Keikos Cake Review: Are You Baking Cakes Completely Guilt Free Yet?

Keikos Cake

Keiko is a qualified pastry chef and confectioner with a “Meister” degree that was awarded to her after many years of advanced patisserie examination and training.  She also worked as a professional patisserie and pastry chef in several restaurants in Japan and Germany.

Making desserts and cakes is her passion and on seeing her the way she works, you are sure to love all that she does right away. Keiko creates first class delicious dessert recipes that taste yummy and also looks perfectly great.


Carrot cake

Keiko believes that decorating a cake is not rocket science and can be prepared or learned by normal people, hobby backers and in fact, by anyone who loves learning decorating cakes can do it the way Keiko does.

She created the concept of decorating and making desserts enabling people to follow her by her tutorials step-by-step. Her instructions are mainly intended to teach everyone to prepare beautiful cakes, including bakers in all levels, home cooks and even people who have no or very little experience to attain professional results.

What Is Keikos Cake?

Keikos Cake is the one created by Keiko, a professional “patissier” and pastry teacher. She offers an online course for cake making and also teaches how to make wonderful pastries, cakes, cookies and other items that are more fantastic in comparison to the cakes from any professional bakery. The package comes with a downloadable book as well as a video series of 7 hours guiding you through all the various aspects of cake decorating and pastry baking. As you buy Keikos Cake, you will easily access the necessary knowledge from the hosted website. Apart from this cake making course, you also can watch video tutorials in lots that will teach you the required steps you need to follow to prepare cakes or to decorate cakes in different styles.

What do you learn from Keikos Cake?

Keikos Cake works totally as a membership-based site. There is the initial sign-up process and on becoming a member you can access a lot of amazing cake recipes from a professional confectioner. On the other hand, it is much better than any book you must have already gone through or read. However, an affirmation here is the instruction videos of the recipes and they are simple to follow. Thus, you can drive away from the jittery feel or nervousness about making a cake or get sleepless when you have to decorate a cake for an important event thinking, what may be the right way to do.

Strawberry farm

The membership sign in allows the members to come on the online forums to discuss and exchange recipes, share secrets they have derived or even the mishaps. This will certainly help others, as not all are born with talents. Sharing tips on cake decoration or any other topic you feel interested or want to know can be sorted here on the forums online. The Keikos Cake instructions are always plain and it comes animated with images and videos.

How you will benefit with Keikos Cake?

A simple answer is you will benefit with Keikos cake and this is because you have a simple to follow instructions guide that suits each person’s learning style, regardless of whether one is a beginner, amateur or fairly good.

The instructions guide from Keiko offers plain instructions and healthy desserts recipes than you can ever imagine. The Keikos cake price is often inexpensive and the guide offers in-depth knowledge that the users may find it worth at least 3 times the current fee.  It is not worth missing out on this.

Keikos Cake Cost?

There is an initial $19 and $8 payment to be done every month to be a Keiko’s member. This is an affordable fee as it offers a beautiful and simplest way of knowing interesting tips that is sure to assist you and make you awesome cakes. Keiko’s cake is sure to satisfy you and offer satisfaction directly to 100%.

What does the entire package contain?

The entire package contents that come inclusive on placing an order for the Keikos cake are:

  • Videos showing you to prepare her cakes
  • e-books downloadable with instructions step by step
  • New exclusive videos, frequent updates and cake guides

Precisely, for just $8 every month, you can make use of useful things to decorate cake and also make a cake professionally.


The e-book comes with the guarantee of full money refund such that in case you are not satisfied with the results it offers to you. To get a refund of your money, you need to directly contact the author to get your invested money back and you will not be questioned any. This is a strong commitment to the customers from the author Keiko. 

What is Keikos Cake and Pastry Friends?

Keiko on her website shares cake decorating tutorials with people who are a part of her membership program. You can get the membership area and on availing it you will find:

  • There are over 1500 pages of eBooks downloadable
  • Video tutorials for more than 12 hours with instructions
  • Original cakes and desserts recipes created by Keiko
  • Downloadable recipes and lots more

The added advantage with availing membership with Keiko is that you get access to the private forum and this allows you to ask her (Keiko) questions and also to receive support from the community. In fact, on the forum, you may post the pictures of your own creations on completing and see the results of other members.

Wedding cake

All the recipes here, on her website, are exclusive and available only to the members. Keiko posts every month professional quality recipes, adds 3 new videos and guides to prepare cakes so that you do not run out of ideas to make creative desserts. Perhaps, you will notice that the even unimaginable ideas are taught by Keiko through the video tutorial such as marble chocolate plates that may be used for dessert and cake decorations. You will realize that it is simple to try at home and use this opportunity to impress your friends and family, by making a cake, the next time.

