Guilt Free Desserts Review: Can You Make Tasty Desserts Guilt Free?

Okay, so you’ve stumbled upon a question that seems like a rhetorical one. Desserts? Guilt-free? Those two things do not blend with each other. In fact, the contrast and make the other feel like a revengeful ghost. The thing is that people see desserts as fat-inducing, guilt-heavy treats. Some even curse the day they were invented. Something that is very sweet yet so sinful. Sadly, the majority of people think this way. It’s time you reversed that idea.

Don’t click out just yet! We’re serious! THERE IS WAY. First, to keep your hands on this review, you have to know that desserts are important. Why? Aside from the pleasure, you can feel as you drink, bite, eat, or nibble desserts, you actually give yourself a reward. Much like chocolate, you release happiness-inducing chemicals and compounds. These allow you to work better and make you feel positive the rest of the day. Don’t you want that?

We understand that the fear does not actually come from “positivity of the day” and “energy levels.” It is mostly based on getting fat and being guilty of diverting from your diet. Enter GUILT FREE DESSERTS. This book sports many things when it comes to desserts. Stick around and review the book with us. You’ll determine soon after this review if you can really make tasty desserts without the crippling guilt.

Here goes.

Who made the book?

Getting to know who made the book can help you determine whether the writer is credible enough to believe. As soon as you see that the writer is no one but a nutritionist who can’t even make a simple dessert (not to mention, he or she has to make one that is guilt-free), you can throw the book out of the window. Don’t worry, you won’t need that hostility.

The book was written by the Chief Executive Officer and the Founder of the company called Healing Gourmet. They are one of the world’s leading weight loss and health plans makers. These plans contain organic recipes that are easy to find. What’re more is that they are sustainable. The company has now existed for more than a decade. They even have published books with McGraw- Hill. Healing Gourmet has also helped thousands of people become healthier.

Now, are you convinced that the writer is credible? Are you ready to experience eating a healthy brownie? How about a chocolate cake? You can expect the best recipes that can help you lose weight with Guilt-Free Desserts. Oh, if you were wondering, the CEO is named Kelley Herring. Even she is a totally fit woman. Take it from the expert who has her body to prove it.

What you can learn from the book

The book is LOADED with information. Now, when you say “loaded” and you do it with all letters in the capital, it means you are serious. Don’t worry, we’re not mad. We’re actually ecstatic to show you what the book contains! Here are some that are very notable:

  • Recipe Substitutions. You cannot find the correct ingredients all the time. Also, not everything on the item list is healthy! Guilt Free Desserts have this advantage over other cookbooks. As Kelley Herring suggests different alternatives to the different parts of the recipe, you can choose the healthier version easier. Moreover, you also have better options to make it!
  • It teaches you about fat. You may have given in to the 1980 study that fats are dangerous. First, that study is outdated. Second, that study is a fad. Lastly, fat has many versions. Some really are bad but some are really helpful. The book tells you about that kind of fat and you’re sure to understand the different kinds easily.
  • Guilt-Free Recipes. Since this is a cookbook, you’ll see different kinds of recipes that cater to your sugary needs. One catch, though. They are all absolutely healthy! Don’t be fearful and try them all out! You’re sure to get the family bonded with the next healthy cookie.
  • These recipes aren’t just healthy. Eating healthy means being able to eat without risks in health. That is the most important things when you eat. This cookbook presents desserts that are not only healthy, they are also fat-burning. We know! How ironic can that be? But remember that the author is the CEO of a company that caters to weight loss programs.

Why does it claim to be fat-burning and healthy?

The main reason for this claim is the ingredients they use. At first, you may think that chocolate marble cake is very dangerous to your diet. Think again an give it a chance. When you try doing the recipes, you’ll see that it uses many organic ingredients. These ingredients can give you great boosts when it comes t your health. More importantly, you can easily find them!

The ingredients included aren’t simply ingredients, though.  As we review the book, we noticed that Kelley Herring carefully picked and studied to provide the best kind of nutrition. Because they are easy to prepare and healthy, even the family will enjoy making it themselves

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More on pros

Many pros seem to ooze out of the book. Amazingly, you do not have to squeeze it for information. One can get many nutritional benefits. Here some more pros you can experience when you buy the book:

  • You can prepare them fast. One great thing about the cookbook is that it allows fast preparation time. Some of the recipes even consume less time than others do. because of this, no matter how much time you have left, you can still have dessert!
  • You can cure with the recipes. Some have the effect of pain killers and some can fight inflammation and other problems. Amazing, is it not? Who would’ve thought food can cure? Not mention, these are desserts we are talking about.
  • The book comes with appetizer recipes. If you really want to start burning fat, do it before the main course. Since Guilt-Free Desserts comes with the free appetizer guide, you can prepare a full-course meal that is not only fat burning but also very healthy!
  • It says something about the many kinds of flour. Flour is great for baking. But did you know that there are over 11 kinds? The book goes into details about the content of the flour and when to use them.
  • These recipes make you feel full for longer. Since you make recipes that are great, taking in desserts do not make you guilty is great and all. These desserts, however, can also make you full for the rest of the day. If you don’t have enough time to eat a bigger meal, eat dessert! You can enjoy it as much as you eat lunch. Don’t skip lunch, though.

Cons to be improved

Eating desserts is already a pleasure. Even thinking of it already it. However, the book could have contained more to make it perfect. Here are some that we think could help it more.

  • You need a complete diet overhaul. You cannot simply change your diet in just a click. The cookbook implicitly makes you do that. If you cannot go changing your diet gradually, it is better if you take it slow learning the recipes.
  • We wished it had videos. I, personally, cannot envision what a lean cut strawberry looks like. A video or two could have helped me understand things better. Videos are great mediums of learning, by the way. Facebook even has man of them and people on social media spend more time watching videos that reading tweets.
  • Everything is digital. PDF. I have many reviews about many products. I wish they were in print so I can bring them to the kitchen. No, I don’t want my laptop to be messed up by milk and cookie crumbs. It has been with me for 4 years and I expect to stay by my side.

These cons are more personal than general. However, thinking of it as I write it, I believe you’ll encounter them, too.

Are Guilt-Free Desserts viable?

Honestly, we can shout it to the world that YES, THEY ARE. The cookbook is amazing. I learned a lot of things as I reviewed it. I, my team, and my family now do not fear desserts. We do not, certainly and positively, feel any guilt as we drink, eat, nibble, and bite the desserts we make.

The Recipe for Fat Burning Brownies

As far as desserts are concerned, one need not fear them. They just have to know how to make the best one. You can do it, too! If you have read many reviews about Guilt Free Desserts and its CEO, Kelley Herring, you should already be convinced. The book is a must buy and the recipes are to die for. One note I slimmed down and lost 5 inches in my waist. Good luck

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