HFT2 System Review: Will High Intensity Training Double Your Growth?

The HF2 system: No BS, real results

The HF2 system sets out to remedy a long-standing, fundamental mismatch between producers and consumers in the fitness industry – quite simply, the people who make the training programs (the ‘producers’) are on an entirely different plane and have a far easier time building muscle than most average Joe’s aspiring to become fit (the ‘consumers’).

Why is this so? Well, the ‘producers’ of the fitness industry are dominated by lifetime bodybuilders and fitness trainers, who –

  • Have almost always trained heavily since adolescence, leading to a fundamental rewiring of their muscles
  • Eaten unhealthy bulking or cutting diets for years
  • Possibly used steroids
  • Find it genetically easier to build muscle than most people

Contrast this with the typical person who is looking to gain muscle. For the purposes of this review, let me use myself as an example. Before finding this program I was:

  • Lazy
  • Had limited fitness exposure, primarily through school level sporting activities
  • Did not have superior genetics
  • Did not use steroids

Now, I’m sure you begin to see how a person who fulfills the first checklist wouldn’t necessarily know the first thing about helping someone who fulfills the second list.HFT2 System

Exercise and health

We’ve always had exercise as a miraculous treatment. However, because of the low turnout, our health is currently deteriorating.

This isn’t any quackery. Whatever your age, there is compelling scientific evidence that physical activity may help you live a healthier and happier life.

Regular exercisers are less likely to acquire several long-term (chronic) diseases like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, and certain malignancies.

Studies have shown physical exercise to improve self-esteem, mood, sleep quality, and energy. It could also reduce your risk of stress, clinical depression, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Given the overwhelming data, it is evident that we should all engage in some physical activity. It is necessary for people who wish to live a healthy and satisfying life well into old age.

It has been scientifically proved that persons who engage in regular physical exercise have a decreased chance of stroke and coronary heart disease, Diabetes type 2, and other pathophysiologies.

For most individuals, the simplest method to begin moving is to include physical exercise in their daily lives. That includes walking for health or cycling instead of driving. Moreover, the more you do, the better and healthier you are.

Moving quickly enough to boost your heart rate, breathe quicker, and feel warmer is ideal for any form of beneficial exercise. This amount of exertion is referred to as moderate-intensity activity. You should be able to converse if you’re working at a moderate level, but you won’t be able to sing the lyrics to a song.

Vigorous-intensity activity is one in which you have to work even harder. There is substantial evidence that vigorous exercise can provide additional health benefits over moderate activity. When you’re engaged in vigorous activity, you’re breathing quickly and deeply, and the heart rate has increased significantly. 

The Review

Clearly, a fundamental rethink is needed for delivering realtangible gains to persons outside the fitness industry.

I personally have experienced some of this disillusionment common for people searching for effective ways to build muscle. Online and offline.

In my search for effective programs, I came across nothing but a series of scams. A set of workouts that repackaged the old routines and then gave it the approval of a new “expert” from the fitness industry.

I tried a number of such programs and failed miserably. I refused to believe that there was no effective way to build muscle and kept searching for a program that would work.

In short, what I needed was an effective product, free of scams, that worked. And it was in search of such a product that I stumbled across the HF2 system.HFT2 System Review: Will High Intensity Training Double Your Growth?

The premise – double muscle growth

The creator of this product, Chad Waterbury, argues that achieving optimal muscle growth isn’t a matter simply of fine-tuning sets and reps. Instead:

  1. Muscles must be trained to work in the way they are designed to work
  2. Extra Muscle growth can be triggered without adding time to the workout.

These two very exciting premises form the basis of Chad’s program. Before I move on, let me briefly explain the logic behind them.

First – the sets, reps, and time are not determinative or even particularly important.

This might seem counterintuitive, but, if maximizing repetition or workload was the essence of bodybuilding, marathon runners would have the biggest muscles. Since that is not the case, we can deduce that there are more important factors at play.

Second- you might ask what on earth I mean by “moving muscles in the way they are designed to be moved”. Surely muscles are designed to move in every direction they can move?

Well – yes and no. Muscles are incredibly versatile and can be moved in an unimaginable variety of ways – something which no robot has come close to replicating to date.

