How to Master The Perfect Golf Swing Step By Step

Sports Training: Golf Swing

 Over the years sports have been very important activities bringing about different benefits to the life of human being and community as a whole. Sporting has not started today. For centuries sporting has been there. In all this time there has been different types of sports. All of them known to bring people together and act as a form of entertainment at the same time. Among various sports that are currently practiced, Golf is one of the kind of sport that has gained popularity. I will say that gold is a special type of sport with its own unique characteristics.


What Is Golf?

 People have their own way of defining the sport. However, you can basically define golf as a club and at the same a sport where players hit balls using various clubs into certain series of holes arranged on a specific course. The players should direct the ball into the holes in the least number of strokes.Man playing golf on a golf course in the sunUnlike other ball games which make use of a standardized playing ground or area, gold will be played on a course. This course will have very well arranged progression of 9 or 18 holes. Each and every hole on the course will have a tee box to start the game from plus a putting green with an actual hole of 4.25 inches width.


Origin of Golf

 Allow me to shine a little light about the origin of golf. It is a sport that started quiet long time ago as opposed to what many people think. Many people have that of golf as a modern sport that has emerged few years ago. Gold has been played since the 15th Century in Scotland. This is where the modern gold was first played.However, the origin of the ancient version of this game is unclear. It is believed that Romans used to play a certain game similar to golf called the game of paganica where players used bent sticks to hit stuffed leather balls.


3 Minute Warmup to Do Before You Get On the Golf Course

 Many people may have a very different thought about golf. Many may think that golf is a simple sport that does not involve body muscles and someone does not require any warmup or exercises. However, this is not true. Like any other sport, golf playing can be tiresome. It is a sport that requires certain skills.

Kids warming up at golf schoolGolf swinging will required considerable strength as compared to other skills. It will mostly require your arms muscles to be quiet active. In cases where your muscles are not strong and active enough then you may fail to attain a good golf swing. Making the right move, kicking the golf ball to the right hole with few strokes requires you to be active enough to control your swings as well. To help you do this you need to warmup before you begin the sport.


Why Are Warmups Important Before Golf Course

 The following are some of the reasons you need to take 10 minutes of warmup before you take up your golf course.

  • It helps to turn you up for the game. For any type of sport being active is a very important tool. I believe you cannot play any sport if you are not active enough. Warming up helps your body get in the mood of the game. You get excited enough for the game.
  • Strengthens your muscles. Golf swinging will definitely require you to engage your muscles. The more you use your muscles it is believed the stronger they get. Engaging your muscles few minutes before any activity helps to strengthen your muscle.
  • Allows you to get fit and avoid certain injuries. Here is where your joints and muscles get in the right way to help you stay safe from any injuries that may arise from the sport. Swinging your arms and muscles may be a little tricky. Warming up will help you get fit enough to prevent any joint problems.
  • It is a good means of giving you enough breathe. You will obviously require enough breathe as you get going with the course. This is the best moment to gain enough breathe and prevent getting tired very fast.

Some of these warmup tips include:

The warmup exercises can be done in a certain organized order.


  1. Take a walk

 Here you are required to take a 3 to 5 min walk before you get to the field. It is not a difficult exercise. You can just find a quiet place to do this. Consequently, you can walk around the car park or walk all the way to the playing ground.


  1. Squats

 They are basically supported squats which will help in increasing your blood flow and the heart rate hence warming you up. You can do this in different ways. To start with, let look at a one leg squat.

  • Stand upright and brace against a golf club.
  • Bring one of your leg up and place it across the opposite knee. The lifted knee should be bent at 900.
  • Squat slowly until your knee makes almost a parallel sign to the ground and then stand up. You can repeat this again using the other leg.

Squat for both legs.

  • To begin with, you are supposed to hold a club above the head. During this your arms should be stretched.
  • You can go on and squat on both legs until your legs comes to a parallel angle to the ground. Stand up and repeat few times.

man is playing golf on a golf course

  1. Wrist Extensions
  • While standing, stretch your right arm straight out.
  • With the other arm, slowly pull your fingers backward until there is a stretch on your forearm.
  • You can hold it there for at least 10 min then repeat with the other arm.


