Ketosis Cookbook Review: Never Run Out Of Recipes For Keto Again!

Ketosis made fun! Make your healthy life style tastier!

Oh, man. I found myself forced to write this review because this cookbook is a life saver.

I started ketosis when I was building up to become a model and the time to define my muscle came. Back then, I was eating a lot so I could grow (I was extremely skinny). Then, after the muscles had developed, I went into ketosis to define them.

My trainer was very strict, no more than 50gr of carbs a day. It was tough! I asked for help from my mom on recipes that didn’t contain carbs at all and it became impossible.

After doing some research and spending time in so many websites, I was done. But, when I found Ketosis Cookbook, I got access to EVERYTHING in one place. Together with its meal plan, I was able to plan ahead.

Long lasting results

Well, I have been using the book for a year now, and there is basically one recipe per each day of the year (almost). So, I haven’t tried all the recipes. Some are better than other, but they are all amazing!

After going through the book, I have learned now:

  • To quickly identify keto ingredients
  • Combine different ingredients in delicious ways
  • To reduce my cooking time
  • That cooking is fun
  • How delicious keto diet can be

And, I have even been able to create my own recipes and mixes. I know, I haven’t been through the whole book yet, but I like to play a little.

Cooking keto

As you know, keto diet can be very difficult, especially in the beginning, mainly because of:

  • Our addiction to sugar
  • A tendency to repeat foods constantly
  • Not having proper nutritional information
  • Being lazy to cook for you

The last one being the main point. Which was the major problem for me. Little by little I learned to cook easy dished, but never as delicious as the ones in the Ketosis Cookbook.

All the ingredients combine perfectly while conserving their nutritional values and helping keep your keto going.

Keeping ketosis up

Another difficult thing about keto diet is actually keeping it up. We are so used to the filling sensation of carbs, it is difficult to stay away from them.

Well, with the combinations and recipes found in the Ketosis Cookbook, I haven’t really struggled. I still have to deal with a friend pushing me to drink, but they are backing up more and more.

One of my favorite parts are the desserts. With so many flavors and extremely satisfying, I never get bored. You get to cook brownies, pizzas, etc. All, of course, with the right ingredients to keep you on ketosis.

The struggle with cooking

Learn to cook was not easy. I was raised by an all-star mom, who took amazing care of us. However, she forgot to teach us more about taking care of ourselves.

When I went away to college, I had to suffer oil incidents, self-attacks with the knife, and worse.

So, I gave myself to the task of learning, online, how to do all this. In the beginning, I felt extremely dumb and ridiculous. But, now that I am 27, and I see my married friends not knowing how to wash a dish, I can feel better about myself.

Well, I found out, especially through this amazing cook book, how easy it actually is to cook keto food, make it even more delicious than it already is, and keeping up the healthy diet.

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The places I went

While I was doing research, I found millions of websites, videos, podcasts, etc. That gave a lot of information on keto food:

  • Techniques
  • Temperature
  • Cuts
  • Combinations
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Eat 5 times a day
  • No, 8 times a day

You know this, I am sure you are here because you, like me, maybe have tons of bookmarks that you never revisited, or feel a little lost. That’s fine though, that is why they wrote the Ketosis Cookbook, to help us have everything in one, amazing, cooking book.

The dangers of getting stagnant

Before finding the Ketosis Cookbook, I had caught myself constantly eating the same. I mean, it was not unhealthy food, but they were almost the same ingredients in different combinations.

It was so bad that, at one point, I had some check-ups, and I came out low in minerals and immune system. Now, I thought I was eating the right things every time. However, because my body had become accustomed to those foods, it became better at digesting them.

So, according to the doctor, I had to vary the food I ate so my body wouldn’t need higher amounts and still will get nutrients from different resources.

Well, with this news in mind, I started to research.

Finding the Ketosis Cookbook

While online, I visited some online communities that were directed, exclusively, to people in ketosis, or interested in it.

You will find so many reviews of the Ketosis Cookbook and how easy to follow it is, it’s crazy. So, with this in mind, and what had happened before, I decided to buy it, and follow its meal plan.

  • Accessible ingredients
  • Little equipment required
  • Affordable recipes
  • Great taste
  • Easy to follow

Everything is so well explained and broken down that, even I, an unskilled cook, was able to follow it and get great food.

Side benefits

Well, as I mentioned before, not only do I get great keto food every day, but also, I:

  • Can cook main dishes, desserts, soups, etc.
  • Impress my girlfriend
  • Bring something to family parties

Now, after going through the guide, I have had the opportunity to make my own combinations. Most of the time, I don’t need to open the book anymore, except when I want to try something new or special.

My cooking skills have improved so much, I am the one giving advice now.

Regardless of your sex, of course, everyone can benefit from this amazing cookbook and the diet.

It’s a great gain

There are things that are worth learning, and they bring important benefits to our lives. However, there are also other things that, while being positive, they would only bring a marginal improvement to your life, it might not make sense to seek them out.

However, as I learned to cook keto, and improved my skills in:

  • Cooking
  • Planning
  • Budgeting
  • Buying

Now, I prepare my meals ahead, and I have so much extra time afterwards. Everything is already either planned or done. With this, I have been able to go to that salsa class, visit a friend or family, or just take a nap without worrying.

Could this be for you?

If you are looking for a Ketosis Cookbook then yes! That’s the only defining factor, I would say. Anyone, even people who are not doing keto, can benefit greatly from this book.

The recipes are so varied, fun, and tasty, even if you don’t do keto you can change meals every now and then.

Yes, you might not like some dishes, but really, out of more than 300 recipes, not liking one is kind of impossible.

This is why I recommend this guide so much, it contains everything in it, and the extra books are amazing and complement the system very well.

What makes it different?

  • Extremely varied dishes
  • You will, most likely, find a replacement for your non-keto favorite dish
  • It even includes things to adapt for children
  • Extremely well explained
  • You choose your own adventure

One thing that I really like about this book is that it is not a diet book. It’s so to the point, easy, and effective, even its name represents the pure essence of its content: Ketosis Cookbook. As simple as that.

You are not going to find anything else, complicated explanations, etc. It’s a cookbook for ketosis, period, not much to add. You will learn how to cook amazing keto recipes, not much to it. And THIS won me over!

I don’t like long beginnings, or beating around the bush. For me, it’s about getting to it and start immediately. Since you buy it online, you get it immediately!

Final Thoughts

I have saved hundreds of hours in cooking and finding out what to cook and when to do it. Now, I can use that time for other things and still have an amazing diet. With great meals, every day, and not wasting money in the food I won’t eat or don’t need.

For me, this book has been a life saver, and I am very happy to have found it. Because it has brought several benefits to my life, I thought it was important to share with others.

Doing keto is no joke, and we need to take it seriously. I didn’t want to waste my time, browsing tens of websites with recipes that might not be as beneficial as they say. Now, I have a great recipe book that I know works and contains amazing recipes.

If you ever felt like you were missing out on food and flavor, this is your chance to start getting them again.

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