However, the mere capacity to move arises more out of a useful trick in eventualities. For optimal muscle growth indeed, the ways in which a muscle should be moved is only a small subset of the ways in which it can be moved.

And isolations are definitely not one of the ways in which a muscle should be moved.

The problem with isolation

Due to a strange coincidence of events, somehow, isolation seems to have become the holy grail of bodybuilding today. And it is founded upon a fundamental misconception- that targeting individual muscles is the best way to achieve growth.

“Now, wait a minute. My friend [Insert name] who has insane [abs/guns] has told me that isolation is the key to their regime.” And you know what, maybe it is. But it probably won’t work for you. Why?

Well, firstly, most professional bodybuilders are simply jacked on steroids. At such levels, virtually any muscle stimulus, be it isolation or compound, is sufficient to elicit muscle growth.

In short, it is more likely that your friend is achieving results despite his isolation protocol, than because of it.

Moving on to us mere mortals, isolation simply doesn’t work. Our muscles are designed to work in complex ways to produce movement. Our entire musculoskeletal system is based on the objective of creating a movement to achieve any result.

To put this into context, consider the following facts:

  • Raising and drinking a cup of coffee uses over 60 muscles.
  • Walking uses over 100 muscles
  • Running uses over 250 muscles


Let’s use the example of running, a relatively old form of exercise in terms of human evolution. Recall the last time you went running. Remember how you individually commanded each of those 250+ muscles – your calves, ankles, knees, hamstrings, glutes to name a few – to contract in a precisely coordinated manner? I don’t, and chances are that you are more likely to think of the whole movement as “running” than as a sum of individual parts.

You see, over the course of evolution, it has simply become the brain’s task to instruct the body to move in a certain fashion. How much movement would be made – which particular muscles would be contracted to achieve that result? It is something that your body subconsciously decodes.

You perhaps realize now how trying to reverse millennia of evolution and attempt to bring muscle level instructions back through isolations is doomed to failure. HFT2 System

The key to this program – full body > isolation

From the outset, what I loved about this program was how it primarily utilized compound movements as the base of every workout.

A bit of recap on why compound movements are better – they are how the body is designed naturally to move. Why is that important? Well, the body is in a position to exert far more force, more often, with much less risk of injury, when it is moving how it is designed to move.

Let me explain each of those in turn.

More force: What are your maximum bicep curl weight? Compare that to the maximum weight you can lift during pull-ups. Alternatively, compare the force you can exert in leg curls with the amount of weight you can lift in a deadlift.

The difference is substantial. And it is largely caused by the body innately knowing how to recruit large parts of major muscles when it is simply asked to perform a natural movement.

Importantly, such recruitment is far greater when it is the by-product of performing a natural movement, than when a person consciously tries to recruit a particular muscle. Paradoxical? Maybe, but a deeper understanding of biomechanics confirms that such recruitment patterns are undeniable.

Needless to say, greater muscle recruitment has a direct correlation with muscle growth.

More often: Now, let’s hold the first variable constant for a minute. Assuming you are producing the maximum force, it would not be worthwhile if you could only do so once a month effectively.

While compound lifts do require a slightly longer recovery time due to the additional CNS(Central Nervous System) load generated, in the long run, it is much safer as you are unlikely to face repetitive use injuries, and further are also likely to maintain your cardiovascular system in good shape.

Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

Now a brief interlude here – on how muscles grow – skip ahead if you’d rather not deal with the specifics.

Interlude- how muscles grow

Muscle growth is an incredibly dynamic and complex process, the nuances of which are still under exportation by science. In highly simplified terms though, muscle growth through exercise results in the following phenomenon-

First, when you work out, muscle fibers are put under stress. If this stress is sustained, strong, and of the right nature, it produces micro-tears in these muscle fibers. These micro-tears then heal to produce an even stronger and bigger muscle.

Moreover, exhaustion of most of the muscle fibers in a muscle during a workout is a great driver of growth as it prompts the body to quickly boost the number of muscle fibers available.

Now, to achieve such majority exhaustion, movements that cause the muscle to produce maximal force must be employed.

