LeanFast Rapid Fat Loss Review: Fasting For Excellent Weight Loss?

To rapidly lose fat has become a significant milestone for the modern man. We pay the price for the life we live, a life where everything is either instant or fast, from coffee to burgers. We eat a lot and sit a lot, rarely walk and rarely run. It is time to change those things.

Burning fat through diet and exercise

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O boy, we come to this topic again! Let’s get something out of the way before we even start; burning fat isn’t natural. No matter what method, diet program or exercise program you try, gaining fat is still much more comfortable than losing it.

Why? Simple biology and evolution.

We burn carbs first, and, as long as you have carbs, the body will burn carbs. After that, the body tends to use fat and burn it for fuel (energy).

So, we thought that lowering the carbs intake will solve the problem; fewer carbs, more fat to burn. Unfortunately, we aren’t that simple.

The body will shut down if you don’t eat carbs, it will protest, demand. Moreover, it will slow down the metabolism, which means slower fat loss. So, instead of lowering the carbs intake, look at the problem from every perspective.

Look at your body as a total organism and fulfill its need and return things in balance. Only then will your body burn fat correctly, if you properly treat it.

Finding the right program

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Finding the right program to work with isn’t easy. I’ve done a lot of reviews, and I found incomplete, half-done and even harmful programs. And having a plan (dietary, exercise or both) is essential when it comes to fat loss.

Programs tend to be strick, going old-school ways with outdated methods. However, having and following an efficient and successful program means a lot! Thankfully, I found one of you guys. The program I’m talking about is LeanFast Rapid Fat Loss.

This program is a combination of training and fasting, binding together two most essential elements in the fat burning process. And trust me, you will burn fat, and you will burn it fast.

What is LeanFast Rapid Fat Loss?

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This program is a step by step easy to follow nutrition and training system. It was carefully designed for people who want to lose fat. The goal of the program is to shut down the constant cravings and restore balance in your life.

All this is done with the smart combination of dietary plan and exercises. The program will help you build the body you want, and you will only perform three short training sessions a week.

Furthermore, this system isn’t just about losing fat. In fact, by losing fat, you’ll lose weight, feel lighter with every move you make.

You will also recover your strength, or build it if you never had real power. Your muscles will grow proportionally, and you will feel better overall. And the most important thing is that you won’t starve. Instead, you will enjoy healthy meals every day, as you should.

If you speed up your metabolism by exercising, you will need to take even more food This circle will grow and grow, to the point where you are entirely lean and satisfied with your body!

How does the LeanFast Rapid Fat Loss work?

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The program is divided into 11 training modules, and today we are going to find out what these modules are. But, instead of describing every module individually, I’ve decided to put them in categories: exercise, diet, and accessories.

I decided to do it this way just so that you can see a clearer and transparent review. The thing about this program is that doesn’t just focus on one thing. Now that can be either very good or very bad. I’ve seen a lot of good programs turn into a disaster because they wanted too much, jumping from “how to do pushups” to “what type of carrot should you eat”!

No, keep things simple because they are simple; eat properly, workout and record everything you want.

Category #1: Exercise (3 modules)

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Firstly, let’s talk about the training module LeanFast RFL 2.0 Quick Start Guide. As the name suggests, this module will introduce you to the program ahead. You’ll also get the 16:8 intermittent fasting ‘cheat sheet’ to print out and stick on your refrigerator.

After that you will work with the second training module, LeanFast RFL 2.0 Super Detailed Main Guide. The primary guide contains 70 pages of valuable information. You will understand what you are doing and why you are doing it. The guide will help you set the program according to your needs and current form, and will also help you progress. Moreover, you’ll learn what food you must count and what you can eat freely (pay close attention to everything related to food!)

Alas, you will also get The LeanFast RFL 2.0 Training Program. Now, this is the real deal, the practical training guide. It will advise you on your workouts, when to push and when to rest. It will help you get better results for the same effort, focusing on smart exercising. You will also receive some additional bonus exercises you can try out, but don’t have to!

Category #2: Diet (3 modules)


The first module you are going to see in this category is the Food Choices Guide. This guide is a comprehensive list of all the food you should and shouldn’t eat. It is imperative that you stick to this list. Otherwise, all will be for nothing.

After this module, we have the LeanFast Guide To Macro Counting. If you are obsessed with counting you’re every bite, then you have to stop it right now! The amount of pressure you are putting on your self is stressful, unhealthy and will even slow down the process of weight loss. With this guide, you will find a middle ground, count when you have to and when you don’t have to. You will also get tables on protein, fat, and carbohydrate quantities, helping you keep things in check.

Another module in this category is the Carbohydrate Cycling Guide. All this module does is help you understand carbs and their cycles. You’ll know what to do if the progress slowed down or if it is almost done. And don’t worry, everything is clear with clear instructions.

Category #3: Accessories (5 modules)

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Accessories are here to help you along the way, and can sometimes make a difference between good and excellent results.

The first module here is the Nutrition Calculator And Progress Record. This module eliminates guesswork and will help you calculate how much food you have to intake and how much you have to burn. Everything is straightforward and easy to understand; all you have to do is stick to the calculations.

Next on the lists of modules is the Starter Meal Plans. As the name suggests, this module will help you start with your first meals incorporated into this program

Use the smartphone app! It is 2018 and using fitness apps like MyFitnessPal can help you along the way. This module will explain what the best apps are and how you can use them to boost and enhance your process. And, if you don’t like technology that much, you’ll use a good old notebook and a pencil!

Another module is the Body Measurements Guide. It will instruct you on when and how to measure your body. Remember, it is essential that you do this correctly because you will base your calculations on these numbers.

Alas, the last module is the Body Fat Comparison Guide. This guide is for everyone, used to calculate your body fat percentage. Use it to keep a record of your body fat as you watch it slowly decreasing in numbers; that is your body melting away!

Is this program worth it?

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I would say this program is well worth buying. Moreover, many other reviews said positive things about this program. It is unique, rich with content and new. It combines everything at once, and that is what you need if you want to lose fat. The best features of this product are:

  • 11 rich training modules, each very specific and professionally designed to suit your needs and goals. Adjust these modules, shift them, track your progress and keep up the motivation!
  • 60-day money back guarantees here to ensure the protection of the potential customers. If you buy the LeanFast Rapid Fat Loss, you will have 60 days to try it out. If you don’t like it just ask for your money back and the funds shall be refunded.
  • You should also take full advantage of the current discount. Unfortunately, I do not know how long will this cut last. But I do know that it is smart to buy the program now if you are planning on buying it.

And when it comes to fat loss programs, the LeanFast Rapid Fat Loss is one of the best programs I’ve seen. It takes care of everything, from training to accessories. Even the smallest thing can make a difference, and this program understood that very well. Try it, and you won’t regret it!

Click here to access LeanFast Rapid Fat Loss today – find out just how effective fasting can be for speeding up your fat loss efforts, and more!

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