  1. Leg Swings
  • It will start with a stand where your feet and shoulder are width apart.
  • Start swinging your leg backward and forward with your body being perpendicular towards the ground.
  • You should do this slowly to make sure that your body does not move in the process.


  1. Arm Swings
  • Stand with your arms spread out.
  • Slowly start swinging your arms across the front part of your body.
  • Repeat the moves in few seconds.


  1. Neck Stretches
  • Here is what you should do.
  • Bring the left ear forward the left shoulder.
  • Inhale while pressing your right arm to the direction of the floor.
  • Exhale, relax and repeat using your right arm.


  1. Pelvic Tilts 

These are mostly done while standing.

  • Stand upright with your arms over your chest.
  • Tuck the pelvis to create a posterior tilt.
  • Arch your back to create an anterior tilt.


5 Step Checklist for the Perfect Golf Swing

 If you have tried golf or you are a golf fun you will agree with me that being a great golf player is such a wonder experience. At the same time, making the best golf swing comes as an amazing experience. A perfect golf swing is such a wonderful thing for both beginners and professional players. But the question is, how do you manage a perfect golf swing? Is making a perfect gold swing such a difficult thing or is just simple? What should you know to make that great swing? What should you know to make that swing? I am going to outline to you’re the top 5 steps that you can follow to achieve this.


  1. Body Position

To make a good move in golf is highly determined by how you position your body. It will involve both your legs and your arms. How you stand, position your arms and shoulders will help you alt in making the best golf swing. Here is what to do in terms of your shoulders and feet. There should be a relationship between the feet and the shoulders. You should spread your feet to an equal width as your shoulders. At the same time, the shoulders must be pointing towards the target in a straight line.

Female golfer learning golfing, male instructor helping.To help you attain a straight position in this case, you can try by aligning your feet with the club. Once your shoulder are in line with the feet then you must be targeting the target. The next step towards attaining a good body position for a swing is positioning your knees. You will need to the required knee bend or angle. Holding your club, extend the arms in a manner that looks like you are addressing the golf ball. To make sure that the club head is on a flat line to the ground, make sure you do not bend your back. Instead, a bend at your knees will help you accomplish this. Always make sure that your back is on a straight line. To make sure that you are in the right distance from the ball, here is what you need to look for. In case you are forced contact the ball then you are a little far.If your arms have to be bent then you are closer to the ball.


  1. Back Swing

The whole golf swing is a circle which follows from the back swing to the follow-through. Before you go over to the backswing you must make sure that you are in the right position or stance. You must also make sure that the knees are flexed. To make sure that you maintain the perfect golf circle-back swing to the follow-through circle, you need to make sure that you left arm is maintained at a straight manner at all times. This is a case if you are a right-handed person. For those who are left-handed on the other side you must make sure that the right arm is at straight position.Asian golfer hit a golf ball by golf-club driverHere is how to attain a back swing. Slowly lift the club backwards to make sure that there is a uniform tempo. This should be done maintaining that your left arm is straight. The club should be lifted until it is over your head. At this point, the club and the ground should be on parallel. During the back swing, the knee and hips should be rotated back as you move the club to make sure that there is perfect weight shift.


  1. Down Swing

The down swing will always begin once the club is parallel to the ground. The club should also follow the same path used during the back swing. Keep in mind. The left arm always straight.

Playing golf.As you make the down swing, make sure that the knees and hips follow along with the swing to make sure that the weight shifts appropriately. It is also important to make sure that the arm speed and that of you weight goes at the same time to avoid hit the ball to different directions.


  1. Making Contact

When we talk about contact, we refer to how you make contact with you clubface and the ball. What type of contact does it produce on your hands? What type of contact should be produced? It is advised to make contact with clubface center position. To do this, one should have the eyes and the head down to the ball. Upon making the contact with clubface center part then the sensation is minimal. On the other side, in case you make contact with the toe or heel of clubface then there is a stinging sensation on your hands.


