Pull-Up Queen Review: Can YOU Experience The Pull-Up Too?

Women are weak compared to men!

They can’t do the jobs that men do!

They can’t even do pull-ups!

We are used to hearing these perpetuated myths from the time we were born. Though, is there any truth in it? Are we really weak when compared to men?

Well, that’s not the case if you ask me, it’s a cultural limitation which is intended to portrait us weak. We could do anything that men do. In fact, when it comes to physical activities, we could do better. However, we are so used to getting criticized for our lack of upper body strength. They flaunt pull-ups like something invented just for men.

get a stronger upper body with pull ups

All these comments and staring eyes make most of us walk away from pull up bars. In fact, it’s one exercise we would prefer to avoid after hitting the gym. Let me ask you, why? What pulled you away from doing pull-ups? Have you ever tried to do pull-ups?

If you have tried, then you know how preposterous it is. But the reality is, you gave up on doing pull-ups because of its difficulty. I won’t blame you for that, but, if you’re saying that it is only meant for men! We are in disagreement.

What makes pull-ups so difficult for women?

You need to realize something, let it be pull-ups or any other physical activities, it will always be difficult for a new kid on the block. It doesn’t matter if you are a lady or a guy, it’s the same for both the genders.

Our body takes time to adjust and that’s the main cause which pulls most of us from behind. On the other hand, the naysayers make an excuse saying that it is meant for men. They’d never pull themselves over a bar – and the wouldn’t let anyone else either.

what makes pull ups difficult for women?

I remember the words from Elisa Murphy “do pull-ups because everyone’s jaw drops when they see a girl bust them out” – These words are enough to motivate most of us. Your body will achieve what your mind believes, the excuses come out when you don’t believe in your capabilities.

The choice is up to you, and if you want to learn how to do pull-ups – keep reading. You are in the right place, today I’ll introduce you to a program which helped me do fluent and effortless pull-ups.

It doesn’t give any flimsy assurance that you’ll be hanging on the bar the whole day long. But I could guarantee you this, you’ll master the pull-up techniques within weeks and it’ll present you with an amazing upper body.

Pull-Up Queen

You could do pull-ups with or without assistance, however, if you’re looking to be fluent in doing pull-ups – use Pull-Up Queen. It’s a system which helped out thousands of ladies around the world. By using the techniques demonstrated in the system, even you could become a pull-up queen within weeks.

Created by the pull-up enthusiast Neghar Fonooni, Pull-Up Queen is a program which has got great reviews from across the world. Apart from building a stronger upper body, pull-ups would also present you with various other benefits. Here are some of the advantages of doing pull-ups.

Benefits of using Pull-Up Queen

ladies doing pull ups

By following the methods described in this program, you’ll develop a stronger upper body. The system paves a solid foundation for your upper body strength.

With easy to follow step-by-step methods, Neghar Fonooni will help you improve your pull-up techniques. The author uses techniques that are proven to enhance the results.

Within a few weeks’ time, the system will help you improve your pull-up reps and you’ll be able to build a strong durable back.

You will no longer avoid pull-ups, in fact, you’ll feel like a total badass. The program will increase your confidence sky high.

The author designed the program keeping everyone in mind. So, even if you’re a beginner, the simplified pull-up process would make it accessible to anyone.

These are only a few benefits to mention. We have always desired to have a stronger upper body, and with the help of Neghar Fonooni – you’ll finally be able to achieve one.

Why should you buy Pull-Up Queen?

do pull ups for stronger upper body

I know! You have been to various other programs which offered the same thing. Even I have tried a few systems which never gave the result. You have every reason to doubt, we have been cheated many times. In fact, we don’t have any hopes left to find a genuine product online.

Be that as it may, this product is sure to prove your doubts wrong. It worked for me and for thousands of ladies around the world. I could say with confidence that it’ll work for you as well. All those reviews and responses show how satisfied the customers are. It’s a must buy for anyone who’s looking to improve their pull-up techniques.

About the author

Apart from being a fitness enthusiast, Neghar Fonooni is a well-recognized personality in the fitness industry with years of experience. The author went through the same dilemma that we all face now. However, unlike us, she didn’t quit – but, continued her efforts till she cracked the code.

She is truly an inspiration for all of us. With years of consistent, diligent, and focused practice she was finally able to achieve what we all failed to accomplish. You’re not buying an exercise guide, but, you’ll be buying a complete guide that will transform your life.

Ever wanted to have a stronger upper body that all adore? Ever wanted to do pull-ups and show those men what you’re capable of? Then here’s a guide that’ll help you achieve what you desire. A complete guide which will transform your mind and body.

How does it work?

woman doing pull ups

Pull-Up Queen comes with three levels of workout routines. Here’s a quick look at what you’ll receive on each level;

Level One

Are you a beginner who hasn’t done even a single pull-up? Then level one is meant just for you. The level one phase includes a 12-week exercise routine which will increase your upper body strength for doing pull-ups.

It will take you through easy to follow methods designed specifically for upper body strength training. You’ll also practice chin-ups during this phase.

Level Two

This level two-phase is meant for the ones who have been training consistently for at least a year. Were you able to do pull-ups with your training? If your answer is a no, then you have got the answer on level two phase of this program.

The 9-week exercise phase included in this program will help you build the strength for your first pull-up. This phase is specially designed to help you build your upper body strength.

Level Three

Are you so close to doing a pull-up? Or, were you able to do one or two reps? Don’t worry, this third phase is designed for you. Level three includes a 6-week phase which will help you complete your first pull-up. On the other hand, you’ll be able to improve the reps if you were able to do one or two at least.

What makes this program different?

lift your chin over the bar

Unlike the other programs out there in the market, Pull-Up Queen offers various other benefits when you purchase the product. Here are some factors which make this program different;

  • A 12-week training program meant for beginners.
  • A 10-week intermediate training program specifically designed to increase your upper body strength.
  • A 6-week advanced training program for enhanced results.
  • A video library that demonstrates all the techniques in detail.
  • A guide that gives all the details on the gears you need.
  • A guide that provides details on mobility and recovery during your pull-up training.
  • Membership to the program’s portal where you could talk with other members from around the world.


  • It’s an easy to follow guide which will help you build a stronger upper body.
  • It leaves no one out, anyone can make use of it.
  • Once you buy the product, it is yours forever.
  • You can do this training from the comforts of your home.


  • There are no negative points to give about this program. It’s a proven system which gives you the result when followed. You’ll surely give a positive review after using it.


girl doing pull ups

From my personal experience, I’m totally satisfied with the results. I had difficulty doing pull-ups, in fact, I wasn’t able to do even one when I started. I was ashamed to do pull-ups because of the gazes I get. However, Neghar Fonooni changed the way how I approached pull-ups.

While going through the program, I was able to find the mistakes that I made during my training. It made me change what I was doing, and I witnessed a sudden change when I applied the techniques to my pull-ups.

The 12-week beginner phase helped me understand the techniques and I was able to follow the program with ease. If you’re looking for a guide to assist you through your pull-up training, then this product is the best you could find online.

The price you pay makes it an absolute steal. I’d totally recommend it to you.

Develop the confidence of knowing you can do a pull-up, and become a Pull-Up Queen – click here to access the simple-to-follow program today!


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