How To Conceive The Gender Of Your Choice Review: It’s All Your Choice


Family on foot

Many people would want to influence the gender of their children for some reasons:

  • To avoid a particular gender that is associated with a certain condition that runs in their family
  • A preference for a particular gender for cultural reasons
  • A choice for a particular gender, to balance out the family.

Baby boy and baby girl

The third reason is the situation that Ashley Spencer found herself in. Having had three boys, Ashley desired to have a baby girl. She did not know that she could influence the gender of her baby until one day her husband’s colleague got a baby.

On congratulating the colleague for the gift of a child, boy, the colleague indicated that they had had exactly what they wanted. They had predetermined the gender of their child.

Ashley set out to research how she could do the same. This pushed her to read a lot on the various methods that she could use to determine the gender of her child well before conception. Due to her extensive research, she became an expert in determining the sex of babies before conception. She formulated theories that led her to conceive the girl that she had desired.

Due to her extensive research, she became an expert in determining the sex of babies before conception. She formulated theories that led her to conceive the girl that she had desired.

She shared her knowledge with several couples who wished to have children of a particular gender. She was surprised to realize that her methods were yielding the expected results.

It is at this point that she wrote the eBook. The book aims at helping people who wish to build their dream families.

She realized that there were two main ways in which she could determine the gender of her child:

Influencing the sex medically

There are medical procedures that one can undertake to facilitate the conception of a particular gender. However, these methods are:

  • Very expensive
  • Involve invasive procedures
  • You have to meet strict predetermined requirements. For example, some health facilities require that you must be married and already have a child of the opposite gender to the one you are pursuing.
  • Some health centers also demand that you undertake hormonal tests to determine one of your fertility levels.

The methods include: IVF

Fertility drugs will be used to stimulate your ovaries to simultaneously produce several eggs for fertilization instead of the regular single eggs that you release monthly.

Fertilization is conducted out of your body in a petri dish. After three to five days, the now embryos are placed into your uterus through your cervical canal. The numbers of embryos implanted depend on age the quality of your embryos and your fertility history.

IVF is almost a hundred percent effective in determining the gender of the baby. It is, however:

  • Very costly
  • Invasive and painful
  • The fertility drugs will have side effects like weight gain
  • You may end up having multiple births
  • You will have to make a decision on what to do with embryos of the undesired gender.

AI (Artificial Insemination)

The doctor inserts a concentrated sperm sample into the uterus using a catheter. A dye technique is used to separate the X sperms from the Y ones. Sperms of the desired gender are then inserted into the uterus. The method is 88 successful for girls and 74 %for boys.


  • FDA has not approved it
  • It is relatively new, so not much information is known about the potential risks. The pregnancy rate with AI is only 17%.

Determining gender naturally

Natural methods of sex determination are:

  • Affordable
  • Completely noninvasive
  • They are efficient; they are practiced in the comfort and privacy of your home. All you need is to:
  • Master your fertility cycle
  • Predict your ovulation
  • Time your set accordingly.

The second method is the basis of Ashley’s ‘How to conceive the gender of your choice.’

To start off, Ashley emphasizes that using her method. You will not have to:

  • Take any form of medication
  • Having to evaluate your fertility cycle using pesky urine sticks
  • Use vaginal douche treatments
  • Have to diverge personal information to the antibody
  • Make any trips to the doctor.

How to get the gender of your choice

The program has four parts

Part one

This section of the pdf gives you a general introduction and provides you with the premise behind the program

Part two

This is the major part of the program. It covers the following main issues the will help you to facilitate the conception of the gender that you want:

The shuttle method

The shuttle method is all about timing your sex on specific days of your fertility cycle. The proponents of the plan indicate that it produces 75%effectiveness.To use the shuttle method successfully; you must first understand the differences between the two types of sperms.

