Muscle Gaining Secrets Review: Which Ones Are You Missing On?

People who struggle to gain muscles are labeled as hard-gainers. Unlike how most people work out, hard-gainers will have to train a different way. A different approach is necessary to get results.

I’ve always wanted to gain lean muscles to have the perfect frame. So I’m always on the lookout for ways to achieve it. But there’s a big deal of information on how to gain lean muscle. In fact, we can find a huge amount of conflicting reviews and information online, from fitness trainers, or even books and magazines.

I really wanted to find a workout program that’s right for me. For a skinny person like me, I was looking for something that’s simple and straight forward. But is it really possible to find a workout program that’s right for hard gainers?

The answer is a big YES. Take a look at this review on the popular weight gain program. Then, decide if it is something you might need.

What Is the Muscle Gaining Secrets?

The program is a guide to gaining lean muscles naturally for skinny guys or hard gainers. By natural, it means no steroids, no expensive supplements, and no more than four hours a week in a gym.

The program is packed with tips and techniques that most people don’t have the knowledge of. It is a downloadable e-book which can be opened on PC or Mac. The e-book has a total of 145 pages of helpful information on proper nutrition, weight training, as well as recovery.

About the Author

Jason Ferruggias has a monthly column in Men’s Fitness called “Hardgainer.” And he is also the chief training adviser for Men’s Fitness magazine. He has been featured in famous magazines like Men’s Health, Muscle & Fitness, and Maximum Fitness.

He has also guessed on radio stations like CBS and ESPN. He’s been seen on TV stations such as ABC and Fox. In short, he’s quite a popular muscle building expert.

He has trained hundreds of professional athletes from different organizations. But mainly, he has helped thousands of hard gainers from different countries gain their desired weight and body.

Do the right approach to muscle building and your hard work will pay off.

A Review of the Effectiveness of the Program

Since I heard a lot of positive reviews on Jason Ferruggias’ Muscle Gaining Secrets, I decided to try it. I wanted to see for myself if the program really offers great value for money. Perhaps, achieve my weight goal. I was sure to provide constructive criticism if the program didn’t work for me. But it actually worked wonders!

This program is what every skinny person needs. The program tells you how to precisely manage your meal plans. You will learn about what type of food you should be eating and what food you should avoid. You will have to train hard though. But don’t fret because the program will let you train in a smart manner.

The book has two workout programs.  The first program is for the beginners who are not ready for the main program yet. The second part is the main program itself. Both programs offer a balance of upper and lower body workout routines.

You’ll expect to slowly ramp up the workout intensity. You will also give your body the right rest it needs. And then you will push forward again, exceeding the previous movements.

But the best part is that you don’t have to buy expensive supplements. Muscle Gaining Secrets lets you reach your desired results in a natural and safe way. Take a look at some of the benefits of the program.

Workout sheets help you stay on track.


1. Basic lifting equipment.

All you need are a squat rack with bench, barbell, dumbbells and some weight plates. A power rack and a chin-up bar can be a huge plus.

But if you don’t have them, a few substitutions are shown. You can set up your own home gym if you this basic equipment. You can also go to commercial gyms if you don’t have access to some basic lifting equipment.

2. Low Volume.

The program entails three 45-minute workouts per week. The program is built around compound movements that stimulate the most muscle groups. So, you don’t have to spend much time in the gym.

Overtraining is not a problem with this program. Low volume also doesn’t mean ineffective. The program is just right for you.

3. Easy to Follow.

The workout plan is clearly laid out and very easy to follow. The instructions are pretty simple.

Explanations are also provided so that you know why you’re doing what you’re doing. But don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying the workout routines are easy. They may, in fact, be exhausting for people who aren’t really driven.

The workout plan is solid and it’s not for the faint of heart.

4. Fast Results.

You’ll notice good results in just two weeks. Again, this is only if you’re driven. Committing to the workout plan yields great results.

After a month of hard work, you’ll see noticeable changes. Huge difference in your physical frame will appear after two months in the program.

Did I forget to mention that this is a 90-day transformation plan?

5. Risk-Free Purchase.

What’s more? The program offers a 60-day money back guarantee. If you think the workout plan isn’t working for you, you can ask for a refund. But this was not an option for me. The program is just impeccable.

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What Comes With the Program?

The training manual is divided into 19 chapters. Every chapter covers important information and tips on how to pack on muscle. The manual includes the following:

  • Explanation of the 7 Anabolic Factors.
  • Pre-workout warm-up routine
  • Pictures and details for each workout
  • Effective workout sequence for fast gains
  • Set of biceps exercises for ripped arms
  • Crucial rest periods protocol
  • Useful tips for gaining lean muscle through a 60-minute audio guide
  • Printable workout sheets
  • Nutrition guidelines and some recipes
  • Access to one-month free online coaching from Jason

Let me give a further explanation about anabolic factors. Anabolic factors affect our ability to lose fat and gain muscles.

Seven anabolic factors are discussed in the training manual. It gives us a guide on what food to eat to complement a speedy fat loss. It will also allow us to maximize muscle gains and recovery.

I think I should also mention that there are no cardio workouts in the training manual. The nutritional guidelines may perhaps be a bit too basic. However, it provides the essential outlines of protein and calorie consumption.

Another resource called “The Renegade Diet” is offered for a more detailed nutritional guide.

Additional Features

Aside from the main training manual, other features included are:

  • Quick Meals
  • Great muscle building meal plans
  • Database of muscle building exercises you can try
  • Another e-book called “Maximum mass in the shortest time”
  • Exclusive access to Q&A

Who Can Benefit from the Program?

If you are skinny and you can’t seem to put on any weight, or if you’re skinny fat who only gain more fat than muscles, you’re the one who can best benefit from the program.

Muscle Gaining Secrets is designed for complete beginners as well as intermediate lifters. It is suitable for men and women who are interested and serious about muscle building.

If you have been working out for a while but you’re not seeing results, take advantage of this program. The program is not for people who want to be extreme bodybuilders.

If you only want to achieve that muscular look, then the program is right for you. Getting really big like how bodybuilders look will take more time and hard work. It may also take a lot of steroids too.


The program is packed with everything you need to gain lean muscles and achieve your ideal weight. In this program, you don’t have to have to spend that much on supplements and expensive equipment.

This muscle building program has been tried and tested. Great work, I must say. The workout plans are well structured to build lean muscle successfully.

Furthermore, the whole program needs commitment. If you’re expecting mind-blowing results, you have to be fully committed to the program.

Know that it’s not going to be easy. The main thing is, you’ll only see results if you stick to the whole workout plan. Because the truth is, there are no shortcuts.

You have to train right and be persistent. Everything boils down to hard work. And hard work will only yield results if done the right way. The program will guide you in putting in the work necessary to achieve your body goals.

I can tell you from my own experience that the Muscle Gaining Secrets program works very well for hard gainers or skinny people. So, if you’re struggling to put on weight, I totally recommend this program.

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