Perfect Impact System Review: What Is Your Golf Swing Missing?


I was new to golf. I am writing this review having played golf for around two years now. The game became a necessity as I was climbing up the corporate ladder, and golf turned out to be the social activity by excellence.

So many of my co-workers have been playing for years. They network, close business deals, or just hang out around this game, and I was a complete ignorant of its implications.

The first time I went to a game, I thought it would be easy to follow but the struggle was bigger than I imagined and I knew I needed help.

Improving my game


I googled a little and found different ways to improve my game

  • Personal trainer
  • Videos
  • Books
  • Lectures
  • Software
  • Video games
  • Even Visualization exercises

My first instinct was hiring a personal trainer, and it was an interesting journey.

The guy took hundreds of dollars a month, I couldn’t practice as much as I wanted, and he had an extremely pragmatic approach, where I was immediately thrown to the game because I was supposed to start improving once I had practiced, and practiced, and practiced again.

The lessons were quite boring, expensive, and my game didn’t really improve much.

Reading books

While I was with the personal trainer, I started reading books, and I noted how I was able to connect the dots of the things I learned in the books with the lessons, and that maybe the trainer would have to wait for later.

I started reading and practicing by myself, but still, there was something missing.

Dropping Names

Once, there was a tournament, and I went to see and learn. My company is one of the main partners of the club, so we were invited to the celebration dinner of the closure ceremony of the tournament.

We were there, mingling with the players, and I was sharing my admiration for them because of my struggles with the sport.

This one girl mentioned that she had learned with Tom Stickney and that he had some material online.

I remember stumbling with one sample video of Perfect Impact System and decided to visit the website, read reviews, learn more.

Perfect Impact System


Finally, I was ready to buy, take the step and see where it went. Aaron, together with Tom, had built something useful, I decided to try.

The moment I bought it, I had immediate access to the videos and the whole program.

Everything is well divided by level and with specific skills to address particular issues. So, it is easy to follow and, the moment you can detect a specific thing that is getting in your way, then you are able to access that specific information, on demand, in the video, and learn how to get over it.

Tom’s instructions and directions are very insightful, they align with muscle and your body. His way of explaining things is very friendly and easy to follow.

I love that the advice and direction you get with Aaron’s program is aimed at improving your game. No one is getting technical, no one is pushing you to be the next Tiger Woods, but rather that you are able to stay on the game, and enjoy while you are playing.

This was exactly what I was looking for:

  • Tools to improve
  • Being better, not a pro
  • Know how to react to different situations
  • Freedom to learn

I hated that most systems, or even the personal trainer, were monthly subscriptions. They will drive me dependent of them and I would have to constantly be paying them.

One thing I am highly grateful for with Perfect Impact System is that it aims to create second nature moves with you, so that, all of this information gets into your game and you don’t have to constantly keep coming back.



My routine looked like this: I would study a certain movement or exercise, go to the club twice or three times per week to practice a little, and get my body used to what I have learned.

Little by little my game improved. My colleagues were more comfortable inviting me for a game because it was not awkward anymore. I was playing well, and people were feeling more comfortable having me around.

Improving my game

The exercises are designed to use your “muscle memory”, meaning that, your body becomes used to whatever you are doing, and so, through practice, something that used to take you minutes to achieve, would be achieved in seconds. Like right posture.

As you practice, things become second nature, and reactions and hits are faster. I started by improving my hit rate, then my scores reduced, and little by little other skills were added.

I was able to play with the more seasoned ones of my friends and actually relax and enjoy the game.

Because of this, I was able to focus more on whatever we were talking about, instead of getting annoyed because I wanted to focus on the ball, but also needed to hear the conversation, and it all was just too much.

Be better, that’s enough

Group Of Male Golfers Teeing Off On Golf Course

People saw me practicing more, and they started to gossip around, saying that I wanted to be the new Tiger Woods, that I should relax, I was too old to be winning tournaments.

What people didn’t understand is that, if I was training “hard”, which I wasn’t, was because it was something that I would only have to do temporarily. So then, I invested some extra time on golf, but after three months, I was set to do it on my own, and improve just by playing.

Again, I was training to be able to socialize and network, I was not aiming at being a pro. I like competitions, but my sport is running, I didn’t want to dedicate that many resources on golf.

Also, I noticed that some of my coworkers, played very well, yes because of their skills, but also, they had invested a lot on their gear, some even had customized gear. I was not willing to go there.

Being better was good enough for me, and I found it completely well.

The videos


The system is very easy to follow. You start from the beginning and, even though it can be tempting to skip that part, it helped me to correct very basic mistakes I was making that, if I kept making them, they would get on the way of my improvement.

Everything is narrated by Tom. You can notice his friendly approach and the years of experience he has teaching golf.

Not only is he good at explaining, but also, he makes connections and shares insights, that are very valuable to remember while playing.

How to align your body faster, how to memorize certain positions, following your swing, etc.

Audio and video quality are 10/10, and you can play them basically on any one of your devices:

  • Computer
  • Laptop
  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
  • Smart TV

They are compatible with most video players. I would take my phone on the subway home, watch a video or two and analyze it. Learn.

Get the Perfect Impact System today, and you’ll learn what steps you need to take to improve your golf game, and how to identify your weak spots and improve them, bringing your golf game up a level!

Is this for you?

