Revolution Golf Review: What’s Really Holding Your Swing Back?

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I have always been fascinated by the sport of Golf ever since I was a child.

During my school days, I would accompany my dad to his Sunday Golf club and keenly watch him play.

Those were the days my interest in Golf reached an all-time high.

Golf always seemed to draw me in, in a very special way.

I do not know why I had this special fascination for this game.

Being in the outdoors with the sun to my face, and the breeze blowing through my hairs, somewhere on the green lawns made my heart so happy, and I could not explain why.

Golf is different. Very different from all the other games I had seen people play.

There was something magical here – the skill, grace, balance needed for that perfect shot was something no other sport could match.

Both professionals and amateurs equally enjoy playing golf.

The game looks easy but is a very difficult sport to master.

Learning Golf


I began learning about Golf very early in life.

Most of the basics of the sport involve hitting a ball with a club so that the ball directly falls into the hole on the green.

The sport of Golf is played on a Golf course with 18 holes, and the beautiful green lawn is called the fairway.

A golfer needs a set of clubs, of different sizes, a set of golf balls and also a golf bag.

These are the accessories required for a beginner to start with.

The types of golf games include Stroke play and Team play.

A Stroke play game counts the number of strokes you need to complete a game, and the player with the least number of strokes wins.

This is a game played commonly by professionals.

A team play game is similar to a Stroke play game but instead of individuals playing the game, teams are involved.

The total score of the team-effort of multiple players is counted.

A score in Golf is called a par.

What is Revolution Golf?

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Revolution Golf is a program that is applicable for every skill level in Golf.

It can be a great tool for a beginner, and it can be a wonderful tool for an expert.

This is what makes this amazing program stand out!

This program provides numerous video tutorials on how to implement various Golf techniques and drills.

There are a lot of lessons and tips that are shared on a regular basis by authors and instructors, and it helps know the different ways of looking at things.

This helps to gain a new perspective on things and makes the learning experience even richer and fun.

This website claims to be the number one Golf learning center in the world.

They claim to have over 60,000 video views daily and this count is increasing.

The sole intention is to help people who could not afford time or money to hire a personal trainer.

Moreover, with the game of Golf, it is much more beneficial to have a personal trainer than a group instructor.

In other words, people benefit more with personal, one-on-one training than they do otherwise.

This is a novel approach for people to concentrate on their Golf training and take their own sweet pace at mastering their game.

What to find in the program?


This website has a library of instructional videos that offer a lot of tips, tricks, and techniques that will help any Golfer to up his/her game.

The library consists of high definition instructional videos which are full-length ones.

Also, this library also boasts of a wonderful camera to web shorts and other helpful digital content.

The content of this video comes from highly acclaimed coaches of the Professional Golf Association, and also from Jim McClean and his staff.

Jim McClean is Golf Digest’s #3 coaches in the world!

The makers of this website claim that every day a new video gets added to their wonderful repository of instructional videos and their viewer base is just increasing by the day.

They now have a viewership of around 60,000 and the number is expected to rise with the addition of more interesting, amazing content.

They classify their members as regular and VIP members.

The VIP members will have full access to the entire catalog of materials, while the other members just have access to the last three videos uploaded.

There is even a 30-day trial version for people wanting to try the VIP plan to see if they like it.

These members get a refund if they do not want to continue with the VIP version.

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User experiences

Among all the user reviews and testimonials I have gone through for Revolution Golf, I will list out the few that really stood out.

The first thing that users admire, and I mean really, really admire about this program is the amazing customer service provided.

The users acknowledge that their queries received quick and prompt replies from the customer service team and they got all the help that was needed.

With this program users were really able to up their game in a fairly small amount of time.

Amazed users write that they were able to gain yards on every single shot that they played.

Also, their accuracy and balance increased multiple-fold after practicing the techniques put forth by this program.

Most of the users agree that this foundation course is an epic game-changer and is a must in the life of anyone who wishes to gain mastery over Golf.

A user even said he gained a minimum of 20 yards per club!

Users most particularly enjoy watching the golf instruction live lessons by famous Golf instructors who work for this program.

Why this is a worthy program


This is a worthy program and deserves your time, money and energy because of a few factors:

1. The Quality of Instruction is just unmatched:

Every other user on this program cannot help rave about the quality of instruction provided by this program.

Each of the training videos is wonderful, entertaining and spot on.

Many of the videos involve instructions by famous golfers and professionals and learning information and knick knacks from personalities such as these is sure to up your game.

Also, learning from gurus like these is a different experience in itself.

Under each topic, a user can find an amazing plethora of information and learn to his heart’s content.

2. This program is amazingly easy to use:

Definitely beautiful and well-designed the website.

All the videos are of exceptional quality and there is no doubt about it.

The vast video library lets you proceed at your own pace, letting you enjoy and dwell on your favorite topics before you come to other parts.

You can search the videos by teacher, topic, also by keyword.

Since the amount of information is so vast, this can be overwhelming at times and the user can feel a bit lost.

Nevertheless, it is an enjoyable learning experience.

3. Wonderful Customer Reviews:

Customer Service generally looks positive and this company has had a long online positive reputation.

4. Value for money:

This product looks like it offers great value for money.

The videos are high quality and since they add new videos each day, you have something to look forward to everyday.

Also, one-on-one professional coaching from experts is something that is very hard to get in an affordable price.

Pros and Cons



  • This website offers content from top golfers and experts in the industry. Hence the content is top notch.
  • New videos keep getting added every day, and you have something different every day.
  • There is an amazingly enormous amount of information. You can get all the information you need to be a master of your sport.
  • Amazingly designed website that contains beautifully designed features and content updates.


  • Due to the monstrosity of content in this website, the user may somewhat feel overwhelmed.  He might get lost in all the information being provided.
  • There is no course for a user to follow, like a road map or step by step plan. This could lead to the user feeling helpless and lost about attaining a certain goal.
  • This program requires monthly membership fees, which can prove to be a little expensive compared to other programs.


This is a great website for mastering your game and learning from the experts.

If you are someone who likes to learn at your own sweet pace, this is for you.

Or if you like one-on-one coaching rather than group ones, this review is for you.

This is a wonderful program no doubt. It will benefit the user immensely if good use is made out of it.

I highly recommend this as a should-buy to anyone who wants to perfect your game.

Happy golfing!


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Revolution Golf Review: What’s Really Holding Your Swing Back?
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