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MMA Quick Start


Thank you so much for taking the time to read my review and get all the awesome news I have about this workout kit. I hope that you are doing well and having a great time wherever you are. It is my wish that you will find this useful in your quest to find the best workout program for yourself.

It normally takes a long time to find what suits you best especially looking at the fact that the internet is giving us a lot of options. It also becoming increasingly difficult to find authentic and proven methods that will give the best results with the amount of scams out there.

I have a lot of passion for working out and for as long as I could remember I was always looking for the next best video, the best reviewed trainer and any other source of good material to follow. I had come across some good and some of the worst material on the internet and none of them satisfied me.

Jeff Joslin’s MMA Quick Start is the ultimate training program and can be used by anyone who shares the same passions of working out, even if you are just a beginner!

Living in India

Doing exercise at home

Between the years 2014 and 2015, I had to leave everything that was familiar to me and move to India where I was going to teach at an all-boys college. This move meant that I am leaving my gym behind and a lot of DVDs that have been part of my workout routine over the past years.

So once I was properly settled there, it was difficult to find the best start to my workouts, or may I say continuing the workouts that I had started back home. The first thing I did was visit the local gym, this was a bad mistake because I came across instructors who are not considerate of my level. They were too fast and not caring to consider that I am only a beginner

On top of that, work was starting to take away my gym time, so I had to look for a plan B and fast. So I started to collect some DVDs online, instead of cutting down my work, they made it even more unbearable and challenging to train alone.

Not only did I have to be my own coach, but the DVDs were very long, I had to get several videos in order to work towards the results that I wanted. So in the end I stuck to few routines that I had learned and liked in order to keep fit and maintain my body structure

What I was looking for, was a great training manual from a professional who has worked at the highest rankings and has proven that he knows very well what he is coaching on and has good references. I was tired of less than perfect programs because I was spending money but not reaching results that I desired.



I was faced with a lot of confusion when I was training on my own like

  • How do I warm up properly?
  • What kind of drills should I be doing?
  • What to practice first and for how long
  • What should I focus on

All these questions were demotivating and were also a big headache for me that was the last thing I wanted to experience. There is just a lot of unnecessary things to and I did not find them any useful to my workouts. I remember that with one method, I had to listen to the whole audio then create a plan for myself, imagine the amount of time that I spent doing that.

If I could do that, it meant that I didn’t need to buy anything because I was already doing was is supposed to be the role of the program. I was becoming scarred that I might hurt myself in the process because I simply did not know which techniques to do, when, why and for how long.

Unexpected Move


Living in India and not being able to have my body at its best shape was beyond frustrating, it was also infuriating sometimes and certainly not what I expected from my life there. I was hoping that being there would be the best setting for me to finally begin to learn Martial Arts.

I figured that this is the best place, I am in Asia, have the best methods when it comes to training, meditating and anything else related to that. I could not wait to go back home and show everyone all the progress that I made.

Little did I know that my time is about to be cut drastically shorter than the initial agreement. I had to move, to South Africa. So once again, I was leaving behind all the DVDs that I collected and move along to a new country.

This move meant that I have look forward to stopping my work outs while I settle in to a new environment and start my life. As much as I was happy for another culturally diverse experience at a new country, I was worried for my passion to learn Martial Arts and doing my regular workout trainings.

Life in South Africa


My new job was more demanding than the last one. I barely ever had time to go through hours of DVDs and decode what they were trying to teach me. And I had even less time to sort out the local gyms and see if they are any better and could be useful to me.

There used to be a morning TV program where a trainer would come and show a few techniques and workouts, I found I very useful and it was quite convenient for me. I finally had something a little more structured to follow, I didn’t have to decode anything, and all I had to do was watch and follow.

Then right on que, one day during lunch at work, I sat with people that I barely sat with. Being new and all, I was still not used to the people at the workplace and living in a foreign environment again proved to be challenging. So these guys looked like people who obviously workout, I had always wanted to ask them what plan or program they use and this was my chance.

So Frank David, I had come to learn, told me about MMA Quick Start and the first reaction I had was ‘get out of here’ I did not want to hear anything about video tutorials anymore. I had learned my lesson. But Frank had a lot of good reviews and I decided, well, what do I have to lose.

MMA Quick Start

Jeff -joslin

I have to give it to Jeff Joslin’s method, his video instructions were as easy as 1, 2, and 3 literally. I could go on and on about how it but these are what I appreciated a lot, the method:

  • Improved my striking method
  • Was easy to follow instructions
  • Clearly outlines techniques for beginners
  • Had clear instructions on groundwork and takedowns
  • It was also designed to keep me from over training

I felt like he is right there beside me coaching me in person and I felt like I finally have the coaching that I have not been able to get from all over methods that I used.

It is easy to do this alone or with a friend at any time that you want, it is flexible and just convenient for someone had a very demanding job like me. I did not have to rush home and leaving work unfinished, my manager was happy with the commitment that I was demonstrating.