Perfect Impact System is a friendly program that guides you through the basics of being a good player, from the perspective of an expert, Tom.

Perfect impact System aims to develop:

  • Muscle memory
  • Quick response rate
  • Familiarity with every part of the game
  • Confidence in your skills
  • Enjoying the game

In an honest straight answer, if you are already playing tournaments, chances are that the work that Aaron and Tom put together may not be for you, or if you want to become a pro.

But, if you are more like me, and only want to learn how to play to enjoy the game, start winning some times, and just naturally improve without having to put much effort, then yes, this is for you.

It would be useful if you dedicate more time than usual for practice at the beginning, but this is something that I did for the first weeks only, after that, I didn’t have to practice that often.

Months later after buying the system, my body had gotten used to everything, and it took me very little to get ready and swing away.

I re-watch the videos sometimes, just to freshen up, or to help a friend.

Other benefits


Improving your game can open doors to opportunities you wouldn’t imagine. As I was playing better, and enjoying more the social part of it, I was getting invited to more games by my friends in the club, and they would, almost always, invite me to a game right after saying how much my skills had improved.

I have been able to bring more business to the company, know strategic allies, and improve my social life.

Golf is such a great sport, and enjoyable. It shouldn’t be painful to play this game.

Keep it simple

Some people get very engaged with golf and their score. They will spend hours and hours, or thousands of dollars becoming better.

I call them “religious players”, those who, if there was a golf school in the summit of the Kilimanjaro, will climb and seek the “master”.

Investing in your golf game will always be a good idea, but you have to know how to do it and be honest about how far you want to take it.

Paying tens of thousands of dollars in customized sticks and so, I do find it absurd.

Paying for months and months of training with a personal trainer, does work, very well, but it’s not for everyone, and if you exclusively want to improve your game, this alone will not be enough

For me, following Tom’s advice, and put it in practice by myself, helped a lot!

I did rehire the trainer when I was done with the videos. Now I was ready to take more personal pointers, but I saved maybe thousands of dollars in personalized lessons, just by taking some minutes of my day to learn from these videos.

For the most part, I would say 80% of the improvement I’ve had, comes from Aaron’s and Tom’s work.

I like it how they keep it simple, without scam schemes, or unnecessary subscriptions. Rather, you get support and guidance that aims to make you independent and dedicate your time to play instead of dedicating it more to learn.

The results

The Joy of Golf

The first thing that changed in my game was my confidence, but the most important result I had was: Insight.

Following Tom’s guidance, and listening to his explanations, I was able to understand how my body worked and related to golfing. The calculations, the strength, the swing, everything was connected and I learned to identify that connection.

Because of this, every time I made a mistake, I could correct, or go back to the videos, and learn how to address that specific issue.

I was also able to learn from the people playing with me and get better.

Little by little my scores got reduced, and my game became good enough to match my colleagues.

I was constantly taking part in games, meeting new people, getting doors open, and people were asking me how to improve their game.

After 2 years of playing regularly, whenever someone asks for advice, I point the Perfect Impact System to them, especially if they are beginners. This is why I am writing this review because many people don’t know where to start. Well, this is just the right place.

Getting to it

Right from the start, you can get to practice. The one thing that worked for me was addressing one thing, and practicing that for some days.

Say, slicing, or direction, or getting out of traps. Whatever you feel is more urgent.

Of course, if you are a beginner, then do start from the beginning, go through the whole program in order at first. You can always come back if you get stuck trying to do something.

But, that is only my personal recommendation. Other reviews can say different.

The way I did it was:

  • Look at the videos
  • Practice some movements in the office
  • Get my muscles acquainted with the movement
  • Go the club and practice that one skill
  • Repeat

It was like this for 3 months, and then, things happened in a more natural way.

Common mistakes


I remember, after the months of watching the videos, how many things my personal trainer said were actually wrong, and he would teach that to everyone because that’s how he knew how to do things.

Not everyone’s body has the same weight distribution or gravity center. Not everyone learns the same, but, God bless him, he was only trying to do his best.

I did, however, take pointers from him, since he is a seasoned player, but I combined them with Tom’s advice, and then my game became even better.

Remember, I didn’t go back to a personal trainer until I was more confident in my own skills. Then, I was ready to take pointers and make the most out of the trainer, and I was with him only for one month.

Although looking back, I could have done with 2 weeks.

Final thoughts


If you are new to golf and are already feeling the social pressure to become better and play incredibly right from the start, then you might find this program extremely useful.

With the Perfect Impact System, I found a set of knowledge and skills that helped me reach my goal of enjoying a social activity with my colleagues and other members of the club.

Within sports, there is always the competition factor, everyone wants to be better, and that’s part of the fun, but not everyone wants to excel, some of us have less ambition when it comes to the game, and I believe that is all well.

I don’t want to be associated with golf, I want people to think of me when they think of business, or when they think of a reliable person, not only when they want to play golf. So, I was aiming for practicality, not for perfection.

Because of all of this, the price, and their refund policy, I decided to trust Aaron and Tom, and I haven’t looked back.

Hope you make a good decision and take your game to the next level. Good luck.

Click here to learn all about the Perfect Impact System, and learn how you can strike the ball in just the right way, and make the perfect swing every time!

Perfect Impact System Review: What Is Your Golf Swing Missing?
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