
  • miracle pills,
  • who is the best chiropractic practitioner, or
  • such other external solutions.

I know you don’t want just to feel relieved but completely healed.  This is the primary reason I chose to consider this therapy.

It does not expose you to pharmaceutical toxins and their side-effects. Yet, you need no frequent visits to a doctor. In fact, you need not to see a doctor at all.

Furthermore, you need not wait so long for the miracle to happen. You get an almost instant remedy. Three minutes are enough for you to start feeling better.

Natural herbal treatment for sciatica and back pain loaded with a whole lot of other benefits.

What is this self-treatment solution?

Sciatica & Back Pain Self-Treatment solution is a natural remedy that blends natural herbal treatment with specific pain-relieving posture exercises and nutrients. This wholesome solution deals with the root cause and the painful symptoms die off.

The end result is freedom from pain, stress and future risks thus granting you balance, harmony, serenity, and joy.

The best way to solving a problem is to understand its root cause.

Indeed, the best of reviews on medical conditions is that which helps you gain a deeper understanding of the cause of your condition before prescribing solutions.

Thus, before we dwell further into the depth of this simple yet powerful remedy, I start off by reminding ourselves what sciatica is all about.

So what is sciatica?

Sciatica is a medical condition characterized by pain which radiates along the path of the sciatic nerve. This nerve branches from your lower back through your hips and buttocks and down to each leg.


The sciatic nerves diagram

What causes sciatica back pain?

There are many causes of Sciatica as it is a complex medical condition. Thus, to be able to address its complexity in its totality, I have identified for you its primary causes as shown below;

  1. Poor lifestyle
  2. Poor posture
  3. Injuries

1. Poor lifestyle

Poor lifestyle is characterized by;

a. Bad diet

A bad diet is as a result of our bad habits more than anything else. Our modern busy lifestyle is characterized by a rush to that which is most-pressing and convenient while ignoring that which is necessary. Thus, we;

  • rush for convenient fast foods, take sodas, French fries, among others as opposed to cooking our own natural foods.
  • prefer peeled, processed and refined foodstuff as opposed to natural foodstuff.
  • want to store food for as long as it is convenient to meet our urgency thus making us use preservatives.
  • are in a rush for instant gratification and thus we have to add sugars, salts, flavors, and colors to our foods as opposed to that slow natural taste.

Eating poor diet can trigger sciatica

b. Lack of mobility exercises

A sedentary lifestyle is not only painful in the long-run but kills! Again, like poor diet, this is caused by bad habits.

These bad habits include;

  • Sitting for too long behind our office or study desks
  • Enjoying the comfort of our couches while watching movies and playing video games
  • Navigating our steering wheels are opposed to our legs
  • Ever speeding in our machines as opposed to running on our heels

Sedentary lifestyle can trigger sciatica

c. Stress

Stress, though a product of poor diet and sedentary lifestyle, has its own share of bad habits. These bad habits include;

  • Unbridled greed – jealousy of getting worked up about not having what others have; sacrificing needs for wants; going for what is more urgent as opposed to that which is necessary; wanting to possess others; and not wanting to spend our times serving others, among others.
  • Ignorance – failing to realize the true essence of life such that we sacrifice our health and well-being for the sake of academic grades, fame, and monetary wealth
  • Laziness – not wanting to fold our sleeves to take up the challenge but rather trying out quick fixes that fail to resolve our challenges
  • Low self-esteem – having low self-confidence, and having a negative self-image, among others.

stress can trigger sciatica

2. Poor posture

The most common kind of poor posture associated with sciatica and back pains is poor sitting posture. Slouching is the most common of these poor postures. Dwelling into the depth of posture is beyond our scope for now. However, it is important for you to consider equipping yourself with the necessary resources regarding this subject.

Dwelling into the depth of posture is beyond our scope for now. However, it is important for you to consider equipping yourself with the necessary resources regarding this subject.

Poor posture may result in dislocation of the spinal plates thus triggering sciatica

3. Injuries

The most common injuries are sports injuries and poor weight lifting injuries.  Poor posture can also cause injuries.

Injuries, more so of the lower limbs and the back can cause a lot of pain and have a long-term effect on the lower back.

