Master Cleanse Secrets Review: What’s The Best Cleanse For You?

If you had tried conventional diets, maybe this will help

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Hi, I hope you this review of Master Cleanse Secrets is useful for your purpose of getting healthier and living a better life.

Living a healthy life tends to look like a complicated, Olympic, effort that only a few can make. It seems expensive, tiring, stressing, and at the end of the day many, like me, give up on the path.

I have been trying different nutritionists, trainers, sports, etc. I have found one pattern that, after doing some research, I found out that many people say, but very few actually accept.

Every person has a different body and metabolism.

This is important to start analyzing, and maybe accepting because, maybe you have tried different nutritionist, but have they really given a truly different way of eating, or are they all giving you the same?

In my experience with most nutritionists, they only give different diets or more thoughtful ones to people with diseases or some kind of “severe” problem with their body.

While most of us that are considered “normal” keep getting diets either low on carbs and huge on greens and protein, or the other way around. As if there were a sort of “1 size fits all” diet.

How I gained, and lost, weight and control of it.

Healthy food in heart and cholesterol diet

I was a skinny person for most of my life, extremely skinny, and I wanted to gain weight. When I moved to the northern hemisphere, and I was exposed to extremely cold conditions, I started indulging into carbs like crazy, but I was no 18 anymore, so I gained much weight in a few months.


Master Cleanse Secrets Review


At some point, I started doing cardio, and I was losing weight, but no one told me that, once your body is accustomed to such a loss of energy, it regulates itself to store energy, so then, if you don’t have the proper diet, you can run tens of miles, but since your body is already used to you doing that, it will start storing energy as fat, again, and you’ll start gaining weight.

All the nutritionist I went to give me “healthy diets” with lots of exercises, but I was getting fatter.

The weight I had gained was not healthy and was not well distributed, so I didn’t really like the way I looked and decided to take action, but I couldn’t lose it. I was lost and desperate, so by doing research, I learned about this diet of eating no carbs at all. Zero!

  • No bread
  • No onions
  • No potatoes
  • No garlic

It was zero carbs as much as I could enforce it every day. It actually worked, I started losing weight after a week, but I had entered a stressful mindset.

I was addicted to food and sugar, I didn’t know that. So then, when I was having cravings, I would push myself to just get through those cravings but it was terribly difficult.

It came to one point where, one day, I had this huge project to deliver, plus bills and taxes, family issues, and food. All of this got together and my body said “STOP”, and I had an anxiety episode.

Starting to heal.

Choosing healthy life

I had to go to counseling for some months and the therapist advised me to regain control of the things that I could easily do, and that was food. But I couldn’t trust myself.

So I had lost some weight, but I was still some pounds above my weight. Because I had done that previous diet without any guidance, I’d lost so many nutrients, so I had to replenish them, guess how. So I gained weight again.


Master Cleanse Secrets Review 1


It took around 5 years to finally find someone that understood my unique body and metabolism and proposed an alternative solution, the Master Cleanse Secrets. It worked for me.

There so much normalization of “things that work” for everyone, but we really need to question that assumption.

For example, I used to smoke and I ended up having asthma problems within 3 years, so I stopped, but I know 80 years old people, who smoke every day, and they are well, going to the store, driving, no need for an oxygen tank. We are all different, and we need to accept it.

We need to learn how is it that our bodies work and how to make the most of it. This is how the Master Cleanse Secrets come into the picture.

Things start within, not without.

woman tired of diet restrictions

For many people, food is really not the problem, but when and how we eat it. Some cultures have their last meal at 4-5 pm, some at 9, and yet we find obesity in both.

Having all these ideas in my head, I started to question the popular beliefs surrounding my fast weight gain and why I couldn’t just lose it.

First, I learned about food addiction. I hadn’t even thought of it this way!

Your body can get addicted to

  • Processed sugar
    • Refined
    • Alcohol
    • Sodas
    • Candy
  • Bread
  • Roots (YES)
  • Rice
  • Pasta
  • Among others

Why? Because once we eat them the body starts transforming them into energy for us to use, but because it’s so fast and easy for the body to transform them, they produce peaks of energy, and sometimes of glucose, that can later cause diabetes.

When this happens, it’s somehow like a “high” with a drug, and the body gets addicted. Many people believe that, after eating a huge bowl of salad, they are still hungry, in reality, they are not, but our body associates the addiction with hunger, that’s the trigger, and so, because salads tend to be low on sugars, and your body is looking for the high, your brain sends the signal to eat, and we do it, instinctively.

Most of the time it’s an addiction, not a craving.

overdose asian male drug addict

I kept on feeling so dumb because I couldn’t control my cravings but, have you ever read a paper on the effects of withdrawal when drug addicts, or alcoholics, want to quit?

Since those peaks have become a norm in your daily life, your body pushes for that, at all costs, your brain can get in survival mode, and that’s when one fails.

Some people can get past this, the majority of us can’t.

Add social pressure to it

  • Family Dinners
  • Parties
  • Get together

All of these factors contribute to us not being able to handle, and then we feel bad about ourselves.

You know the drill.

After reading the Master Cleanse Secrets, I noticed that I related a lot to the issues they pointed out, so I decided to follow their advice.

It hasn’t been easy, yes, but I don’t have anxiety episodes, or cravings that get me in a bad mood and affect my job environment, or my family.

Click here to get Master Cleanse Secrets today, and learn all the different types of food you need to avoid, and how to properly cleanse your body for maximum health!

So what does it do?

fatty liver

Well, the authors of the Master Cleanse Secrets, start with that one part of the body that controls most of our metabolic processes, the liver (that’s right, not the stomach).

