Lean In 19 Review: Is This The Ideal Fat Loss Guide For You?

Lean 19

Although exercise is vital for getting in shape, we all have heard that what we eat plays the most important role. Gavin Walsh, creator of the program, through his Metabolic Hot Zone, proposes a new method that focuses on burning fat using natural metabolic cycles that will help you get rid of fat stored by the body for later use.

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I hope this review of Lean 19 is useful for you looking for an answer to your weight and health issues.

The Metabolic Hot Zone works because

  • It functions with your body not against it
  • Fat, even from difficult places, gets absorbed and used by the body
  • It is a sustainable state
  • It doesn’t ask for crazy efforts
  • It doesn’t exclude food, but rather food switching from time to time

So, all those “difficult places” where fat remains, will be reduced in size through metabolic processes rather than exercise, and this is what makes this method so amazing.

It is no secret that the way to a great body greatly depends on diet. So, this method proposes a practical approach to weight loss following the latter though.

Without discarding exercise, Gavin Walsh brings a program that has helped thousands, and other positive effects in your body, not only weight loss.

Gavin’s answer to traditional weight loss methods is a successful approach that defies some common ideas on weight loss and fitness, that’s why he asks people to trust and follow advice. Losing weight doesn’t have to be riddled with anxiety, or painful.

Although at first, it can be a little discomforting because the body is not used to changes, it will try to go back to its previous inertia until a new rhythm is in place, bodies adapt fast to this system and, as the name mentions, it only takes 19 days to start seeing and feeling the results.

The Metabolic Hot Zone

You know how some people eat 2 pizzas and they remain slim, while someone else eats one slice and gains 10 pounds? Remember when you were younger and you could eat without gaining much weight? This establishes one big truth: METABOLISM IS NOT FIXED.

Making Your Belly Fatter

You can optimize your metabolic rate if you want, there are options!

The Metabolic Hot Zone is more of a state of the body where, after going through 3 different food cycles, your body starts accelerating your metabolic rate naturally, allowing you to either use that fat as energy or just getting rid of it. This is an optimal state, mainly because our body then stops saving excessive amounts of fat, starts releasing toxins, and we start losing weight.

  • Metabolisms change through time, you can change them now
  • What you eat is more important than what you do
  • Fat is not bad, a slow metabolism is, and you can change that
  • Everyone can access the Metabolic hot zone

While in the Metabolic Hot zone, combined with Gavin’s exercises, you will maintain a fat burning state, improve absorption of nutrients, feel better, have more energy, and generally feel well.

Losing weight this way, allows your body to adjust to the change of proportion, so there won’t be sagging skin, anxiety problems, etc.

The promises…

Gavin developed a method for losing weight, explained through his e-books and videos, based on activation of metabolism, getting you into the “Metabolic Hot Zone”.

Which basically describes a state where your body, through different cycles guided by Gavin, efficiently absorbs the nutrients, fat, and carbs that you ingest. You can still eat anything you want.

woman eating pizza

The real question with food is to know when to start, when to suspend, and when to completely stop. Lean 19 answers those questions, without quitting foods being completely necessary. So, for example, for some days you will refrain from eating X or Y foods, then you will reintroduce them.

Sometimes, we continuously feed our bodies with certain kinds of foods that might be damaging them or slowing them down, there is a huge difference between drinking alcohol once a week and drinking alcohol every day.

So, by switching in our diet, we give our bodies the opportunity to catch up, to take a break and heal, and then later when we reintroduce the other foods, our body will be able to handle them properly without much problem.

  • Switching the food we eat, gives our body a break
  • Exercise doesn’t have to be crazy, rather useful
  • The Metabolic Hot Zone is a healthy state for our body

With food switching and small exercise, all explained in the eBook, you can pike up your metabolic functions, so the fat that stays “in difficult places” get completely absorbed by the body using it as energy, instead of taking hours of effort in the gym that will give you more muscular mass, and a not so effective fat burning effect.

The Metabolic Hot Zone works, here’s why

We all have a certain type of metabolism, which is the process in charge of absorbing nutrients from food, expelling things we don’t need, and providing energy to the different parts of our bodies.

Inflammation Overload

Our bodies take energy mainly from carbohydrates that, as soon as we eat them, the body transforms them into energy that we can use immediately. However, especially if we are not highly active, all the energy that we consume in the form of carbs or fat, and it’s not used, gets stored as fat for the body to use later if necessary. Basically, energy reserves for times of scarcity.

So as mentioned before, it is the METABOLISM that takes charge of the body fat, not really exercises.

Exercise helps with accelerating our metabolism, and development of muscles. But metabolism absorbs that fat and either uses it as energy or expels it as waste.

Lean 19 is based on this principle. So then, little by little, the body starts to “utilize” the fat in our bodies and so it gets “burned”. This is how we get rid of the fast in “difficult places”.

The program in practice

To start, any method that promises the loss of body fat through exercise alone is a scam. Here is why Lean 19 stands out: it emphasizes on your metabolism which gets highly active when you exercise, but you don’t need to spend 2 hours in the gym every day to achieve this if you have proper guidance on how to do it strategically.

As Gavin states: “no more than 30 minutes of exercise a day”.Flat And Firm Belly

It is a known fact that the activation of metabolism is the best way to burn fat. Yes, cardio helps with burning fat but guess why, because it accelerates your metabolism. But if you don’t eat the proper food you won’t fully benefit from this, or can actually cause that, at some point, your body becomes used to cardio exercises, so at some point, if your metabolism is not addressed, it will react to cardio as needing more energy, and you will start storing energy again as fat regardless of how many miles you run. Gavin addresses this so it won’t happen, and you can improve metabolism and weight loss.