All these causes result in neuro-muscular tensions due to inflammation and swellings.

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Why Sciatica & Back Pain Self-Treatment?

Well, this therapy is an ancient traditional Japanese herbal remedy. It combines with simple 3-minute posture routines to render neuro-muscular detoxification, relaxation and pain relief. This powerful therapy is the best remedy because of it;

  1. Is based on scientific research and years of strict medical testing
  2. Treats the disease (root cause) rather than just relieving its symptoms (pain and numbness)
  3. Is less invasive solution – there no injections and no surgery
  4. Has no pain relieving miracle pills – there are no pharmaceutical pills. Only natural herbs
  5. Works fast – you begin noticing relief within 3 minutes
  6. Is natural – no manufactured chemicals. Pure natural herbs and simple body postures
  7. Has no side effects – unlike pharmaceutical prescriptions, this remedy has no side-effects

 What this self-treatment therapy does

Through self-experimentation and interviewing first-hand those who have used this self-treatment, I have been able to gain first-hand practical insight on how this therapy works.

This remedy works by removing the underlying cause of the pain. Thus, it;

  • Detoxifies the body from impurities
  • Remedies inflammation and swelling
  • Compensates for nutritional deficiencies
  • Returns spinal disc into its correct position by using the correct angle of flexion
  • Reverses skeletal deformations
  • Relaxes and decompresses stiff muscles
  • Restores the original balance in the neuromuscular system

How to apply this revolutionary Self-Treatment therapy

Applying this therapy is as simple as a three-minute routine.

The 3-minute routine steps are;

  1. Take the herb
  2. Lay down facing the floor
  3. Every minute change posture position from one to next by simply moving knee position (just for 3 minutes) – the pack is full of posture details.
  4. Take the herb twice a day

What Benefits do you gain from this complete healing remedy?

There so many immense benefits that you can gain from this wholesome self-treatment remedy. Sciatica  Self-Treatment therapy has so many important benefits.

Using this extremely effective therapy, you are able to;

  1. Be free from neuro-muscular detoxification
  2. Regain full mobility
  3. Resolve posture issues
  4. Repair injured tissues
  5. Regain natural posture
  6. Revitalize your energy levels
  7. Relax comfortably
  8. Experience full deep sleep
  9. Regain maximum performance
  10. Be free from tight hips

What is in the pack for you?

A whole pack of natural wholesome solution against sciatica and back pain for you

When you buy the entire 7-day self-treatment pack, you will be able to specific solutions on;

  1. How to overcome the root cause of back pain and sciatica
  2. 5 important things to avoid while suffering from arthritis and herniated discs
  3. How to immediately reduce sciatica and back pain while sleeping using simple adjustments
  4. Proper lifting posture – how to lift heavy objects without causing body injuries by employing hidden leveraging system
  5. How to instantly relax one tiny muscle responsible for 54% of sciatica cases
  6. Complete 4-week system on how to recover from lumber laminectomy and microdiscectomy surgery
  7. How to unlock and strengthen hip flexor muscle to eliminate tight hips


The self-treatment mega pack comes with a great bonus just to help you stay healthy, longer and happier;

  1. Green smoothie lifestyle: Drink your way to a slim, energetic and youthful life (green smoothie recipes)
  2. The ultimate anti-aging guide for men and women
  3. The prevention and treatment of headaches
  4. Smoking solutions: How to Maintain the Stop Smoking Pledge
  5. Free lifetime updates

60-day Money-back guarantee

One of the reasons we are confident in carrying out this review and recommending this solution to is its guarantee.

The self-treatment mega pack comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. This is the most confident assurance about this solution. If you don’t get a satisfactory outcome, you are assured of your money back. No pain. No loss.



Sciatica & Back Pain Self-Treatment is a natural remedy that has proven effective in the treatment of back pains and sciatica. Thus, is a treatment that goes to address not just the symptoms (pain) but the disease itself (the root cause of the pain).

It is not a pain killer or pain reliever but a long-term cure solution. It is a blend of ancient Japanese natural herbs together with simple posture exercises. These are herbs that have been used centuries with a proven track record and positive outcomes.

I am happy that by writing this review, I have been able to introduce you to the best natural sciatica and back pain remedy out there.  Good luck!

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