Funk MMA Workouts Review: Finally Learn To Protect Yourself!

Why is MMA great?

As the name suggests, MMA is a combination of various martial arts. This means that training for MMA fighters is very diverse, combining different exercises for different purposes.

These various exercises are designed to improve overall strength and explosiveness, stamina, reduce weight and maximize performance during training. A lot of people train or practice MMA even though they have no intention of participating in MMA competitions.

Some people just want to be able to protect themselves in dangerous situations, others want to lose weight and look better. Whatever your goals are, practicing MMA is a great way to achieve those goals. It also has a significant impact on our perception of ourselves and the world around us.

Those who are able to protect themselves, or those who achieve that perfect body they want will value themselves for what they truly are. And I’m not just talking about the personal development.

There is also a spiritual value involved in this process. Overcoming your obstacles and going beyond the limits you considered insurmountable will definitely change the way you feel about yourself.

Getting mixed with Mixed Martial Arts

Being in MMA world can be hard for both experienced fighter and newcomers. The biggest problem is the type and the number of workouts, especially if you are a beginner.

Trying to figure out which workouts and exercises will fit you is not an easy task. And it all depends on what are you trying to achieve. Is it the strength you want to build up? Or maybe it is endurance or stamina? Are you trying to lose or gain muscle mass? Doing the correct exercises is very important, otherwise, you will not achieve whatever goal you have in your mind.

Furthermore, balancing your training with other personal activities such as job or education can be really tough. This can be particularly hard for those who want to become professional MMA fighters.

Correct diet is also important. It is the same principle as the correct exercises because each food has a different amount of proteins, calories, vitamins, minerals…

So, whether you are trying to become a professional MMA fighter or athlete or you are just trying to improve your looks or health, a good guide can help you with that.

What do pros say?

And finally, we arrive at the focal point of my review.

You probably wonder how do professionals do what they do? And how come it always seems that they always have more power, velocity or stamina? Fortunately, I will not be the one who is going to teach you what makes them unique. Instead, I will be the messenger for 2

Instead, I will be the messenger for 2 professional trainers: Funk Roberts and Flex Marks.

Funk is a dedicated MMA conditioning coach, certified metabolic trainer and lots of other cool things. To keep it short and simple, he is a pro when it comes to MMA training. His partner in crime, Flex, is also a pro, trains MMA athletes online. In fact, he was a high-level kickboxer.

After a lot of surveys and research, they figured out the 3 biggest barriers that MMA fighters face.

Barrier #1: The Workouts

As I’ve said it before, most people have a lot of problems with figuring out their training regime. And because this is MMA we are talking about, you probably need to mix different exercises on the weekly or daily basis, all the time.

Naturally, this can be very frustrating in itself. But it can be even more frustrating if you don’t see the results despite your sincere effort and your will to push the limits. If you don’t see any progress, it is very probable that you are doing the wrong exercises.

Barrier #2: Schedule

Let’s assume that you train 3-4 times per week and that each day you have different exercises. It is not uncommon that you mix up the date, or forget to do that one exercise which will increase your agility. Mistakes like these may seem small and insignificant, but they can seriously damage your progress.

Barrier #3: Nutrition

The right diet is probably one of the most important elements in any sport. Being MMA athlete or fighter is no exception. In order to achieve your weight goal or fighter dream, you need to feed your body the right food and at the right time.

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Breaking through the barriers with Funk MMA Workouts

Once they figured out the biggest barriers for MMA athletes and fighters, Funk and Flex developed a special program that targets these problems; they call it the Funk MMA Workouts.

Here is a short list of key features this program contains:

  • Learning the disadvantages of traditional weight loss programs and reason behind their failures
  • Why you should focus on strength and conditioning if you are combat athlete
  • Exercises that will help you quickly improve your cardio
  • 4 workouts that focus on strength and brute power
  • How to improve muscle endurance
  • Abs and core exercises that will help you improve and build rock-solid mid section
  • Instructional video containing 24 exercises
  • Step by step instructions on how to schedule your weekly workouts
  • How to prepare and carry out your training sessions
  • Diet with different purpose (what food to eat if you want to burn fat, increase your energy, or build up your muscles)
  • Super seven supplements for combat athletes
  • And the list goes on…

As you can see this is a pretty substantial list. Of course, I’ve only scratched the surface of the Funk MMA Workouts program. A lot of professionals like Glen Spencer and Kyle Maziarksi rated this program as the go-to program in their reviews. Why wouldn’t they use it when the program was made by pros!?

What will you get with Funk MMA Workouts?

Imagine Funk MMA Workouts

Elite strength and conditioning program guide

This guide explains why it is important to combine strength and conditioning training. With it, you will discover different attributes you must train every week in order to achieve maximum conditioning. Moreover, you will learn specific workouts that will build up your power and simultaneously increase your cardio.

How to schedule and program design template

This section of the program will help you with that annoying planning. This is literally a step by step approach to learning how to plan and schedule your workouts on the daily and weekly basis. You will also have access to sample plans and scheduling templates that will make your planning a lot easier.

24 instructional workout video

Flex and Funk have created 24 easy to follow that you will implement in your weekly schedule. They will present each exercise, teach you proper form and technique, and explain why are these exercises important for MMA fighters and athletes. These videos are downloadable on the computer, iPod or iPad.

These workouts focus on 6 main categories: 4 strength and power, 4 strength and conditioning, 4 metabolic body weight circuits, 4 treadmill cardio interval, 4 interval sprint workouts, 4 abs and core

Don’t forget the importance of diet!

They definitely didn’t forget how important diet is. Because of that, they developed special nutrition guides.

Elite Nutrition Guide For Fat Loss. Through this guide, you will learn the importance of nutrition for combat athletes. You will also learn key nutrition principles you need to follow, and how much protein, carbs, and fats you should eat.

You will also learn some pre and post workout nutrition secrets and tactics that will optimize your results. Furthermore, you will find out which food is the best for decreasing inflammation and speeding up recovery in between training sessions.

Done for you and do it yourself meal plans. Naturally, when you have done for you meal plans you won’t have to put your time and energy into planning them. Just follow them and lose weight. Of course, some people like to plan their own meals.

If you are one of those people, there is a list of all the foods you can use for your meals. Moreover, you will get complete “What to eat food list” of proteins, carbs, and fats for strength, muscle gain, and optimal weight loss!

Supplements and Funk Roberts fitness University

You will also get Supplements For Fighters. This supplement guide will teach you which 7 supplements every fighter must have if he wants to achieve optimal performance. Furthermore, you will get a detailed description of each supplement and explanation on why are they important.

And finally, you will get access to Funk Fitness University. Whether you are interested in your overall athlete performance, details of metabolism or how do we lose weight, this online university has all the answers.

It also has workout video library, community forums, and friendly, strong and engaging mindset.

So, if you are still sure whether you will buy this product or not, check it out. Look through other peoples reviews, or try to find out more about the authors. If you are still trying to break one of the 3 barriers, then you should definitely check Funk MMA Workouts!

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Funk MMA Workouts Review: Finally Learn To Protect Yourself!
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