A very important part is that if you consider attending a cake decorating course at your neighborhood areas or classes in the local areas, you may have to shell out hundreds of dollars even to learn just one or two elements.

These online cake decorating classes of Keiko and its memberships are a vast resource often overlooked. This skills training types can help you in getting professional results as found in a top patisserie or bakery, but also saves on training hundreds or thousands of dollars. You will be glad by the membership price of Keikos Cake and Pastry Friends.

What about the guide?

The guide is surely going to help you a lot in making wonderful cakes so that you surprise you, friends and family.

  • The guide will have a simple instruction to follow and can be followed by any learner that even just beginners may find the learning convenient.
  • The instructions are plain and offer healthy desserts recipes.
  • The illustration part directly from a teacher helps in knowing the important techniques and when you get stuck with problems, you also receive an answer.
  • Learning baking skills and French pastries have become now a breeze work with the guide.


What about the website

The site supplies people with programs, tips, ways, methods, and e-books including several topics on health, entertainment, and lifestyle. People are allowed to send their feedback via email.

This is a comprehensive website showing Keikos Cake details and the Keiko’s Cake and Pastry friends’ help people in making tasty and beautiful cakes. This program comes as a package of 1500 page downloadable book and a video series of 12 hours showing the users and teaching them the cake making and the cake decorating aspects. There is a range of recipes of cakes in this program such that it includes right from Mango Mouse cake to Pistachio Mouse cake, truffles and coffee rolls. The program is a membership-based website program, such that there is an online forum to discuss and exchange recipes, tips on cake decorating and making for the members. Users experiencing trouble while decorating or making cakes may ask the author using the online forum and receive an appropriate solution.

The website has each cake recipe accompanied by photos and video that it is easy to understand and follow. The program is designed taking into consideration that customers follow it with ease. Apart from this, customers also receive frequent updates and above all a 60-day guarantee of money back, if you are not pleased with the acquired results.

This membership site covers advanced methods of cookie making, cookie designs, and comprehensive strategies on making cookies quickly. Besides, the website Keikos Cake offers people a cookie decorating videos in lots of high quality, innovative cake designs, and techniques with step-by-step instructions that help them understand quickly and also to follow easily. After launching the Keiko’s Cake website by Keiko, a lot of customers have begun making their own cakes, and are decorating them easily and beautifully. This membership site has helped them in bringing more creative ideas for decorating cakes.

The cakes are not limited only to making cakes at home, but it also has a process of learning as step by step process to make a lot of cakes in different categories to suit as birthday cakes, wedding cakes, and other event categories. The membership site comes with members receiving a series of videos teaching them to make cookies, cakes and pastries or desserts, besides detailed plans to support them such that anyone makes their own cakes. Furthermore is that the website offers 3 new videos and updated information on ideas, designs, and techniques on decorating cakes. Learning to enhance the skill of cake making and becoming professional cake makers will not take such a time if you follow this process.

Plus points

Chopping board and knife

  • The advantage or the plus points with Keiko cakes and pastries is on becoming a member with a nominal fee that is too small for such a huge advantage that will go for a lifelong time.
  • The best part is with membership you receive eBooks downloadable and can see how Keiko prepares different types of cakes and pastries.
  • You also will learn from the step by step instructions and get to know the alternatives, when you do not have an ingredient to make a cake.
  • Learn by seeing how Chef Keiko prepares a cake without any trouble.
  • Make optimum use of the membership by accessing the community forum if you need help and if you are doing it successfully, show your work and make a new venture.
  • You can instantly get the access online the moment you sign up and this is offered once you are a member.

Strawberry cake

This seems to be the simplest and nicest way of learning good cake baking tips from a real Chef. Also, the membership community aspect is certain to go a long way in assisting you throughout and in helping you in developing your skills. Using this membership access, you can look at the actual member’s testimonials. It is simple as all you have to do is click on the links and you will be instantly reaching the Official Keikos-Cake Website. Definitely, this is a golden opportunity to learn directly from a professional chef or else it is highly impossible even to get near to an expert chef or to know their culinary secrets or tips.

Make use of this wonderful opportunity of learning Keiko’s cake and you will be astonished to know that of course, this does not end here with finding cake or desserts recipes on the Official Keikos-Cake Website, in fact, there is lots more. Once again, it is expected of you have to do merely Click and on reaching the official website, you will be receiving a lot more than you expected.

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