Personal Path To Pregnancy Review: How Does Pregnancy Go Through?

There is nothing more beautiful than the feeling of being a mother or a father. That is not an understatement, but a unanimous opinion that all parents share and it is no wonder why they do so.

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I chose to write this review on the Personal Path to Pregnancy because I see it not as a simple book, but as life-changing.

I now know so many stories and as I walk the streets I wonder about couples and their issues.

Numerous families lack something imperative in their lives so that it is hard for the members to call it ‘a real family.’ There are moreover so many souls in pain and so many illusions that they wish to accomplish. All this is because of impotence.

This book not only tells the author’s story but on her personal site, there are tons of great reviews from women who read the entire book and learned how to identify their problem and started treating it. By studying intensively, one can find out things that he or she never thought of.

Personal Path To Pregnancy Review

It is why this book is not necessarily just for women; I recommend men to read it as well, as the process asks for an excellent communication between the members of the couples that encounter this problem. 

There are many cases in which women contacted the author of Personal Path to Pregnancy, women that had lost their hope, yet give their last try in search of someone who really understands them.

The beauty of sadness

Why Beth Kiley?

The author Beth Kiley began her quest to detect the most unbelievable cures for infertility. The treatments were discovered by herself, without the help of any doctor.

Beth does not condemn doctors, though, she is well aware of the importance of medicine and of the incredible results that doctors have on a daily basis. In her book, she speaks about the importance of changing your life as a long process of pregnancy. That is independent of any doctor and 100% dependent on the patient.

The author tells a story about her personal life, and that makes her reliable. She has been told many times that she couldn’t conceive babies, yet she stood up for what she wanted and needed to convince herself and the others of the opposite.

She visited a lot of specialists in the field, but apparently, there was no solution to her problem. She should have accepted the diagnosis and get on with her life.

It didn’t take me too long to order the book. I just read a few paragraphs from the author’s letter which is available on the official site of the book. I felt like reading a few lines from what I felt inside. I clicked on the buy button right away.

The biggest surprise was for me to discover common solutions to my issue. There are other interesting and helpful things and treatments that can be bought from the site.

Of course, I had my doubts. But before stating all this, I went to so many specialists all over the world, and none gave me a chance to get pregnant, so I began searching for other solutions.

I was on the internet and just read some things about this book and felt like I had to give it a try myself. And it works.

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Here is my review of the book that changed so many lives in such good ways.

Beth Kiley’s Personal path to pregnancy has 63 pages of arranged information about methods to apply to carry developing offspring within the body.

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The most interesting thing is that people who used these methods were told that they couldn’t have babies at all. Let’s get to the review of every chapter so that you can have a better idea of what I am talking about.

1st Chapter

At the start, the author brings you back to the entire fundamental people’s essence and also the liaison between mental comfort and procreation. The narrator teaches you how to apply the main conventions and with no help from any psychologist. She shows how to start the preparation of your body for pregnancy. Everything begins in our heads. The brain is the first organ that has to be trained for optimal results.

2nd Chapter

The ABCs of the author are presented in the second section. It is about the simplest ‘laws’ that anyone can apply and become a parent. As they are so simple, the author named them ABCs.

In the same chapter, the author insists upon the importance of both members of a couple. Both of them must be involved in the process; this means that they both need to make changes and work together by applying the book’s principles. If the laws are respected, the success is guaranteed.

3rd Chapter

In her third chapter, the author insists upon the principle of ovulating. She teaches in a very simple to follow language everything that one should know about a schedule and the importance of good timing.

Basically, in this chapter, you will learn that applying the old hypothesis of elementary body condition is wrong. Why is that? Because this sign appears right after the end of the ovulation period. Thus, it does not help.

In this 3rd chapter, you will get to know when to practice the sexual act accompanied by your well being and your periodicity in such a way that ovulation will occur at the same time with sperm when the last one is available.

Pregnant Woman

I bet you didn’t think that you could find information on how to conceive a girl or a boy. Neither did I. No medication action involved, by the way. But this book does indicate some valuable data that is worth all the attention in the world.

There can be types of food of inappropriate hours that could conclude the child’s sex. You should indeed buy the book and read it and satisfy your curiosity.

4th Chapter

This fourth section is gold for every one of us. It is an awesome exercise of consciousness. We come to realize the small aspects that we take just so. The things that we feel at a certain moment that we deserve and forget that they are truly a blessing.

What I know for sure is that for this valuable information we should pay more than what the author claims. Here are a few of the things that I rediscovered and enriched with the help of this terrific woman author:

1. Use the grocery that you have. Combine them properly, and your fertility will grow without having to buy some other products. You just change a few of your diet habits and respect the order and the timing and have a little patience. The results will not be too late.

2. Discover which could be the vitamins that might keep you from getting pregnant or even get an abortion each time you get pregnant. Everyone takes vitamin C, and it seems like it produces miscarriage.

The author talks about that and much more in this chapter. She teaches you what vitamin to prevent completely, then which are the ones to get but limited and which are the ones that help you to get pregnant.

3. Discover the foodstuff that contributes to the evolution of sperm and its movement and the cuisine that boost the quantity of sperm and embryo.

In the same chapter, the author talks about the possibility to develop cervix secretion stickiness that helps sperm to pass to the ovum and become pregnant. It is through certain food as well.

4. Another interesting section is the one speaking about the organism’s way to fight against entering sperm.

5. Did you know that Cassava boosts your opportunity to become a mother of twins with over 75%? And it is found in every supermarket. Just like other foods that increase potency. Some animals search for these foods for extended periods of time. But you have them available at the supermarket. Buy this book and find out which ones are.

6. Discover how to develop your natural secretion and bitterness. Find out how by reading the ultimate guide to getting your body ready for pregnancy.

7. Sperm can be seen as a risk factor by your body, a strange body and can be destroyed. Find out how you can make your body cooperate by using conventional and natural methods that are simple and that have positive results. Medicate yourself naturally; no doctor can treat this issue.

Last 3 Chapters

The last three chapters are the most descriptive of them all. The author dwells upon the activity of sperm. It resides in the fact that sperm might be ineffective sometimes.

And that ineffectiveness has reasons behind. Beth Kiley comes up with solutions to each one of those grounds.

Moreover, the author narrates on the reasons why sperm can be rebuffed by the female corpse and why is sperm murdered immediately. And most of all how to prevent all that from happening.

These chapters focus on checking every possible cause of infertility, then on the reason for their appearance and what is absolutely wonderful is that the writer has solutions for each one of them.

Overview of the book

I chose to review this book because I consider it precious. Every word that lies there has a meaning for the author first of all, as she experienced infertility herself and then for the rest of us, those who have relied on this study and succeeded as well.

The book is precious for those who feel like they don’t have any hopes anymore as well. It is more about them than about the lucky ones.

Our reviews are just the proof that every person needs to see, the confirmation that an individual procedure or process is worth trying.

My review is the praise of a study made by a woman that I respect truly. A simple woman with no special studies that dedicated her life to a cause and that proved the impossible.

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The book is a great choice for it does not only give hope, it is not a book of meditation or self-help, but a real analysis based on scientifical facts combined with real life which bring solutions to a very delicate human issue. And everything that has to do with this deserves to be praised.

Mother carrying her child

I wish you good luck and lots of patience and determination. These three are the main factors that attract the success of our actions. After getting yourself as well to where we all are now,

I invite you to write your perspective on the trip that leads to the wonderful feeling of being a parent.

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