Resurge Review: The Best Supplement To Improve Your Metabolism?

Imagine being 35 with the metabolism of a 25-year-old.

After years of trying to make my metabolism faster, I finally made it, but it wasn’t easy.

First, I tried completely changing my diet; I lost weight, but my metabolism seemed the same.

Sadly, exercising a lot was out of the question. So, I had to focus on other things.

In the end, nothing seemed to work, and I knew I needed a different answer.

Did you know that hormonal imbalances make you fat?

Do you sleep well? How’s your stress level?

Well, I thought food and exercise were the only answer. However, it turns out there’s much more than that.

That’s why I write this review for Resurge. This fantastic system of natural ingredients promotes internal balance.

It’s possible to give your body the break it deserves.

After a week, I was sleeping and going to the toilet more regularly. My body started to look different.

However, I wasn’t ready for the full-circle change to come.

Healing Is Not An Isolated Process

Usually, nutritionists insist that weight management is a calories-in, calories-out, type of thing. However, weight is affected by several different factors.

The most important factor? Hormonal balance. Here’s how Resurge Supplement helps with that:

  • Sleep better
    • Increases the secretion of Growth Hormone.
    • Reduces stress (which promotes fat storage).
    • Decreases cravings for carbs
  • Balance leptin and ghrelin
    • Help your body control its “hunger signal.”
    • Reboot the sensation of feeling full after eating.
    • Make your body “reject” extra food when full.
  • Optimize energy production
    • Use carbs and FATS as energy sources.
    • When using fats, you start losing weight immediately

With this impact, your body does the main thing it’s supposed to do…

Make you crave things that are good for you. Reject things that you don’t need.

How Did Resurge Start?

Dr. John Barban, the creator, created this system after he almost died of heart failure.

After almost dying, he noticed that his heart issues came from more than just his diet. It was stress, anxiety, long hours of work, and not sleeping, among other things.

He was desperate because there were many things to address, and it seemed impossible to do it all at once. So, he went beyond his classical medical training and found out about hormone imbalance.

After some research, he experimented with himself and noticed the improvement.

Once he polished the formula, he started helping his patients.

Finally, after noticing all the success stories with his new treatment, he decided to put it out in the world.

Resurge was born from what could have been a tragedy. Now, it’s turning lives around, like mine, avoiding new tragedies to happen.

The Process Of Improvement

Personally, I decided to start slowly. So, I bought three Resurge bottles.

In the beginning, the improvement wasn’t that obvious. However, after only 2 weeks, things started to change.

First, my body started to distribute its weight.

All of my life, I’ve had a lush muffin top and massive cheeks. My body stored fat there, and I thought it would be like that forever.

However, as my back and cheeks decreased in size, my legs and arms got more proportioned.

It was as if I was exercising. Honestly, I thought I was losing weight, so I weighed myself, and it was the same. But I looked better.

Then, it became easier to sleep and wake up recovered.

Little by little, I noticed that I wasn’t craving heavy dinners. They became a burden if I wanted to go to bed and wake up well. So, I just stopped naturally.

Anxiety started to decrease significantly.

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The Natural Beauty Boost

So, I started to notice changes. Remember, I was only taking the pills. So, I decided to take it a little further.

First, my wife and I started going for 30-minute walks. We’d come from work, get comfy, and go for a walk around the block.

Then, I started to “listen” to Resurge’s effects on food. See, before Resurge, I constantly craved stuff high on carbs. However, now they made me feel really heavy and mentally tired. The cravings reduced, so I incorporated healthier food.

All of this just after the second week.

  1. My weight distributed evenly in my body
  2. I started to look noticeably less bloated
  3. There was a surge of energy and clarity
  4. I didn’t have any anxiety during the process

If you’ve tried losing weight, you know that at first, you’ll lose a lot, then nothing, finally you’ll gain everything back. Well, although I was excited, I decided to be cautious before getting my hopes high.

How Do We Get In Trouble?

When we’re born, our body comes with a natural balance, the one our body really needs. This balance is ingrained in our DNA. It contains the optimal conditions of our body. These are just some of those conditions:

  • The best weight to have according to our height
  • Bone mass to sustain us
  • Metabolism rhythm to help us
  • Sleep patterns to maximize our health

However, because of our horrible diet since we’re children, that balance changes. Basically, we keep pushing our bodies to adapt to our unhealthy habits.

This results in terrible imbalances because our body has to keep up.

If you eat a lot of carbs, you force your body to make more insulin. Sleeping late? You’re pushing your body to produce more cortisol. Drugs? Not drinking enough water?

