No Nonsense Muscle Building 2.0 Review: Science Based Muscle Growth

When it comes to body building, you should push and challenge yourself. In order to get the results you want. But what if you exert too much and it would take days for you to work out again because you’ll have muscle cramps. Maybe the exercises you’re doing isn’t right for you.

Maybe the sets of exercises aren’t in harmony with your muscle fiber.

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What Is Muscle Fibers?

Working out is not as simple as grabbing 10-pound dumbbells and start exercising. NO! You need to understand your body first because you might be wasting your time on doing exercises. Exercises which isn’t compatible for your physique.

Muscles are the tissues which are responsible for movement. In science, this is attached to the bones and internal organs in the body. This is one of the reasons why we can lift up and grip on objects.

Muscle Fibers is the kind of muscles which determines your strength on certain aspects. The reason why some people can do something and other people cannot.

Do you know any athletes who specialize in sprinting? or any sports where you don’t need to be physical (which means you don’t have to defend yourself from opponents).

Now, have you ever thought that the athlete who has skills in sprinting can be good in wrestling? Maybe he can win in terms of speed since he could get away from the opponent. But it won’t be long until he loses. Why? Because his opponent’s skill is in strength.

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What about a professional in football (or also known as soccer)? They are agile and has the strength to win the match. In terms of muscle fibers, an athlete who has the skills in sprinting has a slow twitch. Meanwhile, a person who is a professional wrestler possesses a type of muscle fiber, fast twitch. Finally, a football professional has a mixed muscle fiber (slow and fast twitch).

We will discuss the types of muscle fiber later on. Now, why is muscle fiber important?

You need to be aware of the type of muscle fiber you have. This will help you determine the kind of exercise your body needs the most. If you’re not familiar with what you body needs. You will probably hurt yourself because the exercise execution is not compatible with your body’s physique.

About No Nonsense Muscle Building 2.0

No Nonsense Muscle Building 2.0 is a program which specializes in aiding men to be bulky. This is through workouts which fit their physique.

The program wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Vince Del Monte, the creator of the famous book. He has his own workout routine to stay fit. In fact, he has done his research because he was curious why one person can sweat more when they exert effort using light weighted barbells while some cannot.

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After months of this, he found the answer to his question. This is where his program comes in, he wants to let people know the cause of such dilemmas.

If you have problems where you have a hard time:

  • Losing weight
  • Building your muscles
  • Doing both
  • and many more.

This is for you!

When you buy No Nonsense Muscle Building 2.0, you’ll have to do three steps. In order to achieve your accomplishments in attaining the perfect body physique for you.

The first step consists of taking a simple questionnaire to determine your muscle fiber type. The questions such as the number of times you workout and your nutritional intake are in the questionnaire. Other than that, you’ll need to input your height, weight and additional details.

As soon as you had filled up the necessary information’s, you will receive the results immediately. There are different types of personalized workout sessions for people who possesses muscle types. Muscle types such as; slow twitch, fast twitch, and mixed fiber types. The program has a total of 270 workouts.

Lastly is something related to your food intake. Even if you’re thin, healthy, or overweight, you need to have a healthy food lifestyle. Better start now before you regret it. So, it’s an e-book which is 50 pages. The contents of the book are mainly for food ingredients which assist your metabolism and muscles to function right.

Of course, the amount of calories you need to consume in a day is important. That is why the book will also cover the foods which are best and those you need to avoid.

As you scroll down, we’ll further discuss the subject matter. In order to raise awareness on the importance of the program. So, you should continue to keep me company and read on!

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The Program

Supplement Guide
As you train your body to become fit, you need additives in order to be healthy and gain muscles faster. Some supplements claim to be harmful to you, and highly unhealthy. But this 39-page e-book will debunk the lies and myths you once believed as true.

Mass Mechanics
This e-book is a must have by everyone aiming to have that perfect summer body, all year round. If you’re not content with the training plan given to you, this guide will give you an alternative. A simple yet effective exercise techniques.

There are some cases wherein you do want to learn how to execute a particular exercise. But you’re uncertain if you’re doing it right. Well, don’t worry because this item will instruct you the accurate way of executing the exercises.

Secrets of Success
Another perk you will acquire is Vince Del Monte’s life story. This is about how a once skinny wimpy man became a guy who works out for a living.

In fact, it’s an influential story which many has shown a liking to. An advice from him has made a mark on every person who bought the product. If you don’t have the ability to push yourself to the limits, you won’t be able to accomplish your goals. You need to challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone.

Quick Start Guide
This module is highly advisable to be the first one to read. It’ll give you a head start on what’s to come in the coming books. It will be your guide in familiarizing on certain information in minutes. You can even finish this in less than an hour.

Workout Journal
As you go on and start your ideal work out routines, you need to make a checklist. It doesn’t stop there, you need to stick to your schedule. You won’t see big results in your body if you do not commit to the tasks given to you. This journal is also for jotting down the meals you consumed during the day, and its’ calorie count.

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Different types of Muscle Fibers

So, you already know what a muscle fiber is. Let’s further discuss the types of muscle fibers and you might find out what you have.

Slow Twitch
A person who possesses this type of muscle fiber is suitable for less raging workouts. People who carry this gene is more likely to be exceptional on sports like jogging for a long distance.

Advantage: Your endurance is longer than most people, especially on activities like bicycling and running. You should go for slow cardio training which will enhance your tolerance in training.

Disadvantage: These types of people has a hard time in heavy duty workouts. Workouts such as using weights and barbells. In fact, it tires them out. So, strength is out of the question for people with Slow Twitch.

Fast Twitch
People who have this kind of muscle fiber is more likely to be compatible with exercises which make you active. Exercises such as swimming or sprinting.

Advantage: You body type specializes on strength. You can weight lift heavy barbells and use a leg press. You could do more amount of sets and reps than other people.

Disadvantage: If you’re best in strength, your endurance isn’t as great. Since your muscle fiber is fast, your metabolism is too. Your adrenaline rush goes to the peak while you workout but it decreases as fast. That’s why you need a lot of rest before beginning once again.

Mixed Fiber Type
This type of person has a slow and fast twitch which is pretty much the ideal type other people desires. Their muscle built is more on the aerobics and at the same time, cardio training. It’s your choice if you want to do one or the other, even both. You have the perfect mix of endurance and strength but you won’t be able to exert too much on both.

So, do you know your muscle type? All these types have pros and cons, you just have to enhance your skills. Better thank your genes.

website of no nonsense muscle building 2.0.


No Nonsense Muscle Building 2.0 has many good reviews. One, in particular, is from Ben Salkeld from Australia, he’s a 36-year-old man with two children. Even at that age, he persevered to be lean and gain muscles with the help of the product in no more than 20 weeks.

 Another review from Mike Berg in Arizona stated how the program has helped his once stick body into a bulky one within 18 weeks. More results than the previous years he has been trying to gain one.

Other reviews were mainly from people who has been working out for a long time. When they tried Vince Del Monte’s program, they couldn’t believe how fast the results were.

In such a small price, you’ll get the best results which you’ll never regret ever spending on. All the information you need to know is in the program, so it’s easy to use and understand. It would have been better if it comes with a video course too, especially for non-readers.

Other than that, No Nonsense Muscle Building 2.0 has helped men who desire to gain a good looking physique and live a healthy life. Don’t you want it too? Try it while it still lasts.

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No Nonsense Muscle Building 2.0 Review: Science Based Muscle Growth
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