Old School New Body Review: Is Old School The Best Way For Fat Loss?

The program is founded on the following premises:

After 40, people of all gender will start to age faster than before. Studies have indicated that in the absence of proper nutrition and exercise, a person’s body will age an extra six tons of every year. It means that a 44yearold will look and feel like a 48year old. A sixty-year-old, you will look and feel like a 70-year-old.

Studies have further shown that 90% of all people above the age of 45 years lose enough muscle that can help them to burn an extra four pounds a day. They consequently lose the only weapon on their body that helps them to have an appropriate shape, tone them end give them strength. These people will, also, gain more fat every year.

Old School New Body Slow Down Your Aging Process

You can reverse your aging process, muscle loss, and weight gain. You can live in a certain way, eat specific foods and think in a certain way to stop the aging process. You can slow down your aging process to a point where you start aging much less than a year, every year. Thus, you will end up looking and feeling less old at forty than 35.

(The creators of the program look younger at 50 than they did at 40)

Steve Holman and Becky Holman

Steve Holman has been working as the editor in chief of the iron magazine for more than 25years. Steve has also written multiple books on weight training and nutrition. He has also written countless articles on fitness and weight loss.

Steve has, also, interviewed many physique legends and fitness enthusiasts like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lee Labrada. He also looks fantastic for human age.

Becky Holman has been Steve’s wife for 28 years she presents one of the most original stories for the F4X method. She has transformed remarkably since she engaged the program in her 40s. She regularly contributes to iron man magazine.


  • Introduction
  • Preface
  • Chapter one: the focus four exercise system: Turning fat into muscle
  • Chapter Two: The focus four lean work out Your 20 minutes Belly fat blow torch
  • Chapter three: Joint rejuvenation pain-free sanity
  • Chapter four: Get motivated: Promises commitment change
  • Chapter Five: Focus for automatic exercise cardio and the forgotten key to leanness
  • Chapter six: Transformation sensation: breaking out of the chubby club
  • Chapter Seven: The focus for training shape work out lard – to hard blast off
  • Chapter Eight: The focus for practice all dumbbell workouts. Instant at home, new body solution
  • Chapter nine; Lean – machine diet facts and fallacies
  • Chapter ten; East move, lose fat, build muscle
  • Chapter eleven: the truth about alcohol; not too bad after all
  • Chapter Twelve: your three essential fats – to muscle supplements.
  • Chapter Thirteen: Old school, new body O & A
  • Chapter Fourteen: Advanced training; the full range build works out.


Old School New Body The Phases Of F4x


In this phase, you will get to learn about the variations in movement style and nutrition that you should adopt. You will also learn about the F4X meal plan, which will get you the body you want.

This phase has been created for people who have not been exercising for a while or beginners who have been exercising for a while, or beginners who have never exercised. It contains four activities that should be done three days a week. The sessions should only last 30 minutes. It is a great workout plan for someone who is pressed for time.


You have already started to lose weight in phase one. This is the phase where, you can grow muscles, tone your body. In this phase, you will slightly change your style of lifting and further change your nutrition plan. The result is that you will burn more fat. You will burn calories, even when you are sleeping.

This phase is for an individual who has a little bit more time and wants the intensity. It is also for when you want to accelerate the results. It comprises a combination of four exercises that should be done three times a week in sessions of about 45minutes. They should not go for more than an hour.


This period will give you the look of fitness pro; ‘a mini bodybuilder.’ You will grow more muscle on your body. All you have to do is tweak the lifts and the diet plan. This is the most intense of the workouts. It is geared towards maximizing your results. (Like a bodybuilder) It is more appropriate for a person who has been working out for a while. The exercises should be completed in under an hour, four times a week.

