Heart Conditions That Cause Chest Pains

Cardiovascular diseases have got to be some of the most feared medical conditions. This is because they pose a very high risk to a person’s life. There are quite a several heart problems that exist and all are potentially dangerous.



Chest pains are the most common symptoms of nearly all heart conditions. Most heart problems manifest themselves slowly through chest pains which may range from mild to severe.

Heart conditions that display chest pain as a symptom include:

  • Heart Attack. A heart attack occurs when there is insufficient or no blood supply to the heart muscles due to a blockage in the coronary artery. This results in a lot of pain as the victim succumb to the condition.
  • Irregular Heart Rhythm Diseases. Having a heart that beats extremely fast, too slow or in an erratic manner can also case angina or chest pain problems.
  • The Coronary Artery Disease is also another medical condition known to induce chest pains. It occurs when your artery walls get lined up with fat thus causing strain on the pumping of blood.
  • Aortic Dissection causes one of the sharpest chest pains. The aorta develops a tear which can be very fatal to the victim.

What Can Other Chest Conditions Heart Problems Cause?



Pain is not the only thing that can result from heart problems. There are other chest discomforts that can come about and they may include:

Heart Conditions That Cause Chest Pains

  • Feeling increased pressure in your chest
  • Experiencing tightness in your chest

These feelings can last for a couple of minutes. They can happen anytime and the rate at which they take place is usually different in every person.

If you ever experience chest pains that make you suspect you are developing a heart problem, it is important that you see a doctor immediately to get checked. Always call 911 whenever you see somebody else having a sudden attack of any heart condition.


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