How Customized Workouts Help Skyrocket Your Fat Loss & Strength Gain

Getting in shape is not an easy task. It takes years of grinding in the gym especially if you are very skinny or very obese. Weightlifting, powerlifting, frequency lifting, cardio and all the steam and sauna though sounds good at the start, after a point, the repetition and griding take a toll on you.

Some of these workouts produce great results. Some might even make you shrink in weeks! But that’s before your body adapts to the workout. Like your body adapts to everything else you do. You no longer feel tired of the workout, for it is a routine. There is no variation and for most people – that’s just not good enough.

Fat Loss

Get Stuck

Our body needs variation, for the day it adapts, the change stops happening. There is hardly anything you will notice, once your body adapts to the workout. But changing your workout daily is a pain and you don’t want to do it. It takes some research before you can pick up a workout.

But people who do not change their workout often, they get stuck. They stay in a plateau for weeks, months (or even years!). They aren’t advancing forward, their muscles aren’t growing, and fat loss is practically nil. As much as change is necessary, a positive change should be implemented to see results, else it is useless.

What’s the solution?

Changing the workout seems to be the only solution in such cases. Most of the losses in bodybuilding are due to lack of proper workout. So, getting a changed workout which is effective on your body is essential. A workout developed only for you after understanding your body could provide great results in a matter of weeks. Such workouts are called customized workouts.

The only solution to avoid getting stuck and falling into a pattern of same workouts to tire yourself out, are customized workout. There are millions of people and videos appreciating the benefits of customized workouts. But how they exactly work? And What are they?

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Customized workouts

Customized workouts are hard to get. Human bodies are not alike, they are similar. A custom workout session works according to your body sprains, weakness, past injuries, stamina, lifting capacity and a lot more. It understands which part of your body is weak and what muscle needs more workout or could be spared for a while.

Most of bigger trainers and builders make their own personal customized workouts. Copying those won’t be effective, and it wouldn’t be a customized workout in true senses then. Unless, you have a complete understanding of lifting, making your customized workout is not recommended.

You could end up breaking something. So a personal trainer who understands your body completely could create a workout for you. If he or she does not understand you they cannot make it either. But personal trainers are expensive and cost a fortune. Most of them are more expensive than you yearly gym fees.

So, how can you get a customized workout without a personal trainer? Don’t worry we’ve got your back! Just look what we have for you below!

1. The High-Performance Handbook

The High Performance Handbook is created by experts of the body. Created over years to drive your body to its maximum potential, the handbook could be your match if you want to perform exceptionally well in the field of bodybuilding. It does not only focus on decreasing your fat percentage, it focuses on overall improvement.

As the title suggests, the program maximizes your caliber to workout.

2. Expert Program Design Platform

Men drinking after workout

The Expert Program Design Platform is one of its type on the internet. Though generally used by clients to get a customized workout for themselves, the platform trains the user to be able to get trainees and teach them workouts, according to their body demands. It develops a complete understanding of fitness in you.

Most of the clients could eventually develop into a fitness trainer. It is a guide enough to get you to the level where you can call yourself an experienced builder.

3. Online Fitness Gym

The Online Fitness Gym is an online workout pattern developer. There are videos online that you can learn from and work on. You can develop a complete understanding of your body just by understanding the concepts explained. There are trainers online ready to help you all the time. So, it is basically just like a gym, from home and at a much lower cost.

The trainer tool is free and unlike the gym, it does not cost a fortune.

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