It’s crazy what we put our bodies through. However, most of the worst parts happen when we’re little. Most people get those imbalances when they can’t choose what to eat.

When we’re adults, our body has rhythm and momentum. It’s only going to get worse, and it’s difficult to change.

How Does Resurge Work?

In a nutshell, it reboots your body’s response to external stuff. It pushes your body to its natural balance.

Resurge does that naturally and progressively. Why not do it immediately?

Well, that’s how anxiety and failure attack. Instead, Resurge makes sure you won’t lose your head, and you’ll get what you want.

How does it do that?

First, when you sleep, you have many vital processes happening:

  • Growth hormone secretion
  • Rest
  • Metabolism reboot
  • Hormonal rebalance
  • Fasting

So, Resurge boosts the best parts of sleeping and pushes them to a natural balance.

Unlike other programs, these pills increase the benefits of fasting. This is extremely important.

Features Of Resurge Supplement!

First of all, the system comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. So, if you feel like the program is not working for you, you can ask for a refund immediately.

Then, Resurge combines strategic nutrients to trigger optimal responses in the body.

  • Magnesium & Zinc
    • Big promoters of health and regeneration in cell
  • Lysine
    • Important amino acid that your body can’t make on its own
    • Helps with the absorption of magnesium and zinc
    • Promotes the balance of hormone production
  • L-Theanine
    • Natural component that  promotes relaxation
    • Helps you fight anxiety and stress
  • Ashwagandha
    • Promotes hormonal balance
    • Naturally improves mood and reduces anxiety
  • Arginine
    • Promotes growth hormone
    • Reduces internal inflammation
  • Melatonin
    • Tells the body it’s time to sleep
    • Improves the quality of sleep and rest
    • 100% natural ingredient
  • Hydroxytryptophan
    • Promotes healthy ghrelin and leptin production
    • Hunger-impulsiveness is reduced
    • Easier to feel satisfied with food

As a bonus! You get 24/7 email customer support. So, if you ever wonder about the timing or dosage, they’ll help you.

Personally, I haven’t used it, but not every program offers that.


When we spend a lot of time without food, we enter a “fasting stage.” Basically, our body has depleted sugars as its source of energy. Then, it has to switch from sugars to fat. Which, in turn, promotes the reduction of fat stored in our body.

However, there is one more process people rarely talk about Autophagy.

In essence, this process is when new cells “eat” old or damaged cells. Why is this important?

Well, if our autophagy processes are not healthy, we start to accumulate old and damaged cells.

For example, we know that cancer is an accumulation of “bad cells.” So, we don’t want them in us. If you have a healthy regeneration process, those cells are destroyed daily.

Every day, doctors discover new things that hinder our regenerative processes. One web search, and you’ll find new things that give you cancer.

However, there’s very little known on how to improve it: Resurge pills promote Autophagy!

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So, with the old cells being cleaned out. There’s more space for new and healthy cells.

When you start to generate new, healthy cells, you begin the “anti-aging” process.

Personally, I can’t tell you if I look younger, but I sure feel so.

With this fantastic system, my energy levels have greatly improved. Also, I can focus better on the things I want to do.

My cravings are controlled, and I eat healthier, naturally!

Do I still enjoy some unhealthy foods! Sure!

However, it’s not the same to decide to do it than having the craving “take over” you.

Resurge pushes for something called “homeostasis,” which is a balance in our bodily systems.

As you let the pills work, you’ll start getting betting closer to that state.

Again, it’s not really visible at first. Instead, you start feeling better.

Once you let it settle, keeping it up is actually easy.

Resurge is a gateway for wellbeing!

Who Is Resurge For?

If you are a person who exercises and eats well, and you’re looking to get leaner, maybe this isn’t for you.

Also, if you’re looking to lose weight fast, this won’t be it.

However, if you’re looking for an excellent solution. Something that will promote wellness in general, then you’re looking at the best solution.

This amazing, all-natural system works with your body to help it reboot to a healthier state.

Personally, I would recommend it for people who are:

  • Tired of being tired
  • Fed up with cravings taking over
  • Having trouble sleeping
  • Suffering from an early-life bad diet
  • Are bloated or inflamed

All you need is patience and consistency for 3 months! Only 3 months!

For me, it was the solution that I needed.

The Bottom Line!

Nowadays, we have the technology to address specific problems and solve them.

Technology is so advanced and available, people like Dr. Barban can use it to bring wellness to others.

To me, this product was a lifesaver in many ways. First of all, losing weight is a given. However, working better at my job, having a better mood; that even saved my marriage!

Resurge is an excellent product for people who want to help their bodies go back to health. Don’t settle for losing weight!

You can improve in every aspect of your life, now!

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