How To Break 80 Review: Can You Develop A Better Golf Swing?

Are you one of those who just cannot get it going on the golf course? Are your awesome shots few and far between? When you are on a roll, does one mishit shot put you off for the rest of the course? You are not alone.

There are plenty of folks who spend a lot of time on the course and still have these kinds of games. They are constantly wondering if their friends are laughing at them in their absence. This sets them back a lot, making them wonder if they should just call it quits.

This needn’t be the case, though. This is a review of a solution that will help you get on par for the course. Not only that, you will end up shaving countless strokes to make holes.

How To Break 80

How To Break 80 is here for all those who deem themselves as having a subpar game. This golfing guide is for those who want to get that mojo the pros seem to have plenty of.

There are plenty of ways to up your game. Before you know it, you will be the authority on the game among your peers. They will be asking you for tips and referring others to you. With this book, you will be well on your way to becoming the king of the course.

Let’s see what this package has to offer.

What does this package entail?

How To Break 80 strives to ensure that you see tangible results in your game. This complete system will change your approach to the game. In so doing, you will find your scorecard looking much better than it does now.

This guide comprises pictures, drills, and diagrams that show you exactly what to do. Among the few things, the diagrams show you how to grip, maintain stance and balance. You can easily implement these into your game and watch it change shape right before your eyes.

Here are a few other insights that this golf guide will let you in on.

1. The Four Swing Keys

This is a four-step system that utilizes your body’s own mechanics to improve your swing. What this does in to ensure that you only use the tips that are specifically advantageous to your body’s makeup.

2. The Three Sources of Power

This awesome gold guide also shows you the different areas from which you can draw power during the swing. Before you know it, you will be easily hitting the ball with accurate ferocity. Your buddies will not stop patting you on the back and whistling.

How To Break 80

3. A comprehensive checklist for bunker play

Bunker shots are quite difficult and can be frustrating. There is no doubt about that. This checklist ensures that these kinds of shots become routine for you. By the end of it all, you will find yourself cutting down on the number of shots you need to get out of trouble and back on course.

4. The secrets to the effect of surrounding terrain on your putting

There are always those shots that you know you have hit well down the green. Confusingly though, you will see that ball roll in a totally different direction, away from the hole. How To Break 80 shows you how to play off the terrain so that the ball goes in the direction that you want it to follow.

5. Secrets to chipping

This golfing guide provides a few tips that will greatly improve your ability to chip the ball. A PGA pro provides these pointers that will have you leave the ground intact in your bid to move the ball just a small distance away.

6. Improving your aiming

A good golf guide has to show you how best to aim your shot. This one does a great job of giving you a number of insights to your aiming capability. Within a few tries, you will see a marked improvement in the direction of the shots you send down the fairway.

These are just a few of the areas that this guide tackles in detail. This will ensure that your confidence improves and deepen your love for the game.

How to break 80

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How was the idea for this extraordinary golf book conceived?

Jack Moorehouse was an occasional golfer who dabbled in the sport on weekends. He would get in a few rounds with his buddies, nothing mighty impressive really.

He got a job in the tech industry and this put a sort of halt to his golfing. The more he advanced in his job and family, the more he left golfing by the wayside. It was still on his mind though, and he wanted to partake in it while maintaining his life as well.

One day, a friend of his invited him to a member/guest tournament at his golf club. He was excited and dusted off his bag. He thought it a good way to get back into the game and get a few business contacts in the process.

How To Break 80

Things did not go according to plan, however. He golf game was so rusty he almost broke his club in half in anger after a mishit. Jack was so many strokes over par he was embarrassed. He felt bad not only for himself but also for his friend who has given him the invite.

Though everyone was nice and polite to his face, he had the feeling that they’d be talking about him behind his back.

After such a bad round, how did he get all the tips in the book, then?

Despite playing awfully for the majority of the game, Jack did manage to play beautifully for one hole. It was a long, par four dogleg right with water behind the first bit of fairway and sand on the other end. In spite of the fact that it was handicap 1, he had little hope going into it.

However, the golf gods might have been paying attention to this one. Jack hit the ball, driving it straight as an arrow, in perfect position in the middle of the fairway. The second shot was off into the green by about 20 feet. He nevertheless managed to finish the hole on par.

That one beautifully hit shot reignited his passion for the sport. He realized that if he hit one shot like that, he could hot plenty of others like that. All he needed was practice – and the time to put in the practice.

After such a bad round, how did he get all the tips in the book, then

Jack could not hire an expensive trainer to work on his swing. He also could not abandon his family to spend hours practicing. What he did was devour everything he could find on the game in his free time. In his backyard, he practiced his swing religiously.

He picked the brain of any and everyone who was better than him he came into contact with. He soon discovered a number of secrets that only the pros knew. Before long he was trimming off strokes on his scorecard. Soon Jack’s friends noticed that he was consistently breaking 80.

He gave them a few tips and they too started dropping strokes. Strangers asked too and he provided. The golf guide How To Break 80 was thus born. From struggling badly on the golf course to handing out tips like a pro. Jack knows what it means to fare badly on the course. It is for this reason that he made this guide; to help others in whose shoes he once was.

How has the guide helped those who have followed its contents?

How To Break 80 has been used by a number of people in the excess of 130,000.

I just wanted to drop a line and say that I did break 80 over the weekend. It wasn’t my swing, I did not chip in or do anything great. I hit fairways and greens and putted the ball in the hole. I got up and down when I needed to. 12 pairs, 1 birdie, 4 bogeys and 1 DB for a 77.

says Drew Starks from Portland.

Terry Wallmark from Providence, Rhode Island says that off the tee he is now in better scoring positions. His buddies are always asking for the secret to his improved game. He was reluctant to tell that it is How To Break 80 but eventually gave in.

How has the guide helped those who have followed its contents

I love your book and it’s been really great in improving my game. My handicap continues to get lower and my golf buddies are accusing me of sneaking in rounds with a pro,” “The book has been great in helping me work the ball for draws and fades too claims John Gavey from Miami, Florida.

There are plenty more satisfied customers, gushing about how immediate the results are.

The next best thing about this guide is the fact that there is an offer of 4 bonuses. These all offer additional tidbits that will further guide you on the path to up your game. If you do not get any improvement in 30 days, you get money back!

The Exact Methods And Tips You Need To Use To Break 80

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