Golf Swing

Golf is a very interesting game with simple enough rules that you can grasp in just a few minutes. The only problems come in when it comes to the swinging of the club to hit the ball and make sure you don’t miss or end up chipping the green.

Actually, it is not that hard, you only need to have several things that you do to make sure that the swing comes out strong and accurate. This will include a proper club, a good stance and a good eye for where to swing the club.

The following steps will show you how to swing your golf club most effectively to make the magic happen instantly with no hassle or too much problems with the instructions. You will be able to get the correct position if you can follow these easy instructions.

The Procedure

  1. Push the Hips Back to create room for the swing and to give you a clear path of sight to the ball. Then, bend slightly to get the body comfortable and then flex your legs and make sure that you are stable enough to hit the ball. This will give you the posture that you need.

Then, make sure that your foot is a little bit ahead of the ball to make sure the club comes to the middle for maximum force hit.

  1. Check the alignment of your body, the club and the ball. To keep the alignment proper, you need to know that if a line could be drawn from your back shoulder to from shoulder and then to the ball, it will be a direct target.
  2. Bending the knees slightly is also very important when you what to hit the ball with force. This will give your body the flexibility that you need when taking the swing so that you do not pull yourself forwards with the swing.

When you are swinging the club, use the heels and the feet to make sure that you get a balanced posture.

  1. Have a good grip on the club to make the hit more accurate. This will also prevent the club from flying away from your hand. The best grip is a relaxed but not lazy one. This will enable you to get a good hit and allow the head of the club to turn properly.

Some of the grips that you can try to find the right one that suits you very well include;

  • The baseball grip
  • The interlocking grip
  • The overlap grip

These grips are all good but you will find that there is a particular one that you favor highly. Get the best pick for the best impact and accuracy.

  1. The Backswing is where you swing the club up above your head while keeping your feet in the same position that will allow you to exercise your torso, your arms and then the balancing on your feet.
  2. The Downswing is where the club is brought down to hit the ball, your foot should be flexible enough to turn with your body as you make the downswing. You will be using your hips and the feet to make the shot more accurate and powerful.

In Conclusion

This game is pretty easy though and you can always get the ball curved just right but it will take practice and you will have to be training constantly to make that happen. You will learn how to hit the fat swings and the thin swings. There are ways that the ball travel that are called hook or just slice.

These and many more await you at the golf course.

Golf Swing
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