I found myself developing a great body shape and saving a huge amount of time and money at a flexible pace that is set by me. This was very convenient for me but most of all it allowed me to have time to go out for social functions with my newly made friends.

The Sessions

There was no guesswork involved, I was able to know when to work on punching, do ground work movement, practice takedown entries, stretch, or push hard though a conditioning scene. The program was very easy to use and follow, the best thing is that it was exactly what I have been looking for.

Included in the program is a simple and easy to do method of tracking your techniques and self-assessment. All you have to do is to make regular updates of your progress and keep working out at a flexible pace

The whole method is not designed to exhaust you, in fact all the workouts are given perfect times and duration to allow you work out without affecting your body in any negative way. You will not feel too tired, you will not be overstrained and you will not experience fatigue.

But the best thing here is that you can be yourself and set your pace, there is no one around you being overly aggressive or trying to set a point that you are not aware of.  You know how those guys at the gym can be.

The sessions are created in a way that you will learn techniques that will not only teach you martial arts and workouts, but it will also melt away the fat in our body and leave you fit and toned. And I know that any man who works out is also looking forward to a session that guarantees this.

Martial Arts Skills


I am still amazed at the results that I am getting from the Martial Arts training. I still wish that I found this MMA Training program when I was at India to make my story even cooler to tell. I am able to do all the things that I grew up wanting to learn, I am not saying I am a pro though.

It is a lot of fun to follow Jeff Joslin’s training method because it is structured, there is no time wasting, I am not confused like I used to and all I need to do is invest 2-3 hours a week. Within 12 weeks, I learned

  • How to track my work out sessions
  • Training without getting too tired or sore
  • How to excel at shadow fighting
  • Retain all the things I learned
  • And push past my limits

It was very cool to do shadow fighting and I had the most fun doing it. I was able to learn how to watch my co-ordination, balance and speed while improving my skills drastically as I learn to move like a pro fighter. I believe that this is one of the most important aspects of the MMA Training.

I was using the ‘Shadow Fighting with Jeff’ mp3 files and they made me feel like he was there giving the training while I practice. There were some tips shared with me, I was being pushed to work harder and was being cheered on during all my rounds!

Other Programs

The Mastering to Jump Rope Series had a lot of professional techniques that one may not be able to master by themselves if they did not have this training program to follow. You will be able to learn and practice 18 tricks and you will be warming up like a pro in no time.

You will learn effective warm ups that are specifically created for Mix Martial Arts program. In this one you will be able to prevent injury and increase your flexibility. There are 2 different 5 minute dynamic work outs.

There is an exact warm up that Jeff Joslin used before as preparation for his fights at the UFC and other big shows. So this means that learning professional techniques and training like a pro is very possible and your skills will be increased and improved fast.

You can use these before and after training to warm up and make sure that you are ready to start the training without any confusion and using unique workouts.

Starting Your Workout

Once you buy this program, you can start training right away, it is as simple as that. There is no need to go through hours and hours of videos. You will have access to a lot of material that you can use to better your sessions.

You will see that once you have started the training it is easier to grasp the method, all I needed was to play it and follow what is in the video. The techniques are more understandable than all the previous videos I used to use.

I now had the confidence to perform the techniques and had the training that I was doing. I even developed confidence in other areas of my life because my body was performing at its best, I was healthier and had a lot of stamina.

Other benefits

This is a onetime training and you only need to buy it once and you will gain access to watch videos of program techniques to work before and after training. You can watch the videos at any time and are allowed to be flexible.

There is no guesswork required and you do not have to make up some techniques, everything is clearly put in and there are easy to follow instructions included, all you need to do is follow them well and strive to do your best.  In the MMA Quick Start training program, you will be getting:

  • Professional coaching
  • A Step by step manual
  • Clear and Instructional Techniques
  • A Unique program
  • A self – assessment worksheet

The MMA Quick Start Promise

I want you to know that you should get ready to receive a lot of push to outdo yourself and become better with every workout. The MMA Quick Start training program is designed to improve your skill and make you better while also teaching you new and professional techniques at the end of the day.

If for some reason you are not satisfied the results that you have got or did not find the program useful to you, you can return it within 60 days and you can simply have your money back.

It is rare to find a program where the owner has so much faith in it that they willingly take all the risk for it. This faith that Jeff has in his program convinced me that he has spent a lot time perfecting the program and knows that it will deliver.

The training manual and downloadable files are easy to access and you will also get a training video library where there is a hub training video mauls to use and follow as you can.

Final Word

Frank is always bragging about how he is responsible for showing me a great program to use. He cannot stop giving people reviews on my behalf about my experience with MMA Quick start training program. Very weird guy, he is now my best friend.

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MMA QuickStart Review: Get Started With MMA Quicker And Stronger
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