Power Primer Review: Are You Building The Body You Really Deserve?

One of the things that grab my attention in the gym is the motivational quotes that are meant to inspire (if not kick) you back into focusing on your workout regime.  They are usually strewn all over the place.

  • Get those last three or four repetitions in. That is what will make your muscles grow. No shortcuts exist, just reps, reps and more reps – Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Like ornaments on a Christmas tree are biceps on your arm – Ed Coan

bodybuilder working out

  • I have found my greatest friend in Iron. It never runs or freaks out on me. It is always there like a beacon even in pitch darkness. Two hundred pound is always two hundred pounds –Henry Rollins
  • Simply put, if it jiggles, it’s fat – Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Don’t have shoes worth $100 and a squat worth 10 cents –Louie Simmons

I find that they do in fact help in motivating me to push through the last remaining reps of my routine. In fact, I can almost hear Schwarzenegger and the rest shouting them at me.

But what happens when you hit that inevitable plateau in your workout and you stop seeing results in your body?

The point of working out

No one goes to the gym looking for aches and pains. Rather we all go in search of an athletic physique that has more power and strength. According to the fitness expert and author, Eric Bach, certain training components will help you to achieve your ultimate body shattering that annoying plateau.

In his new program, the Power Primer 2.0, he uses multiple training techniques to build you into a total package. Using powerlifting, bodybuilding and other sports performance techniques his program has transformed college and pro athletes as well as soccer moms and CEOs to high performing leaner and stronger athletes.

Time to say goodbye to generalized and irrelevant workouts

We can all relate to trembling legs, twitching arms and facial contortions as we try to lift up that massive weight that will finally define your bicep. After several weeks of putting in the work and seeing no change in the size or shape of your arms, you are probably asking yourself if all the hard work is worth it.

Don’t knock your hard work. You are probably using a program that is not designed to provide you with your desired results.

A quick review of this workout program reveals a very detailed and challenging workout with tremendous results.

For only $47, buy your way to your ultimate body

The story behind the Power primer 2.0

Eric Bach was the kind of kid who, like many others in high school, was the target of bullies. He started out as a chubby kid before morphing into one of the smallest and not the most athletic freshmen in his high school in Wisconsin.

It was during his least favorite class, gym class, that he decided he wasn’t going to be the class weakling anymore. After embarrassing trucking by one of the bigger guys during a flag football game, he took up weightlifting, Olympic lifts, throws, and sprints. The experience in his gym class had left him feeling like most of us do at some point

  • Completely overwhelmed after failed diets and routines
  • Sore from intense workouts yet still unathletic
  • Stuck in a plateau and gaining weight despite sticking to a bodybuilding program
  • Unable to enjoy playing with your kids or buddies

However, it soon became apparent to him that even with his targeted exercise he was still unathletic and uncoordinated years after he started working out. He was a coach by this time and was tasked with helping athletes find their own athleticism and even that was elusive for him.

That’s when he figured it out!

The Size Principle

This principle is based on a simple reality: You can use up more muscle when training by either lifting heavier weights for a prolonged period of time or lifting them faster.

Reading up on it, Eric Bach realized that his routine (and that of his clients) was made up of a lot of heavy lifting which was not kind on his joints. The lifting in itself was not giving his body and athleticism. So he changed his routine and incorporated performance training: jumping, explosive pushups and perfecting his rep quality.

The result

A leaner, stronger and more athletic him!

The Power Primer 2.0

Designed to give you a leaner and stronger body

This program has received raving reviews because of its effectiveness and results. For many consumers, they are no longer unconsciously admiring someone else’s abs, ripped biceps and toned physique at the gym instead they are the object of admiration and inspiration for others.

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It makes a good point for fitness enthusiasts worldwide. Since you are going to put a great deal of effort into your workouts, why not use an expertly designed program that works so that you can reap the most benefits from your workouts.

For example, if you are lifting weights physical strength may be your forte. But how much more strength do you really achieve with continued lifting past a certain stage? The next logical phase would be a plateau. Frustrating!

This program helps you achieve increased athleticism and body fat loss while allowing you to maintain your strength as you continue to lift weights.

What to expect from the program

The promise

Designed on the premise of helping you get more out of your workout, this program promises you

  • Increased athleticism
  • Less body fat
  • Powerful physique
  • No joint pain
  • Long term and safe continuous use

Our review of this workout tool revealed six key areas of focus

  • Important movements that build athleticism in your entire body
  • Explosive body lifts that get you out of the plateau phase of your workout
  • How to lift more, faster without joint pain for a leaner, stronger you
  • What to do to supercharge your nervous system in order to unlock new and untapped muscle fibers
  • How to sift through information to get relevant nuggets that will help you with your work out
  • How to apply your newly acquired athletic strength and discipline to the challenges life throws your way

 The Components

The program is made of three components: The strength guide, athletic muscle guide and learn guide to accelerated fat loss.

1)     The Power Primer Strength Guide

This component offers you a 12-week program to increase and enhance your strength and build upon your athleticism. It is designed with the understanding that to improve your athleticism you need strength and power.

2)     The Power Primer Athletic Muscle Guide

In this component, you receive a combination of bodybuilding methods and the best performance training which are both geared towards helping you to increase and enhance your athleticism. In fact, you can add 8-12 lbs. of lean muscle.

3)     The Power Lean Guide to Accelerated Fat Loss

If you want to lose body fat and ramp up your training this program is designed just for you.  It will focus on supercharging your workout and place you on a diet that will burn the fat while preserving your muscle at the same time. The results are a more lean and athletic form.

Each of these training programs now costs $47 down for $406.

Now, the program has taken into consideration that you may prefer to have a collection of training videos rather than the individualized components. That is why the Power Primer Exercise Library and Video Database was put together.

Over 100 training videos and written cues

Because it can be difficult to get exercises right the first time around this exercise library allows you to learn the moves in your own time in order to perform them right.


The Power Primer Exercise Modification Library – Value $39

You may not have a home gym so equipment like power racks and the like are not an option for you. The exercise modification library is an eBook that has exercise modifications for any program.

One Rep Max Testing Guide –Value $29

It’s always a great idea to monitor your progress on any training program. The one rep max testing guide gives you the tools to test and predict your growing levels of strength.

Should you buy the Power Primer 2.0?

Well, here is a look at what a personal session with Eric Bach would cost you vis-à-vis a one-time buy of the program.

One on one session cost

  • $120 per hour is the normal rate
  • At least $900 for a limited number of online clients for the 12-week training program

Purchasing the program online

  • Total cost $47

What you will love about this program

  1. 30 days at no risk with a 100% money back guarantee
  2. The program has expert plans that you only need to follow
  3. User-friendly for any demographic
  4. It does not need prior athletic prowess to begin

What everyone is saying about it

Tim Smith (World renown board skater) – the program’s sessions were incredible! They were short and to the point and helped me build my explosive power. By the second week, my skating stride was becoming more explosive and I was feeling rejuvenated.

Tim Smith

Jon Goodman (CEO, the personal trainer development center)  – Eric Bach’s program is excellent in how it blends the performance and physique training providing great content for coaches and fitness enthusiasts alike.

Jon Goodman

Adi Muminovic (Midfielder for ND FC Ljubljana in Slovenia) – PP got me stronger, leaner and more explosive. I added lean muscle to my traps, glutes, and shoulders and got the athletic power look.


Adi Muminovic


From CNN, bodybuilding.com, and RFS, reviews about this program have made it the training program sought after by both professionals in the sporting and fitness world as well as by ordinary men and women looking to improve their bodies. It promises strength and athleticism and makes good on that promise from the accounts of its users.

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