The liver sends signals to different parts of our bodies to release substances to transform food, digest it, absorb, etc.

So basically, for a part of the population, if we can regain control of our livers, we can regain control of our eating habits.

The authors try to correct a very specific condition called Fatty Liver, where basically, due to unhealthy eating habits, the liver starts getting wrapped in fat.

When this happens, the liver can:

  • Process food slower
  • Not respond as fast as needed
  • Start shutting down
  • Worse

If any of the first 3 happens, we can still solve it, but if “Worse” happens, then it can be a life or death situation.

The approach

hand reject a bottle of beer

The way the Master Cleans secrets tackle this is not by cutting everything and getting you into a severely controlled diet, but rather a, let’s say rotation of food.

So then it’s not that you are to eat salads every day forever, but rather eat healthy for some periods, and other periods you eat whatever you want.

Think of it like alcohol. If you drink a lot of alcohol every night, then your body will do its best to process it, but at some point, since you keep giving your body a huge workload, it won’t be able to work properly, and even can break.

But if you drink once a week, or less, your body can take it well (at least most people), and then recover during the week and be fine for the next party.

It is the same process as food. As I mentioned before, it’s not about completely cutting off food from the beginning, but rather knowing when and how so our bodies can process them, recover, and then we can ingest later some other time.

This helps with one of the main problems of dieting: Cravings. Sometimes cravings are the body telling you that it needs certain nutrient found in that food you crave, but most of the time it’s just the bodies addiction to food.

So this method tackles that, so you don’t break into anxiety or find yourself assaulting your fridge in the middle of the night feeling bad about yourself afterward.

It’s not your fault, it’s an addiction, and we have been taught that cravings are funny and cute, but they are not when you don’t feel happy.

Your brain and sugar

desperate woman in blue shirt craving fudge

Remember I mentioned that the brain sends the hunger signal so we can eat out favorite addictive substance?

Well, because this method tackles addiction, then we will start controlling those episodes by preventing hunger, eating healthy food that keeps the body satisfied and allows it to not stress about the levels of sugar or energy, because we’ll always have.

Many times we’ve heard about will power and how when we fail it’s because we lack it. Although the people who say this may be right, most of the things we do in life are actually based on habits, this is to say, our body does them automatically.

Habits are such a powerful thing, and yet almost unnoticeable. Have you ever driven home from work, after a long day, with so many things in your head, you are solving everything while driving and then when you pay attention, you are parking.

When you pay attention, you wonder how did you even get home, why did people allow you to drive like that. Well, you made it home because of the habits, your body knows the route so well, the ups and downs, how traffic is, it just did what you do almost every day.

The same thing with eating and this method takes an approach on habit, not on guilt tripping you because of your will power. Habits are made by repetition, and once they are work in automatic (20-30 days), then they’ll just keep happening unless you decide to change them.

Useful habits, instead of “good”

man biking in the gym

Once habits are installed, we expect them to work but, remember above in the review how I mentioned how my body, after becoming used to cardio, started gaining weight again?

Well, all the hard-headed trainers had no response to that, because their knowledge tends to be more on how to bulk up (for men) or starve yourself to be skinny.

I loved that this guide also provided advice on how to address the different situations when your body, in order to keep you healthy, refuses to lose weight.

Have you ever heard people saying how starving yourself is the worse way to lose weight? Guess why? Your body tries to protect you and sends cravings, and stress for you to eat, and if you do eat, most of the things you eat will be stored in your body, even liquids, and so you retain stuff that later becomes unhealthy.

In this guide, I found ways to tackle these reactions, as they call it “Bio Hack” my body, to get the shape that I wanted, but also to be healthy and at peace with my eating habits and myself.

The method may seem counterintuitive, for example, one of their principles is to eat MORE noteless. Yes, more, throughout the day, and it works.

Is this for me?

  • If you feel like you have tried everything
  • If you are tired of being shamed for “lack of will power”
  • If you want to have control of your diet
  • If are open to a counterintuitive alternative
  • If you recognize food or sugar addiction in you

Then yes, this book can help you. It’s a PDF that you can read on your computer, tablet, phone, or eBook reader. The book contains all the systems and issues in a clearly explained way, with a good structure and progression, that allows you to follow without getting lost.

Because it’s in PDF format, and you can read basically anywhere, then you can start learning immediately after you buy it, you get it in your inbox, download the eBook, and just start.

I find it amazing that a group of people who know what they are talking about, get together and write a book together to help those that, like me, are not covered by traditional trainers or nutritionists.

Final thoughts.

Healthy life word on wooden table

We have many examples in history of how the mainstream way of thinking sometimes was not the best for everyone or was limited to a certain demographic.

Master Cleanse Secrets addresses a healthy alternative to losing weight, that touches on different points that go beyond losing weight:

  • Restore your liver
  • Break free of food addictions
  • Lose weight with intelligence
  • Create healthy habits
  • Prevent hunger

It’s not only about weight, but health, and living a better life. Feeling well, staying healthier, and being able to enjoy more of your life without compromising your health.

Last, but not least, it’s regaining control of your eating habits, this is what finally helped me know this was not a scam and moved me to buy.

A scam will push you to subscribe to a program, so you keep paying and paying, this guide is a book, with research, made easy to read and apply to our lives, no subscriptions or annoying extras.

Reviews are meant to help, and out of all the reviews you’ll read, I hope this one was helpful. Good luck with Master Cleanse Secrets!

Start reading the Master Cleanse Secrets today, and you’ll have all the info you need to do a healthy cleanse for your body!

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