The old school, new body, is mostly geared towards people that are 40 and above. The program is aimed at getting the person who is 40years and above to get into shape safely and quickly. The F4X workout involves the following exercises;

  • Squats 9squats is good for your thighs)
  • Incline presses (these work your chest and triceps)
  • Bent over rows (these work shoulders, arms, and dumbbell
  • Upright rows9 (these work your shoulders and back)

The training program showcases three workout plans, each focusing on a level of fitness goal, whichever training plan you have picked; it should take less than 90minutes to complete.

NOTE: The learn workout routine is 3 days a week workout


The old school new body pdf

This is the main book and the heart of the program it will take you through the history of F4X and the core concepts of the exercises. The pdf contains motivational information and nutritional wisdom.

Quick start guide. This is 15-page guides that give you a full list of exercises in the lean, shape and build workouts

The bonuses. The program comes with the following free bonuses;

  • Ultimate fat burning secrets special report
  • Ultimate health and happiness secrets special report
  • Ultimate muscle building secrets special report
  • Ultimate sex and anti-aging secrets

Particular Report

The bonuses will mostly give you recommendations on the foods that you should eat and supplements that you should take to burn fat, increase libido and live a happier life.

Audio interviews with the following weight training professionals.

  • Tom even unto interview
  • Interview with Kristi Frank
  • Interview with Bill Philips
  • Interview with Tom Platz
  • Interview with Jennifer Nicole Lee
  • Interview with Shawn Phillips

The five steps to a slow aging process

Old School New Body Clickable Image

Step one

Forget low–fat diets

Modern diets have all been about little fat. As a result, there is a generation of people that is sicker, fatter and addicted to facts and sugar than any other generation before.

Fact: fats are healthy, and they should not be feared. Fats do not make people fat: rather they help our bodies to regenerate their power hormones. For instance, Testosterone, the hormone of strength comes from cholesterol and dietary fat intake. Our bodies need dietary fat and cholesterol for them to produce all the vital hormones that our bodies need.

Step two: stop running in circles

Gym classes, as much as they are a lot of fun, change people’s bodies very little. Treadmills have also been proven to achieve very little in reversing the aging process.

Fact:  cardiovascular conditioning can be accomplished with far much time and effort as compared to that which is spent in gyms.

These extended sessions of practice can achieve the opposite effect. They can accelerate the aging process since they increase free radiators which feed on the body’s essential nutrients and tissues.

There is a smarter way to exercise.

Step three: Do not blame your health status on your age.

The reason you look the way you do is that you think, eat, and move like a fat old person.

Fact: Nobody owns a clock. People of all ages can transform their bodies and regain muscle.

Challenging yourself will keep you young.

Step 4: Avoid chronic dehydration

Water helps you to burn fat, and it suppresses hunger; water also renews your skin, taking off some years from your face within a few weeks. Water will also help you to drop fat, save your kidneys from overworking.

Fact: if you take too little water you overwork your kidneys. When this happens, your liver has to come in to help.

Considering that lives are the number one fat-burning organ in the body, it will be engaged in synthesizing liquids and toxins instead of burning the fat that it should be burning.

Step 5: Work out less. Failure to complete will lead to one getting bigger and flabbier because you will lose muscle.

Fact: What you need is old-school resistance training. This means that you should leave the gym and train outside there.


F4x is a revolutionary method of combining four specific exercises that are done in a matter of minutes.

The pdf is not for you if:

  • You love to spend all your time working out (because of the effect of the free radicals)
  • You think that you can spin or run your way to time changing, younger body.
  • If you are lazy and you are not ready to exercise for a very short period.
  • (The creators indicate that the method is fast, efficient and safe)
  • You do not want to change the way you eat. The program comes with some dietary changes that you require in order to get the results.


  • All bodies age, one day at a time. However, the aging process can be slowed down and body totally reshaped indeed, one can look 10years younger than they are in just 90days.
  • Many people do not understand that both men and women ought to work out the same. At the end, men will need more weight, but the notion that women will become bulky is not factual.
  • You do not need massive weights for hours on ends. You only need different resistance.
  • F4X protocols were used long before the strenuous cardio systems came into existence.
  • Long workouts only age you faster because of the free radicals short workouts, on the other hand, will defend you from the damage caused by free radicals.


