How To Build A Classic Physique Review: Classic Is Better Than Fad

One of the most enviable sports personalities of our times must be the Cleveland Cavaliers Lebron James. As the captain of the team and the face of the franchise, the small forward (who is versatile enough to fill the position of a point guard) has one of the strongest and most athletic bodies on the court.

Some of his contemporaries have said that he is built like a freight train. The Boston Celtics General Manager Danny Ainge called him a “force physically”, saying he is “powerful”. But Lebron is not alone in being a muscular and lean athlete in the sporting world. Think of

  • Serena Williams
  • Michael Phelps
  • Louis Thompson

However, ask any sports enthusiast or professional athlete and they will tell you getting into form is the “easy” part, staying in form is a much harder endeavor. Keeping your body ripped, your abs strong and muscles strong usually translated to a considerable amount of time spent in the gym.

Now say you are talking to one of these sports icons and they tell you a dead guy spoke to them and gave them the secrets to a lean and muscular physique, would you believe them? Probably not! Well, it is true. A dead man reached right out of the grave and gave these secrets away to anyone who will listen. The result of listening to him is a chiseled body with minimal fat.

The dead guy who spoke

Eugene Sandow – The father of bodybuilding

Nee Friedrich Wilhelm Muller in 1867, Sandow was born in Russia to a Russian mother and a German father. He left Russia and became a circus athlete before embarking on a bodybuilding career with the Grecian ideal in mind further down the line in his life.

He built an enviable body earning himself the moniker – the father of modern-day bodybuilding. By the time of Sandow’s death in 1925, steroids had not yet been invented. His physique is all as a result of his effort and diet.

Steroids and building muscle

In an age where steroids and performance enhancement drugs have become the norm and almost synonymous with sports, it is hard to tell who is 100% training and diet and who has taken a steroid or two.

Unfortunately, many of today’s heroes have stretched the truth about how they attained their awesome physiques and muscles: Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Mark Mcguire among others.

Actors and musicians have also joined the bandwagon showing off steroid induced massive arms and toned bodies in their music videos and action movies. Maybe even the trainers at your local gym or that lady you meet every day at the jogging track have popped a human growth hormone pill! You may be the only person not using steroids to attain your ultimate body, right?


Listen to Matt Marshall

Matt is just like you and me; a regular guy who wants a firm muscular and lean body. He has been on the verge of giving up after trying one failed attempt at building muscle after another. He tried

  • Diets
  • Expert advice
  • Bodybuilding programs

Strict diets didn’t expel those few remaining pounds of fat from around his belly. Expert advice fell flat because the “experts” were taking steroids yet creating programs and dispensing advice on training and diet.

Highly discouraged, he happened to stumble upon a photo of Eugene Sandow. Sandow’s proportionately ripped and muscular physique appealed to Matt and the fact that he looked like this in the early 1900s was of further interest to him. This was what he wanted his body to look like.

Other chiseled bodybuilders of his time who built incredible bodies out of hard work in training and diet include Stanislaus Zbyszko. Zbyszko’s physique was equally ripped and muscular. Clearly, this generation of strongmen understood the heart of training the body.

The discovery

Looking at the workout strategies of Sandow and his contemporaries, Matt Marshall discovered a few well-kept secrets that have been lying low for many decades. In fact, he found that almost all the information he had ever heard about burning fat and muscle building was completely wrong and misleading!

Food myth: In order to build muscle you must adhere to six small meals of brown rice and skinless chicken.

Workout myth: For a rock-solid core and abs you must do cardio and crunches.

After taking up the old school bodybuilding practices of the old timers

  • He added muscle
  • He got a six pack
  • He spent less time and effort in the gym
  • He completely avoided sit ups, crunches and cardio

Matt before and after the program

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This progress saw more people notice his body transformation and leaner physique. Soon the questions began to come, curiosity was piqued and as a result, he decided to write a book:

How to Build a Classic Physique

For a one time price of $37, you will build your ideal body

This book consists of several headers that will catch your attention and change the way you view training and diet. For example

  • Eating two bites of pineapple after your workout can triple the amount of protein your body uses to build muscle
  • Sleeping with your windows open just a little can help in fat burning
  • A plumbing tool, available in hardware stores, can help you build your arms
  • How drinking alcohol can speed up fat loss
  • Instructions of what to eat and a work out plan that requires no equipment but that will give you that classic physique
  • Food that actually increases your testosterone levels resulting in muscle building and a leaner you
  • A way to gain 3.5 pounds of lean mass and get rid of 10 pounds of fat within the first week

All of the above may seem unlikely for many people. This is especially because we have been told time and time again that to lose weight we have to

  1. Work ourselves to exhaustion
  2. Eat tasteless food
  3. Refrain from enjoying a drink
  4. Use the latest and most expensive state of the art equipment.

Reviews of this book have hailed it as the must have resource whether you want to shed some pounds or pack them on. People who buy a copy of How to build a classic physique would like to attain a classic physique in a relatively simple way, without having to count calories or spend everyday in the gym.

Our reviews show that for as little as $37 you will be a satisfied customer

The Cost of a Lean and Muscular physique

Let us start by being honest: Gym fees are expensive. Now compound that by lack of results despite tremendous effort over an extended period and this has cost you

  • Time
  • Money
  • Energy
  • Morale
  • Self esteem

For some Hollywood A-listers to achieve the bodies they routinely flout on screen they spend at least $3000 on steroids and other illegal high growth hormone drugs per month.If you think that is expensive, consider hiring a celebrity trainer to whip you back into shape. The cost for that is astronomical!

To be quite honest even hiring Matt Marshall to be your personal coach will set you back $497. That is if you quality after applying for consideration. However, for only $37, down from the regular prize of $47, you can buy this program to use for a lifetime.


The Voodoo Ab Secret

To complement this purchase we will throw in a free copy of the prolific Voodoo Ab secret which shows you how to shrink you waist and achieve a tighter midsection. It only takes 11 seconds to do this and exercise and you can do it in the comfort of your chair. This exercise has been used for years in various parts of the world

The right candidate


The perfect match for How to Get a Classic Physique is a person looking to

  • get long term results without using drugs
  • use easy to adhere to methods and diets
  • Spend an affordable amount

Our guarantee

When you buy this program you have 60 days to review your progress as a result of using it. If you are not satisfied for any reason you can have a full refund with the 60-day money back guarantee.

In addition, Matt is available for any questions on his personal email that you will find inside the book. He will answer your emails because he has made it his priority to get you to your ideal classic physique and your success is of utmost importance to him.


How to get a Classic Physique is not just a book, it is a resource that reflects the author’s life and beliefs. The program has made it possible for millions of people to achieve their dream bodies in a healthier manner.

It transcends the physical to break down the myths and fear drilled into our minds for decades. Now a glass of your favorite wine doesn’t seem like the fast track to obesity, does it?

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How To Build A Classic Physique Review: Classic Is Better Than Fad
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