Understand the two sperms

The Y sperms

  • They structurally look like a Y.
  • They are weaker than their female counterparts
  • They have instant bursts of power, and then they fizzle out
  • They cannot fertilize an egg 24 hours after they are released
  • They swim at a very high speed towards the egg.
  • They are smaller than the X sperms, and they will survive in the woman’s body between one and two days.
  • They cannot withstand heat.

X Sperms

  • They structurally resemble an X
  • They are stronger than the Y sperms. They can fertilize the egg 4 T-5 days after being released.
  • They move more slowly as compared to the Y sperms but they retain their energy for a much longer time.


  • The Y sperm will swim faster than the X sperm
  • X sperm will last longer than in the woman’s body
  • The Y sperm will swim faster to meet the egg, but the X sperm will move slowly but surely
  • The Y sperm will die earlier and leave the X sperm to continue with the journey towards the egg.

Baby boy

I want to have a boy, you must have sex as close to your ovulation as possible or better yet, during the ovulation.

To have a girl, it is recommended that you have sex 3-5 days to ovulation. This allows the female sperm time to swim to the egg while at the same time denying the Y sperm the opportunity to fertilize because it will not last that long.

Baby girl

Different sex positions, due to the differences in the types of sperms, some sex positions will aid the conception of a boy while others will lead to conceiving a girl.


How To Conceive The Gender Of Your Choice Review


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Pros of the theory

  • You will require no drugs
  • The method’s cost is minimal
  • The method is a 100 %safe

How To Conceive The Gender Of Your Choice Review 1


  • You must learn to use an ovulation predictor kit or monitor your body temperature to determine the most appropriate time to have sex
  • The author does not give a guarantee that the method will succeed.

Sex positions to conceive a boy

To facilitate the conception of a boy, you must go out of your way to give the Y sperm an opportunity to survive. Make sure you place the Y sperm as high up the reproductive system as possible.

The man must penetrate as deep into the woman as possible, so, adopt sex positions that allow for deep penetration.

  • Sex from behind

It allows deeper penetration than other methods, and the sperms are deposited near the egg. The sperms will not have to do a lot of traveling which is perfect for the Y sperm

  • Spread eagle

This is sex with the woman’s legs spread far apart .this position also allows deep penetration.

  • Stand

Sex while standing allows the man to penetrate deeply. The Y sperm is also said to swim faster after this sex position because it is swimming against gravity.

  • Simultaneous orgasm

When a woman orgasms, acidity is naturally reduced in the vagina to make the place habitable for the sperm. A simultaneous orgasm increase provides an ideal environment to conceive a boy.

Sex positions to conceive a girl

The female egg is heavier, tougher and slower than the male egg. To take advantage of these characteristics, the couple should try these positions.

  • Astride

In this position, the sperms are released much further from the egg. This denies the opportunity of fertilization to the male sperm which has a shorter lifespan as compared to the female sperm

  • Missionary

This is the traditional sex position. Penetration is shallow, and the male sperm will tire of swimming. This gives a distinct advantage to the X sperm

  • No orgasm for the woman

The male sperms will not survive in the acidic environment for long. Since orgasm reduces acidity in the uterus, it is recommended that the woman should not conceive, at least not right away.


The method claims that eating certain foods will lead to your eggs attracting either a female or male sperm. The reason is that all foods have a natural electrical charge. The foods that you eat will have a great impact on the gender of your child

Foods that favor the conception of a boy

It is recommended that you eat foods that are rich in potassium and sodium. These foods include:

  • Canned soups
  • Table salt
  • Ham
  • Seafood
  • Sausages


  • Eggs
  • Luncheon Meats
  • Crackers
  • Peanut butter
  • Beans
  • Mushrooms
  • Baked potatoes with skin
  • Spinach
  • Squash
  • Avocados


The book further advises that you eat high energy foods that have a lot of calories. These foods include energy bars and peanut butter. Others are: sodas

  • Rice
  • Cereals
  • Pretzels
  • Chips
  • Salty fish
  • White flour
  • Pasta
  • Fresh fruits
  • A lot of water.
  • Also, maintain constantly high levels of glucose in your body.