Old School New Body Bonuses


This bonus will teach you the following:

  • How to use heat to speed up your fat burning
  • Why you should sleep naked to improve your chances of becoming lean.
  • What dessert you can eat to increase the speed of your metabolism.
  • The kind of nutrients and foods that will empower you to get your body ripped.


This bonus will coach you to build muscle through natural anabolic. You will learn:

  • The best nutrients to boost your pump
  • Know the fruit that can create new muscle mass
  • Discover the mineral that you can take before going to bed to be able to increase your growth hormones.
  • Which foods increase your testosterone hormone?


This gift will empower you to keep your sex drive alive. You will know the sex and attraction booster and more anti-aging secrets. You will learn the following in the program.

  • Incredible wrinkle – reducing nutrients
  • You will learn six keys that will add years to yourself.
  • The herbs that will boost your hair growth.


This gift will empower you to live a good life full of health and happiness.

The six main keys to newfound happiness

  • You will be taught a scent that instantly improves your mood
  • You will be informed about the nutrients and food that relieve depression
  • You will be taught how to produce the feel-good hormone oxytocin.

When you embrace F4X program

  • You will not be bothered by age, tone, and amount of body fat that you currently have
  • You will vanish all the fact that you desire to lose just 90days.
  • You will reverse the aging process and look much younger than you are in the 90days
  • You will put a stop to all the inappropriate programs that you have been undertaking that are harmful to your health.


  • When you buy the program you will give your life a complete overhaul
  • You will increase your metabolism at whatever age you are.
  • You will reduce the risk of injuries that can occur during a workout routine.
  • You will combine weight lifting and cardio exercises that lead to the overall effects of burning fat while building muscle at the same time.
  • You will lose maximum fat through a graduated and structured approach so that you do not feel overwhelmed
  • You will do your own selection of weight that you can lift easily without much difficulty. You will only need 15 reps of each; 4 times with 35-second rest between the sets.
  • The principles of focus – four – exercises are scientific this means that you will go through the protocol safely
  • The eBook will help you work smarter, not harder. The program includes short resting times, fast pace; these give you cardio and resisting training in one move. You will burn more calories and fat because the heart rate does not drop below 110 to 120 BP
  • When you buy the book, you will get a complete meal plan. You will be advised on the foods that will help you burn fat.
  • You will get information on the truth behind the consumption of calories and food groups so that you can make the right food selections in your fitness journey.
  • Versatile: The program will work for a beginner and advanced weight trainers alike.
  • Affordable: the program is one of the best values in the market since it requires no additional spending. The activities can be carried out at home and you will not need any expensive gym membership or equipment. The dietary plan only helps you to understand your food choices better but does not increase the resources you are dedicating to your food


  • The work plans are quick and efficient; only:
    • 30 minutes for lean
    • 45 minutes for shape
    • 60 minutes to the build
  • You are guaranteed to get good results without putting in too much of your time
  • The workouts are good for everyone
    • Young
    • Old men
    • Women
  • It is easy on your joints and completely painless
  • The nutrition plan that you will find in the program is solid, well explained and is guaranteed to work for everyone.
  • You will get free information in the bonuses and the interviews
  • The book has a 100% money back guarantee
  • The book is backed by a leading fitness magazine
  • The eBook will help you to work out all the fibers in your muscles.


  • Reviews indicate that the exercise should have been explained better for clarity. More photos are probably some links to videos would have helped
  • Another review showed that some customers felt that the interviews are entirely extraneous
  • The reports (bonuses) do not add much value according to some values, so some people felt that the product could be a scam.
  • The information on the supplements was found inadequate by some reviews
  • The anti-aging result is quite generic according to one review. As such, it should not have been used as the essential claim of the program.

Old School New Body

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