Paleo Grubs Book Review: Are These The Best Paleo Recipes?

Food… It is what we work for. We do everything to earn bread and butter. People burn sweat and blood to earn every single penny. We spend our days in exhaustion and nights in restlessness and all that to make life easy. It is said that food is the first step in the basic hierarchy of life but to some, it becomes a far, far thing to have a desire for!

Food is what everyone loves but does it love everyone too? You crave for it but does it crave for you too? It is not an easy task to give up food and starve yourself to death. To many a people, a tasty and healthy meal can be something that removes every worry. But many people have to give up food just to survive!

Food love can be snatched if health deteriorates!

Food is an essential element of life and we figured out that every third person in this world is on a diet. These diet plans have made your eatables as boring as they could have been. Eating a dry-looking piece of boiled meat with a bunch of peanuts never becomes an ideal eating habit for you.

The tale of Food:

Food is nothing that can be left until and unless it acts as an enemy to your health. With the increasing obesity rate in this world, it was imperative for the health-gods to sneak-a-peek into this matter or people would eventually turn into a forced bunch of couch-cabbages (not potatoes because potatoes are quite slimmer).

To our disgrace, the food-gods came under the scrutiny check every time the health-gods set up an investigation. Each of the tasty food was put behind bars and all the high-craved food was hanged till death! The court was adjourned and the real culprits, the bad-habits were set free.

Food is punished when habits commit a mistake!

People forgot how to eat and how to drink once the health-gods had imposed the sanctions. Each bite of tasty food got to be thought of like a secret crime. The food-gods found no help as the world readily blamed them and started avoiding them. The tough life of food did not end here, it toughened as the plague of obesity spread.

Is Obesity really related to eating?

To everyone’s surprise, it spread in Africa too. When the plague reached the hungry islands of Africa, the health-gods were left with no choice but to name that obesity a disease far from obesity. Again the food-gods got cornered and every one of them being started fearing food!

Food more or less became a taboo! Overeating was what eating got replaced with and starvation was readily accepted in the name of diet. No one knew what the truth was but the health-gods were whom they all believed in. They no longer believed that food could be good.

Grams were introduced and ounces became a famous celebrity. Oils and Fats were barred and air-frying became the real scope for all. No one wants to eat tasty food as if it has become a sinful act. In this tangled situation, every health-geek weaves a self-created story out of wronged threads of lies. People get fooled and food…. it gets cornered again!

Now what?

Food could have been a lovable thing and health could have been there for everyone and at every time. To our grief, the situation has got quite deteriorated and dieting has become quite a famous thing. Food has become an underdog and nothing has gone it’s away!

People love to cut off their foods over each ounce gain in mass. Newton could have been much popular had he discovered a “mass-food relation and equation”. People would have really loved “mass=food*intake” as an equation and it would have been researched quite extensively too.

Why has this diet become so popular?

In today’s world of sit-and-order, there is nothing known as a physical engagement of a human into some activity. Sitting in a rotatable chair and tapping the keyboard all day. All ends with the mind being too tired and fatigue showing on you.

It is found that hunger increases as there occur an imbalance between physical and mental fatigue is created. When the mind is highly tired and the physical fatigue is on zero levels, then your body asks for food and that too in a higher quantity than normal.

People nowadays consider eating less as the sole way of losing mass because they find that eating habit to be the root cause instead of going deeper to find the truth. No one bats an eye over the couch potato behavior but everyone finds food as the real criminal!

Eating less has helped lose weight. It can’t be wrong!

And Lo! Everyone has been be-fooled into this tangle. Eating less is not the solution. People only understand the language of the Health-gods, so let’s state it in that language.

When you do not eat the required amount of food, the number of carbs, fats, and proteins in your body fall to an extremely lower level and that risks your health to a very high extent. If the state of starvation continues for a longer period, your body thinks of it as some drought.

That is when the body considers lower diet as drought, it goes into a storage mode. The time you eat something, only a very little amount of essential portions of the food are broken down to the lowest level. All else is stored as fats. Fats develop into a thicker layer under your skin making it bulky!

So food isn’t harmful?

Food cannot be said of as a no-harm object. It is good as long as you consume everything in the right proportion and at the right time. It is not like eating a hundred burgers won’t harm you until you walk to the shop! You need to consume a balanced diet and eat food that contains the right proportion of each essential eatable element.

You need to have a dietary routine that includes food that has all that you need. Eating heaps of protein and not consuming any carbs would not be good. It is imperative to be using everything in the right proportion.

Does that mean those boring foods are what we would eat?

No! Just because there is a solution for you. The solution is nothing like “Abra Kadabra”. It is more like a food habit that will be loved highly by you. It does not merely contain health pro foods but also tasty treats that you would highly crave for.

Paleo Grubs Book is what you need! It will be all about tasty foods that can be eaten without any hesitation of gaining weight. A cookbook that has foods equally tasty and healthy is what everyone wants.

a cook book with all tasty foods!

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Paleo Grubs Book… What’s that?

You would surely remember the movies where a map of some treasure would be found by a hero and it would lead to an island full of gold and jewels. Consider this book somewhat similar to them but with a lot less to put in.

It would be what you have been needing for a long long time. You have been thinking to get some food that does not affect your body and your weight. The desire has been to get some secret ingredient that makes food fat-less and harmless.

Paleo Cook Book is something that can help you a great deal in this regard. You can makeover 470 foods that suit your dietary routines and do not disturb it even a single inch. Foods that would be a complete course of bounties for you and your tummy.

You get a lot of bonuses with this book!

To your disbelief, it would also have desserts that would make for great confectioneries.

Does it really help?

Let’s not just beat about the bush and get to the topic. You have been accustomed to eating fruits and dried or soaked kind of foods labeled healthy. You have never ever come across something delicious and healthy at the same time.

Healthy foods look too boring!

Craving and awesome foods have the built-in label of hazardous and dangerous, whereas healthy foods seem to bore to be eaten. The Paleo Grubs Book has the solution to this very problem! You would now have foods that would be equally tasty and healthy.

One of our customers really was over the moon after we helped her to get rid of the boring diet she had to adapt to lose weight. Her children really were accustomed to eating oats and those dry fruit type of things. The dining table was often served with boring foods that never caught an eye.

It was then that she found the super Paleo Cook Book and it really changed things for her. She now found out things that were easy to cook, easy to consume and easy to undergo metabolism. The foods were so tasty that her children thought that their mother had given up on dieting but she lost weight too!

The awesomeness of Paleo Grubs Book within your reach!

That is what this magical cookbook has on offer and with it comes a bonus of a dessert book and cooker meals too. You would always love to have all the tasty foods in your kitchen cuisine that are craving and healthily nutritious at the same time…

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