Kinetic Revolution Review: What Do You Need To Do To Master Running?

“It doesn’t matter how fast or how far you’re going. If you’re putting on your shoes and going out for a run, you are a runner, you are in that club.” — Kara Goucher

I used to run when I was a kid until I was in high school simply because it was part of our team warm-up and training exercises to build up stamina during our volleyball games.

I used to love it especially if you are running as a group. I also used to dabble into basketball and softball and I was good at it.

All in all, I was into sports and very athletic and was able to join the varsity team in high school.

But as I went to college, with all the partying and classes to attend to, I eventually lost my interest in sports.

As I grow older, well I am in my early 30’s now and I was slacking in working out. Then I have this eye-opening health problem, and I got really scared. My doctor advised me to change my lifestyle and take up some exercises that can regulate my blood flow and decrease my stress level.

I have this friend that is a professional sports player and she said I should take up running as a form of exercise. To start slowly I used to start with walking and brisk walking 30 minutes per day.

And now I am running almost every day but I still find myself struggling with it because I experienced bodily pains after I run and my heart is bursting. I joined 5k marathons but I find myself lacking in conditioning my body. In short, I was not keeping up with my marathon buddies at all.

Luckily I found this website Kinetic Revolution: Building Better Runners online. I watch their videos, follow up on their instructions, and eventually joined their online workshop.

I am learning proper techniques and getting better at my running. I do now have the strength and endurance to finish 5k marathons. I am so grateful for this program that works for me and eventually works for you too.

This program was built and developed by James Dunne, and let me share with you what is Kinetic Revolution techniques of running.Kinetic Revolution Program

What is the Kinetic Revolution?

The Kinetic Revolution is a one-of-a-kind running program for anyone looking to improve their running and avoid injuries. The course was created by a UK-based coaching organization with an excellent roster of professionals, including physiotherapists, trainers, and biomechanics-trained coaches. Making modest improvements to your posture and running style can help you run faster and more efficiently while avoiding injuries. Maintaining form is critical even when exhausted. This game-changing application takes care of everything.

Coaching Method

This is important for specific training of strength, running, and conditioning of the body. This solution also helps our performance and prevention of injuries.

This running technique method has been specifically developed to enable us how to make use of simple and practical drills and exercises concerning improving our running style.

  1. Movement Patterns – This refers to our running technique.
  2. Mobility and Flexibility – This refers to our range of motion.
  3. Motor Control – This refers to our stability and posture..Kinetic RevolutionStart Mastering Your Running Posture, Get Faster, And Last Longer During Races – Click This Link To Get The Kinetic Revolution Today!

Sometimes our method was built in our own appreciation and inner understanding of our movements and locomotives which allow us to evaluate and recognize our weaknesses and in capabilities.

They also created a (6)six-week course program of teaching basic leg mechanics (based on instructional videos):

  • Phase One– teach runners how to improve their strength.
  • Phase Two– teach running form drills
  • Phase Three– teach dynamic stretching and more.

Also, they offered an online course for you to be able to perfect your running.

These courses are consists of:

  1. Leg Mechanics and Arm Movement

In this case, they basically teach you how to use your arms keenly for rhythm and to situated steady leg modulation. How to generate power, stability, and balance.

  1. Running Posture

They teach you the proper alignment of your body when running and that is slightly forward lean.

  1. Stride Frequency and Stride Length

They teach you how to measure your cadence rate then train and help your body to be able to increase this rate by 5%.

  1. Foot Positioning

They teach you how to properly place your feet when running to avoid injuries and pain.

  1. Technique Prompt

They teach you how to set off the running techniques that will make you faster and more accurate.

  1. Maintain of Good Form

They teach you of prop the r form of running and how is it working for you, avoiding common running injuries and the potential of running faster.

So many choices for you to choose from on their website. They also offered online seminars and workshops in their bonus programs.Kinetic Revolution Program


Runner’s Knee Rehab Plan – this one helps a lot for athletes and runners out there who are experiencing injuries and pains. This also teaches you how to avoid common runner’s injuries and how to be safe out there. This program is ideal for:

Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS or IT Band Syndrome) 

This is an injury caused by much high-intensity use of connective tissues on the outside of the thigh and the knee. Pain and soreness are often felt in these places, especially right above the knee joint. People who run and cycle often have lateral knee pain because of ITBS.

