Playing Tennis like a Pro

When we talk about sports, a nerd like me would be like what… I have Warcraft. Anyway, the art of playing outdoor games is not hard. I learnt how to play tennis is a short time. That was not hard. The best part is that as a true nerd, I kept notes and they are all here.

In this article, you will see that playing an outdoor game like tennis will be easier than you thought. This is a simple guide that was derived from the notes that enable me to win the school tennis cup. Look at what the nerd did!

Here is How You Play Tennis

The Gear                                         

When you start playing, you will find that the first things you need in order to get in the zone are the uniforms and the proper gears. I bought me a cool pair of tennis shoes that were really Nike sports shoes that fit me perfectly. I also bought a properly weighted and durable tennis racket.

And when you have bought these, you will be halfway there. You will feel the athlete in you come out and fill those sports clothes.

Read Up On It

I know, when a nerd tells you to read up on something, you will probably think that he reads all that stuff because he has a compulsion to read but there are rules and they are not exactly written on the floor of the tennis court. That is why you will need to Google about this or if you are too lazy like I was, ask someone who knows.

Learn the Motions

play tennis like pro

Just like the swings in golf, you will learn how to play by serving the ball, knowing the backhand, the forehand and the other motions that you need to go through to get the best of it all. This will allow you to be a pro in a short time.

Be a Member Somewhere

Just like golf buddies have the course where they meet; you can have a bunch of cool friends with the same interest and then learn from them when you hang around. That way, you can be able to have plenty of practice. That will lead to better swings and the ball court will be yours.


Someone does not just get good at tennis easily. It may look easy standing there, timing the ball and swatting it back but that is not how this works. You will have to practice and get the motions right. Learn to read your opponents and then you can beat them at their game easily.

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