  1. Follow-through

A follow-through can refer to how the club moves to make contact with the ball. Following over until the clubface makes contact is an important part that should not be neglected.

hitting shot with clubA follow-through is an important part of making a swing like any other. It helps to maintain a perfect move and uniform one to the target.


What Else Should You Know About Making a Perfect Golf Swing?

 When it comes to making a perfect golf swing there is quite a lot to learn especially for a beginner. It will take practice to make sure that you perfect your move. It is always not automatic that you will make a perfect swing during your first time.However, persistence can see you perfecting within a short time. Things to remember include:

  • Remember to maintain good balance before you start your swing. In some cases starting your swing without balancing your body can ruin everything.
  • Make sure that you have the right shoes for the sport. Like any other sport, the type of shoes that you wear will mean a lot. Ensure that you wear flat sport shoes to improve stability.
  • You should also wear the right type of clothes. This is where you are supposed to wear light and flexible clothes that will not interfere with your moves in any way.


Reasons Why Golf Is Great Sport

I understand that there has been myths concerning golf.However, I will outline some of the things that make golf one of the greatest sports you can try today. It is an enjoyable sport played by different people.


  1. Can Be Played By All Ages

 Unlike previous stories and beliefs people have had about golf that is meant for the old alone it is actually not true. Golf is a one kind sport where both young and the old can freely participate. If you are at your 70s or 30s you can still enjoy the sport. Golf involves activities that are all friendly to all ages.

Group Of Golfers


  1. Discipline

I may say is one of the sports with the highest level of discipline. Gold is guided by a set of rules that leaves the players disciplines enough. I will strongly say that you cannot be worried of struggles and arguments as long as you are playing golf. There have been surely very few cases of indiscipline no matter how much stiff is the competition.


  1. One Of the Simplest Sports to Learn

I believe you cannot just wake up one morning and go to a football field and expect to do anything much. However, I believe you can go to a golf field for the first time and learn something meaningful. It will take you just a few weeks to get started in golf as long as you have the passion.


  1. Minimal injuries 

I do not know how many times I have had of a golf player who has been injured playing. Unlike most of the sport where players can get injuries, golf is a unique sport where injuries are next to impossible.


  1. It unites people

Playing golf is a serious and fun experience. People meet to discuss important things as they play golf. Both the old and young can play the sport without any issues. You have seen businessmen and leaders meeting to play golf since is a uniting sport.

Golfers sitting on bench


  1. Help To Deal With Stress 

It is one of the most peaceful sports known. People have humble time to interact as they play. This enables one to forget everything that has been happening. It is also played in very beautiful areas which helps to give the players a different sense of peace and relieves their minds.


  1. Interaction With Wildlife

Is one of its kind? It is one of the few sports where the players have a chance to interact with different wildlife animals. Most of the playing grounds are in animal parks.


  1. Big Money

It may not seem like a popular sport but it is.It is also a worthy and expensive sport. According to research, professional golfers can make as much as $ 10 million a year like any other sportmen. It is thus treasured for its worth. Golf is known for its players who like playing for large quantities of money.


  1. Physical benefits 

This is actually a very important factor especially for the aging people. Did you know playing golf does make you fit? Golf is a sport that will make a person physically fit like any other sport.


  1. Mind and Skill Developing

One special thing about playing golf is that you keep on developing your skills each and every day. Unlike other sports where a person remains in the same position in terms of skills, playing golf will always present to you new opportunities and challenges.


Interesting Facts about Golf 

There are many facts about golf playing that will leave surprised and worth knowing. They include:

-Did you know that the first golf balls to be used in the 16th century were made of wood?

-The longest golf putt was 114 meters. This can be almost unbelievable if you are a beginner in playing golf.

-The largest golf course in the world is located in Massachusetts. The course is believed to be up to 7600 meters.

-It is believed that around 25 % of the total golfers in the world are women. If you are a woman you can still be a golfer.

-Coby Orr was the youngest golfer who shot a hole-in-one. This took pace in Littleton Colorado, 1975.

-Golf’s first official rules were established by the Gentleman Golfers of Leith in Edinburgh.

-There is one in 67 million chances of making 2 holes-in-one in a golf round.


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