This thick band runs from the pelvis to the outside of the thigh. In this picture, you can see how it goes across your knee and connects with a bone on the top of your tibia or shin bone. The iliotibial (IT) band helps support the outside part of the knee as it moves. ​

Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS)

It’s called Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome when you have pain in the front of your knee, around and under your patella, or the kneecap. The term “runner’s knee” is used because it happens so often to people who run. Many treatment professionals aren’t sure where PFPS comes from, but they agree that much high-intensity activity can lead to the condition.

Some people think that bad biomechanics, weak muscles, bad walking, and poor flexibility can cause patella misalignment. Kinetic Revolution thinks that these things can cause PTPS symptoms.

Online Run Technique Workshop– this is basically a workshop for you to achieve or acquire your natural and possible potentials of techniques when running.

“Members Only” Facebook Page Group– this one you can easily sign in to. Lots of members are sharing their progress and development in their own running techniques. If you have questions or need a support group, other members and coaches are happy to share their knowledge of the program as you go on.

About the Author:

James Dunne is a certified Sports Rehab Therapist and Running Coach. James is drawn to human movement patterns, how to improve their performance and the recovery of their injuries. He is the person responsible for inventing Kinetic Revolution and Online Running Technique Course.

James is also a feature writer for various health and fitness magazines.

He is a degree holder in Sports Rehabilitation and has a special interest in the Functional Biomechanics of Running. His area of studies and pursuits are:

√ Running Technique Coaching

√ Running Video Analysis

√ Sports Specific Speed Coaching

√ Strength and Rehabilitation Coaching

He currently works with different professional athletes such as Footballers, Rugby players Hockey players, and others.

About The Book:

Kinetic Revolution’s (6) six-week Running Technique Program by far is the most complete online-based program there is to help you improve your own running technique. With its instructional videos and audio coaching, guide marks your step-by-step improvement and feel the advantages in no time.

They also consist of an online course, seminars, and workshops.


√ easy to find a website

√ some videos are available on YouTube

√ accessible to all who have access to the internet

√ easily downloaded instructional videos and audios into PC, mobiles phones, laptops, and tablets

√ got a great team of experts in their fields that make you assured that this program works

√ affordable with a lot of discounts and bonus programs

√ have a Facebook Group support

√ 60 days money back guaranteed without questions

√ time manageable results

√ step by step teachings of experts that you can choose from

√ all coaches are certified

√ becoming a fast and efficient runner

√ injury free of running

√ a cheaper alternative for improving health and physical benefits

√ simple and structured guidelines and teachings that are easy to follow

√ offered rehabilitation programs for those who have injuries in the knees

√ can also be downloaded through a PDF file

√ dependable that this program is for real and not a scam

√ free access to Runner’s Knee Problems rehabilitation


√ not available to those who don’t have the access to the internet and to those who don’t own a gadget for viewing the videos and listening to audios

√ some video images and audios are not high quality (HD)

√ website content is lack other information, some theories are not detailed


Kinetic Revolution Program


The Kinetic Revolution Online Running Course is an amazing course, especially for those who are into marathons, track and field athletes and simply for those who have a passion for running. They also have so many seminars and workshops to offer you just have to choose from or better yet avail all of them for you to perfect your running.

As you can all the overflowing pros of this program that determines it really works for all whether you are an athlete or just a big fan of running. It basically helps you determine to improve your running performance in six weeks’ time.

It also caters to avoid running injuries and pains is quite beneficial for all of us in their Runner’s Knee Rehabilitation program. They also have a Facebook page where all other members and coaches are willing to share their wisdom and support for your own development.

For those who have aspirations in joining 5k to 20k marathons, track and field athletes that needed more improvement in skills, and those who are into running as a form of exercise, to be injury and pain-free, this program is certainly for you. No time should be wasted and you should start now. Maybe you can and will be the next Usain “Lightning” Bolt or Carmelita Jeter of this world, who breaks time records left and right. There’s no losing in learning running techniques and definitely no harm in learning how to avoid running injuries and pain.

Maybe you can and will be the next Usain “Lightning” Bolt or Carmelita Jeter of this world, who breaks time records left and right. There’s no losing in learning running techniques and definitely no harm in learning how to avoid running injuries and pain.

So what are you waiting for? Please check out this program on their website and start your own path of amazing runs, great health for your own future. And to all athletes out there to further your skills, speed, and technique and essentially your athletic career and records, this program would be the best for you!

Click Here If You Want To Join The Kinetic Revolution, Master Your Running Posture, Speed, And Stamina – Starting Now!

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