How To Finally Quit Alcohol Once And For All – Top 2 Proven Guides! 

I don’t get ‘addiction’. Like at all! As if it’s a person shrouded in dark clothes.

Who would want to be controlled by something else or somebody else?

Of course, alcohol gives us a high and relaxes our nerves. But if not cautious, then it can cause severe dehydration and weight gain and other problems.

Smoking cigarettes or marijuana creates this false feeling of achievement in our mundane life. We feel pseudo-creative and think like countless artists around the world, we will produce our best works stoned.

What we absolutely forget is – like them – we are not making the most of our talent, skill, and luck. Or we are not working enough to hone our skills and level our game.

Addiction reduces our over-all drive. And I mean, all sorts of drives.

Stop! We are losing the plot here. It is supposed to be our life, right?

One life! We are supposed to be in control of it. Then how does a bottle of cheap whiskey or a cigarette butt pushes us off the driver’s seat?

How To Finally Quit Alcohol Once And For All

What is alcohol addiction?

When you cross the threshold of enjoyment and relaxation and enter the zone of alcohol abuse, then you can be safely called an alcohol addict.

Alcohol starts to substitute everything else in your life and it first derails your priorities. Your world starts to revolve around the bottle. And the craving becomes heady!

You can see plenty of signs and if they lasted more than a year, you should be really worried:

  • Quitting drinking at will is no longer a possibility
  • Quantity of consumption has gone out of your control
  • You have grown resistance to the quantity that was initially giving you a high and now you have increased the booze quantity to reach the same
  • Withdrawal symptoms tear you down when you stop drinking
  • You substitute other habits with drinking
  • The goal to quit constantly evades you
  • Even if everything around you is falling apart because of your drinking habits, you do nothing to restore the balance

Are you worried?

Hiding and drinking

Well, you should be.

One simple exercise which will give a figure to your internal fear is if you write down how much of your earning you are spending after buying booze. Both monthly and annually!

But alcoholism is not as simple as other addictions that a straight scary figure from summations of daily bottle costs can scare it away.

Alcoholism is a long-term chronic disease and you need an equally powerful treatment to annihilate it completely.

Telltale signs of Alcohol Dependency

  • If you start your day with a drink – not out of fun but necessity and turn it into a habit
  • Start with the feeling of guilt
  • Trying to conceal your habit of boozing by switching stores from where you source your alcohol
  • Memory lapse (remember The Girl on The Train?!!)
  • Worrying about shortage of alcohol before a weekend break

Now the traditional method is to visit the doctor and go through medical examinations, detox and may join a neighborhood AA group.

But what if I tell you there are cutting edge help available online which can give you assured methods to bid goodbye to your alcohol addiction.

Freedom from addiction

1. Truth Of Addiction

This is an online program that revolves around scientifically proven and tested methods for treating addiction. An important component of this sort of treatment is rewiring the brain and its programming. This once accomplished outsmarts the alcohol dependency.

There is a lot of emphases also on your behavioral pattern and how reshaping it will make you aware of the loopholes which made the first fall so easy!

2. Alcohol Free Forever

To stop drinking for once is easy. You just don’t put the mouth of the bottle in your mouth. But if you are unable to stay that way, then this guide will be absolutely apt for you. Written by a recovered alcoholic, the book speaks to you about steps to throw your urges away, forever. Also, it comes with bonus material which resolves to provide you with a 360-degree care while you are in your process of recovering from it completely.

Alcoholism destroys lives – yours and people around you who love you. It can leave you feeling ill physically and guilty mentally. And to cope up with the total loss of power in one’s life raises severe self-doubt which is a total confidence killer. So, before the alcohol addiction crosses can consume you, you resolve not to let it win! And act.


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