Lucid Dreaming Fast Track Review: Can You Start Lucid Dreaming In Days?

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Adults do it. Children do it. You’ve even caught your pets doing it. The ‘it’ I’m referring to is dreaming. Whether you remember it or not, we are all doing it.

Reviews indicate that we spend roughly 36 percent of our life sleeping. In that time we have between 4 to 6 dreams a night. This amounts to approximately 2,000 dreams a year.

In addition, the reviews also indicate that we forget about 80% of our dreams. That’s a large number of dreams to forget. Can you reduce that number?

What if we could dream better? What if we could use our dreams to make our lives better?

This review takes a look at a program that seeks to answer those questions and any other questions you may have about dreaming. In addition to answering your questions, this program will equip you with various techniques to make the most of your dreams

Lucid Dreaming Fast Track

Lucid Dreaming Fast Track

The Lucid Dreaming Fast Track program is an interactive online course he teaches you how to harness the benefits of lucid dreaming in 10-minute lessons. Before we dig into the program, let’s find out what exactly lucid dreaming is.

What is Lucid Dreaming

In a nutshell, a lucid dream is a dream in which the dreamer is aware of the fact that they are dreaming.

With this awareness, it is believed that the dreamer may be able to exert some degree of control over the characters in the dream, the dream’s narrative and the environment in which the dream occurs.  The benefits of having this sort of control over your dreams are outlined below.

Benefits of Lucid Dreaming


A review of the program finds the following four benefits listed.

1. Control

Of the dreams that you can remember, how would you rate them on a scale of one to ten? (with one being awful and ten being awesome) Are your dreams closer to the one than to the ten?

Lucid dreaming can help you with that. The techniques you learn in this program will allow you to be able to control the dreams you have from the nature of the dream to where the dream takes place to who appears in the dream.

2. Inspiration

They say you cannot stop a dreamer and they are right. Some of the world’s best inventions were once viewed as crazy ideas. Crazy ideas that started off as inspirational dreams in the minds of their creators.

This program will teach you how to set the stage and subsequently bring to life the inspiring images of your dreams when you wake up.

3. Therapy

Sleep is not just an opportunity to rest but also to recuperate and heal. When you are asleep, you are in your most vulnerable state.

Learning to control your dreams creates a safe environment within which you can converse with your true safe and treat yourself to a form of therapy.

4. Relief

In line with the above point, lucid dreaming allows you to confront and overcome your fears or anxieties which will provide you with relief in your waking life.

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What Is Included In The Lucid Dreaming Fast Track Program

You get a lot of bang for your buck with this program. Here is a portion of what the program includes.

  • 30 expert tutorials that will guide through meditation and get you started on your first lucid dreams.
  • Advice for everyone ranging from those just starting out and those who have already experienced this level of dreaming and are looking to perfect their techniques.
  • First-hand accounts of lucid dreaming so that you can begin to deepen your knowledge on the subject.
  • Continuous updates to ensure that you always have the most up to date information on lucid dreaming.

How Does The Lucid Dreaming Fast Track Program Work


This instructional program is made up of three phases. Priming, Induction, and Exploration. These phases are designed with the sole intention of setting a firm foundation upon which to build your own lucid dreaming practice.

The phases will guide you through a basic understanding of lucid dreaming of creating your own lucid dreams and finally, what not to do in pursuit of great lucid dreaming.

Let’s check out each of the phases in detail.

1. Phase One – Priming

To prime is to prepare. Instead of jumping straight to technique, the program’s creator has taken the time to explain what the ideology behind lucid dreaming is.

In addition to foundational knowledge, you will receive basic tutorials, introductory troubleshooting tips and authentic insights into real lucid dreams.

The goal of phase one is to equip you with, among other skills, the following:

  • A functional understanding of what lucid dreaming is.
  • An introduction to dream journaling as a tool to promote the occurrence of lucid dreaming at a later date.
  • Techniques that boost your ability to recall your dreams and,
  • Relaxation techniques that will set the stage for your first lucid dream.

2. Phase Two – Induction

Phase two is all about perfecting your technique. In this phase, you will learn the most effective techniques to use to bring about lucid dreaming.

Some of these techniques include:

  • Wake Induced Lucid Dream (WILD) – a technique where you initiate lucid dreaming from a state of full awareness.
  • Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams (MILD) – a technique where you train yourself to increase your self-awareness as you sleep so that you know when a dream is occurring.
  • Dream chaining – a technique that allows you to re-enter a dream from which you’ve just awoken.

Using what you have learned in phase two, some of what you will be able to do is:

  • Visualize your dreams before you fall asleep.
  • Use various techniques to bring about lucid dreaming more effectively.
  • Stop nightmares in their tracks and switch them to a preferred dream.

2. Phase Three – Exploration

The third and final phase of this program provides instruction on how not to get ahead of yourself once you start seeing the great benefits of lucid dreaming.

This phase will teach how to avoid common mistakes that lucid dreamers experience.

By the end of phase three, some of the skills you will be equipped with are:

  • Control and prolong your lucid dreaming moments.
  • How to set up your lucid dreams in advance, select your dream characters choose how to interact with them in your dreams.
  • Establish which of the many techniques taught in the program initiate lucid dreaming faster for you.
  • Identify how lucid dreaming can be used to treat various forms of anxiety or phobias amongst other ailments.

Let’s now meet the creator of this life-changing program.

Rebecca Turner’s Story


This highly illuminating and well-designed program was created by Rebecca Turner. She has been lucid dreaming for almost two decades. Turner discovered the possibilities of lucid dreaming at the young age of fourteen.

Identifying this as her life’s purpose, she committed herself to study at a deeper level all the benefits of lucid dreaming. Her personal experiences and commitment led her to create one of the world’s most in-depth and highly popular lucid dreaming website in 2008. That site is World of Lucid Dreaming and it is said to have a yearly reach of millions of people.

Through this forum, she has collected numerous feedback that has allowed her to create a successful seven-year lucid dreaming teaching practice.

Interacting on the forum has also allowed her to adapt her teaching style to continually help people experience lucid dreaming and overcome any hurdles they might be encountering.



Rebecca Turner’s program wants to not only improve the quality of your dreams but also wants you to be able to use those dreams to help you get more out of every other area of your life using something you already do every day.

It is said that when you want to make a positive change in your life you should use what you have and start where you are as opposed to struggling to acquire things. You’re already dreaming every day. Why not buy a product that will help you make the most of your dreams?

It is also said that an optimal life is designed, not discovered. If you’ve ever had a dream that has changed your life and are wondering how to have more dreams of the same caliber, this product is a product you must add to your bag of tricks.

The science behind lucid dreaming has been around for over forty years. It’s been tried and tested and has come out on top. The addition of a 60 money-back guarantee on a program that guarantees the unbeatable quality, undeniable impact and unquestionable results makes this a must try.

So to answer the question that was asked at the beginning of the article, yes you can start lucid dreaming in days but only if you purchase this product today.

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