Perfect Weight Forever Review: What Does It Take To Achieve It?

When I first found this program, I was very apprehensive.

This program was called the Perfect Weight Forever program, and the name sounded way too cheesy.

Could a perfect weight really exist?

I was completely skeptical about the efficacy of this program but still wanted to try.

The main reason I wanted to try was because I had heard a lot about this program from peers.

When I took up this program and seriously followed the steps, life started improving for the better.

I slowly started realizing that taking up this program was a good choice and would be for the years to come.

What is this program all about?


This program is a guide on how to achieve and maintain your perfect body weight.

It teaches you how you can keep the perfect, ideal body weight without the need for expensive medication, diet, workout or treatment.

This program is actually based on a weight loss system from a documentary in around 2008 called Supersize Superskinny.

The documentary consisted of the host Anna Richardson, trying out different pills, surgeries, and techniques to see which of them worked.

When the Perfect Review Forever program was tried out similarly, they could really see that this system actually worked.

A little peek into the program revealed that this program focused on the subtle powers of hypnosis to help you maintain that ideal body weight.

Weight Loss through Hypnosis


Honestly, the thought of losing weight through something like Hypnosis was very difficult for me to believe in.

But slowly and steadily, the results I achieved filled in me a new sense of hope that this indeed works.

Whatever be the cause of your poor eating habits – be it emotional eating, poor food choices or anything else, this program uses hypnosis to heal you.

Hypnosis not only helps you reduce weight but also helps you make great and healthy future food choices.

The author Marisa Peer is a therapist, conducting motivational hypnosis therapies in order to heal you well so that you can make good eating choices.

This is one form of instinctive therapy which deals with the deep seating thought patterns in our minds.

Through hypnosis, this session can help you make the best food choices you ever have.

When you make good food choices and eat consciously, you tend to eat better and healthier.

This is very much akin to training the mind to get rid of the bad, so we can focus on the good, healthy stuff.

About the author of the program – Marisa Peer

Marissa Peer is a leading hypnotherapist and a well-known, respectable name in the field of Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis.

Her presence on shows like Supersize vs Superskinny and Celebrity Fit Club UK has been highly acclaimed.

She was recently voted as the most successful therapist on one of these shows.

Marissa has worked with celebrities, athletes, and many other famous personalities, helping them with their professional and personal lives through hypnotherapy.

She was recently named Best British Therapist by the famous Men’s Health Magazine and has written four books.

The author also has been on the Tatler’s Guide to Britain’s 250 best doctors.

Main features of this program


  1. You are not expected to follow a strict exercise regimen or an unattractive diet as most weight loss plans recommend. Without doing all of these things, you will still be able to shed pounds and achieve your ideal body weight.
  1. This program doesn’t require that you devote all of your precious time to follow the steps in it. All that is expected of you are a few minutes out of your daily schedule every day.
  1. Unlike other weight loss programs that promise to work, but give you temporary results, this program offers you permanent, full-fledged results. This is because the program focuses on the root cause of your weight gain and works on uprooting that root cause.
  1. The effects of this program will definitely last you a lifetime. The reason for this is the same as the one discussed in the above point. This program works on your mind and trains you to stop gaining weight by eating the wrong foods.
  1. The author is a well-known name in the field of hypnotherapy and her individual sessions usually cost more than this program does. This program is a good chance to utilize the expertise of a well-known hypnotherapist at a very affordable rate.
  1. There are absolutely no side-effects of this program. Most people tend to think too much when it comes to techniques that are a little different from what they have already tried. Many people are worried about the possible side effects of this kind of mind-training. Not to worry. There are none.

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What’s inside this program?


The program Perfect Weight Forever basically consists of an e-book along with a set of audio tracks.

These audio tracks contain effective Hypno-Therapeutic material to induce you into a state of better health, mind, and wholeness.

You can listen to these audio tracks on the go, without having to take some time out for it.

Whether you are commuting or waiting in a queue, you can just put on your earphones and have a healing experience.

These are the components which are part of this program:

  1. The E-book for the complete step by step Perfect Weight Forever program as well as the audio version
  2. The Hypnotic Weight Control mp3
  3. The Hypnotic Gastric Band mp3
  4. The Repression Session mp3
  5. The Perfect Weight Forever Hypnosis mp3

What benefits they bring

With this audio set and powerful e-book, you will learn to tap into the power of your subconscious mind and bring in long lasting results.

There is a regression session where you are taken to the point in your life to realize where and why your bad eating habits actually began.

The audio series of The Hypnotic Weight Control mp3, The Hypnotic Gastric Band mp3 and Perfect Weight Forever Hypnosis mp3 help train your mind to achieve optimal results.

Hypnotic Gastric Band mp3 is a wonderful audio track that helps you mentally shrink your stomach, and propels you in the direction of making healthier food choices.

All in all, these audio tracks and e-books are the perfect companions in your journey towards a perfect body and ideal weight.

This program helps you program your brain to make the right food choices, to correct all the bad eating habits you have picked all along the way and helps you pick up healthy traits.

You will finally be able to say goodbye to problems like emotional eating and say hello to health.

More information on this program


This program comes with a sixty-day risk-free, no questions asked, money back guarantee.

The money back guarantee ensures that you are free to try the program completely, and if you do not like it, you can claim a full refund.

This program is very easy to use, and the main advantage this has over other weight loss program is that you will not have to move a muscle to use this program.

You will simply have to plug in your earphones and relax. This is so far the best advantage I have seen in this program when compared to others.

There are no exercises, there are no so-called diets.

Though this program does not include exercise as a part of its regimen, the author lets you know that daily exercise is something that’s good to have as a part of a general healthy routine.

The author recommends that once you lose or gain weight to achieve the ideal number on the scale, you will have to continue with daily exercise to help maintain it.

This program follows the Self-Hypnosis method which is quite different from a typical session with your traditional hypnotherapist.

It just requires that you close your eyes, feels your best and relaxes.

The program will do its job for you if you can simply follow the above steps.


Perfect Weight Forever

This program really works considering the fact that it uses traditional self-hypnotherapy methods.

People have been using hypnotherapy for over hundreds of years now.

It has been successfully used in therapeutic ways to quit habits like smoking, drinking, and other addictive habits.

Hypnosis has also helped hundreds to get over their anxiety, insomnia, restlessness, mental difficulties, depression, and bring in a new lease of life.

I have read a lot of reviews over the internet attesting the efficacy of this wonderful program.

Going through these reviews is highly suggested since it will help you make a better choice.

Also, this small review from my side is just a tribute to the wonderful work done by the author.

I hope these points will inspire you to buy this program. They will help you start making better choices in your life starting now.

Wish you a very blessed and healthy life ahead!

Happy living!

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