It works because it’s easy, it’s clearly explained, you will have books and videos guiding you through improving your life immediately accessible in your computer or other devices, so you can always keep track and keep learning.

Also, the content is easy to understand, so you don’t have to be an expert to understand and follow.

It’s OK to lose your way, but don’t go astray

One of the most difficult parts is to track oneself. However, in Gavin’s book, you will find the tools to track yourself in an easy manner so you can follow your progress.

Tracking is important so you can closely follow your progress and learn how to continue successfully, define what works and doesn’t work for you.

One important thing to mention is that Gavin asks for a 19-day commitment if you can stick to it for 19 days, although you may slip from time to time in the future, you will be well in your way.

It is a short period of time, and you get immediate access to the system right after you buy it because all the material: the e-book and the videos; is immediately sent to your email inbox.

For Gavin, it is more important for your dedication and resilience, than perfection. While other methods need an expert level of commitment to a hard system, almost setting you up for failure; this method has a more flexible structure that, as long as you keep coming back, will provide you with results.

One thing that I really like about the program, is that it’s easy to understand, to follow, and it deals with one part that tends to be ignored or placed in the second plane by most conventional gym trainers.

While most people would place a huge emphasis on lifting heavy, ingesting supplements and enhancers; Lean 19 works with you in an internal process of which you can easily gain control, and use to your favor.

Man with training equipment on sport gym

Although genetics have a big say on the way our metabolism works, it doesn’t have the final word, you still have the opportunity to improve it and get it to work in your favor.

Is this for you?

If you have tried going to the gym and sticking to a diet that forbids X or Y foods, filling you with anxiety and pressure, and almost setting you up for failure, then this system could prove an amazing alternative for you.

Big Fat Lie

The most important thing is that you open yourself to the weight-loss method and trust because many of the things that you will find in the PDFs will seem counterintuitive to popular beliefs in fitness and nutrition, popular ideas that not necessarily apply to all.

This method is for you that are looking for a long-term solution, and Gavin is so confident that he offers a complete refund in case you are not satisfied with the system.

One key part is the fact that you become the driver of this ship. You will receive the books and videos online, will be able to start immediately, but you decide what you will make of this experience.

The way I see it, and in my experience with other systems where I need to take charge, this has always been positive. Where I decide, I take time, but I also ask a friend to help me and keep me accountable so I keep on track and continue to be motivated.

  • Motivation is important
  • Find a “spotter” or a friend that can keep you accountable
  • It’s your body, take ownership
  • Lean 19 is a creative, fun alternative

Since the method is based mainly on diet, not on heavy or crazy exercise, it is suitable for anyone older than 30. Gavin even mentions working with some 70+ years old. So, your age, or working hours, shouldn’t be an issue, rather the way you stick to the program and commit to it.

I have done something similar to this method, but a little tougher, where I completely cut off carbs, but I was able to eat as much cheese and bacon as I wanted. However, because of the addiction we have for sugar and carbs, and the change is so sudden, my body reacted with anxiety for the first 2 weeks. Gavin’s method will not take you there. It is manageable, anxiety-free, and easy to follow, especially if you are a beginner.


First of all, it is humanly possible to achieve the results. This is not an elitist, high performing, method that will only favor the gifted and those with lots of free time. So, when setting up goals and actions, you can actually achieve them, so you don’t get discouraged and it will keep going, and if one day you miss, it’s easy to jump back in again, without any problems.

Yesterday and today

Life is unpredictable, so having a flexible method is important when deciding which course to take towards a better life.

Second, you will get the book in electronic format (PDF) and the videos in MP4 format in the cloud, directly to your inbox. After you buy the eBook, it will be immediately delivered to you, and you can start right after. This is quite useful since you can carry it around on your laptop, phone, tablet, or e-reader. Then it’s easy to keep track and follow.

Everything is easy to read and understandable. The process and steps to follow are clear, so you can start reading, or watching, once the eBook and videos are delivered, and begin immediately.

Gavin has done all the research, trial and error, and translated it into these PDFs that will guide you through the process.

It puts you to the test in a good way. All the help you need to change the way you look at yourself, how you feel, and improve your health is out there.

All it takes is for you to take a commitment for 19 days, only 19 days and you will start seeing results.

Also, it’s not expensive. The current price with its promo makes it affordable, so if you are able to give it a chance. Take 19 days of your life to make it better.

Final thoughts

It is very easy to give into the popular ideas and beliefs out there that, while working for thousands of people, maybe they are just not for you and that is perfectly fine.

Having an alternative method, that is based on past successful experiences, saving you all the research and the trial and error makes it incredibly easy to take that first step and jump into this journey of health and fitness.

Nothing is more important than your dedication and commitment. Remember that you will be getting the tools you need, and all the information, with the eBook and the videos in your e-mail inbox.

So, you can start reading, prepare the journey, and begin ASAP. No one is ever completely ready to do something, the right moment to start is now, and as soon as you buy the books and videos, you can get started at home.

Lean 19, working in a seemingly simpler idea, accelerating your metabolism, will also have other positive effects in your body, like regulation of your sleep cycles, flatter belly, better absorption of nutrients, and finally starting to reduce the size of those parts that exercise seems to be unable to reach.

Summer is coming, 19 days is all Gavin asks from you to start seeing a change and look better day by day. Give it a shot.

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