In the same breath, you should minimize or avoid the following foods:

  • Dairy
  • Egg yolks
  • Salads
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits (except for bananas, tomatoes, and apples)
  • Breads
  • Cheese
  • Shellfish
  • Chocolate

 Foods that will boost the chances of getting a girl

One trick to having a girl is to eliminate chemical imbalances in the body. Foods that are rich in magnesium and calcium are a good place to start. The following foods are recommended:

  • Legumes
  • Nuts
  • Milk
  • Butter
  • Eggs
  • Cheese
  • Coffee and tea
  • Salt-free bread
  • Brown and white rice
  • Semolina, tapioca and corn flour
  • Puffed cereals
  • Enough water to aid the absorption of calcium.
  • Foods to avoid are:
  • Anchovies
  • Bacon
  • Salami
  • Smoked salmon
  • Prawns
  • Savory rice
  • Blue cheese
  • Potatoes
  • Processed Meats
  • Bread
  • Pastries

Part four

This section of the book gives extra information for instance baby showers.

More about the product

  • The eBook has helped over 11,993 couples
  • The program promises a 94.8 success rate in the choice of the gender of your baby.
  • When you buy the book, you will get the following free bonuses:
  • Bonus 1:24/7 support available through the phone and email
  • Bonus 2: Free lifetime product upgrades
  • Bonus 3: How to change your body chemistry in five days.
  • Bonus 4: know your ovulation cycle
  • Bonus 5: formulating your five-day diet plan.
  • Bonus 6: a guide to the basal temperature.
  • (You will get a 100 % sixty-day money back guarantee after using the pdf for 80 days)

What you will find in the book

  • How to effortlessly increase your fertility drastically
  • Understand the science of gender selection
  • Figure out how you can harness the power of diet changes to conceive a baby boy
  • You will learn the secret to maintaining proper PH levels to conceive your preferred gender
  • You will learn why the x chromosome results in a particular gender
  • You will learn why the Y chromosome results in a particular gender
  • You will learn the best position to conceive a baby girl
  • You will learn what foods you can eat to facilitate the conception of a girl
  • You will learn the foods to eat to promote the conception of a baby boy
  • You will learn what gender you can expect if you have sex during ovulation
  • You will learn the natural methods that you can use to identify your ovulation dates.
  • You will be taught about the shuttle process that enables you to make a preconception gender determination
  • You will learn many pregnancy truths that many do not know.
  • You will know how to plan a perfect baby shower
  • You will know much more about your ovulation cycle.
  • You will be taught the 24-hour window in your cycle that will increase your chances of getting a child
  • You will know about foods that hijack your efforts to conceive
  • You will know the reasons why your vagina could be destroying the sperms, and the best methods to tighten your vagina.
  • You will become aware of the months in which you can hardly become pregnant.
  • You will be guided on what actions to take if your cycle is not the typical 28 days pattern
  • You will learn the science of the sperm race and get to know why the fastest sperm does not always win the battle of fertilization.
  • The book will teach you how age affects your conception efforts and how you can counter it.
  • You will learn how to select baby names quickly. The women will be taught how to be more attractive in bed
  • The eBook will empower you to improve the quality of your life.


  • It is scientifically proven approach to determine the gender of your baby naturally
  • The pdf contains 60 pages of purely essential information
  • It is easy to read and understand
  • The program has been polished over time
  • It is based on extensive research
  • The pdf is an instant download


The book only promises to significantly increase your chances of having the gender of your choice. It does not guarantee a 100% success rate


There are a lot of raving reviews about the book. One review indicated that after following all the advice in the book to conceive a girl, one user is now expecting her third boy. She further said that the book was clearly a scam since all her efforts to get back her money had borne no response.

Another review stated that all the information in the product is freely available on the web. Another review had a user who reported that she felt a bit silly for the decision to buy the product and it was clearly a scam.

How To Conceive The Gender Of Your Choice Review 2

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