For example, studies show that bicep curls did to exhaustion still result in the recruitment of only 40% of the muscle fibers, whereas this number is over 90% in the case of squats done to failure.

Clearly, you see how force production is beneficial to your gains. Personally, after years of dabbling with various isolations and set/rep schemes, I was highly disillusioned.

Switching over to the HF2 system took me aback. Because it made me realize how simple gaining significant muscle really was, and how I (and most others) had been doing it completely wrong all these years.HFT2 System

My experiences

I have had a bittersweet relationship with the gym. Naturally skinny, I was what pundits would classify as a ‘hard gainer’. Indeed, I had a hell of a time putting on any significant amounts of strength and size.

I failed to crank out 20 push-ups in a high school challenge. I once lost arm wrestling to a girl. Yep, I was that kid. Which is what makes the story of my transformation through HF2 both exciting and revolutionary.

First, a bit of background on my experience with fitness. By the time I stumbled across this program (I wish I had found it about 5 years sooner), I had about half a decade of weight training experience before me.

During this period, I had made some reasonable beginners gains, to the point where my strength was no longer laughable. But after that, poof. I just plateaued. No matter how many sets of bicep curls I put in every day, I just couldn’t get those guns to grow any bigger.

It was an intensely frustrating experience, which made me question everything about my training and its goals.

This re-evaluation was by no means easy. To admit that what you’ve been doing for 5 years was wrong, and worse, probably worthless, is not something the faint of heart would contemplate.

Yet, on the whole, I am supremely glad that I expanded my horizons enough to consider that the very nature of the programs I had been following for all these years was flawed.


Once I did that, the conclusion was inescapable. Over the course of 5 years, I had tried every possible combination of exercises and set/rep schemes that people could have dreamt up – without clear results.

The only thing to do, then, was to scrap my entire training program as a whole and look for something new.

But that was only the first step. The next – finding an empirical, effective program among a sea of scams – was not any easier. Anyone who has browsed the internet for over 5 minutes knows that it is largely populated by scams making unrealistic promises.

What most people don’t realize is that the internet also has some underrated programs that actually deliver results, even though they often get crowded out by the scams.

This product is one of those rare gems that actually works exactly as it is products to.

My results

After 12 weeks of following this program, I had achieved a number of fitness goals that had eluded me for years. In particular –

  • I almost doubled my bicep circumference
  • I was able to complete 50 push-ups with ease
  • Approached social situations with a newfound confidence
  • I noticed a surprising newfound interest that members of the opposite gender seemed to have developed in me.

My results bear out my subjective review of the superlative nature of this product. After trying over 15 such products and virtually always feeling shortchanged, this was finally a program that actually worked. A product that I was actually satisfied to buy.

The reports of performance presented above by me are similar to numerous other reviews of satisfied consumers. Many of them were finally able to end their online quest for muscle gain solutions when they found this product.HFT2 System


In a market dominated by lifetime lifters and steroid junkies, effective bodybuilding information is hard to find for the average Joe. In light of this, this product has managed to achieve what few others in the category can boast of- it has fused empirical science on exercise that works on typical people and combined it with his expertise as a trainer, to present one of the only tailored, personalized muscle gain plans.

Personally, what amazed me most was the outstanding level of research that went into developing this product. That was something I could feel throughout my 12 weeks, a sort of distillation of power. Through years of research, this program picks out only the most effective exercises for you to perform.

And the results do not disappoint. The amount of gains I made just by making the switch from isolation to compound lifts are more than any gain I made during my 5 years of experimentation before using this product.

And that’s from just one insight gained from using this product.

Combining all the wonderful advice contained within this product – which takes the form not just of texts but of interactive audio and video. The buyer is sure to be blown away. While this much is said in most other reviews of this product, what they don’t often say is how enjoyable it is to follow this program.

If you, like me, were familiar with 5+ day a week. Or multi-hour isolation workouts as the only realistic way of gaining muscle, this program will come across as a pleasant surprise. With barely half of that workload, you will be able to produce gains that are twice as good.

Together with a money-back guarantee, this product becomes a no-brainer for pretty much anyone who has a hard time gaining muscle. Or is even generally searching for a bodybuilding boost.

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