Full Power Stretching Review – Should You Buy it or Not?

Do you know that stretching can do more than increase your flexibility? A good stretching routine helps boost your overall health and weight loss. If done correctly, it can leave you feeling younger and more energized.

Dr. Nikki Zevende understands the importance of stretching, so she created the full power stretching program. This program consists of scientifically proven exercise stretches created by experts. It will help you to improve your physical performance and get back in shape. If you want to improve your flexibility and physical performance within a month, keep on reading!

Why is stretching important before working out?

Stretching, especially morning stretching, is a highly underestimated element of athletic performance and fitness. If it is done properly, it can physically help you reach your full potential. In fact, it can easily replace rolling for releasing muscle tension.

It will bring confidence in yourself and make you feel rejuvenated. But what are the benefits of stretching?

What are the benefits of stretching?

Stretching helps you physically and mentally, but here are some of the key benefits:

  • Reduced rate of joint and muscle injury
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Improved circulation
  • Increased range of motion
  • Pain relief
  • It helps promote feelings of relaxation

Now you know the key benefits of stretching but creating time for it can be quite challenging. To make it easier, you can split your workout routine by static stretching and dynamic stretching. Do dynamic stretches for warming up and static stretches for cooling down. But this process can be very complicated for some people, and this is where the full power stretching program comes in handy.

What is the Full Power Stretching Program?

Let’s be real; you can’t just suddenly be a gymnast. But following the Full Power stretching’s stretching routine, you too can improve your physical fitness. The full power stretching system, also known as potastetic stretching, is perfect for non-athletic people. Through this stretching routine, they can easily achieve a full range of motion in their muscles.

Full power stretching is a unique system of stretching exercises developed by professionals that will help to keep you healthy and balanced. This program consists of yoga exercises that target every part of your body. Dr. Nikki Zevende has been able to create this with her years of experience as a fitness coach.

This Full power stretching method is a blend of static and dynamic stretching workouts borrowed from ancient practices. This program has been created by borrowing from different yoga techniques, especially vinyasa yoga, and Asian martial arts. Even though there are many ways to achieve flexibility, full power stretching might be the most effective option.

According to the official website, just an hour per week can drastically change your health and vitality. The full power stretching approach includes a 120-minute instructional video with practices that can be completed in under 15 minutes. Doing so for 15 minutes a day four times a week can help you week for relaxed.

Who created the Full Power Stretching Program?

Dr. Nikki Zevende created the full power stretching program with her 20 years of experience as a fitness coach. As an expert in human physiology, this program is the outcome of Dr. Zevende’s years-long research.

Using Martial arts and yoga techniques, Nikki has created a versatile full-body stretching routine that can help you stay strong and flexible. But how did she bring such a power stretching program?

How did Dr. Nikki Zevende create the full power stretching method?

From a very early age, Nikki has been into the human body and how it changes through physical activity.  After completing high school, she started her career as a personal trainer in order to study the human body deeper. She mostly paid a lot of attention to yoga exercises and stretches.

Her curiosity in stretching and yoga exercises led her to discover the Plenum Potestatem archaic exercise routine. Nikki opened a yoga practice studio of her own and started teaching people how to stay fit.

Over the years, Dr. Zevende continued gathering knowledge from leading sports scientists and other professionals. She further deepened her understanding of physical and mental fitness by traveling around the world.

The full power stretching program consists of carefully selected stretching exercises in the right order. It provides everything your body needs to lead a healthy lifestyle. Initially, this stretching program was being provided just in her online and studio classes. But her huge success in the classes, she decided to make this program available for everyone.

How does this Full Power Stretching Program work?

The full power stretching method, by Dr. Nikki Zevende, didn’t invent the idea of stretching. But their perfect blend of modern and traditional practices has perfected the art of upper and lower body stretching. That’s what makes their full-body stretching routine so powerful.

The combination of dynamic and static stretches makes it a safe routine for all. Doing these stretches in the right order helps your muscles to recover faster after a workout.  It also improves your strength, increases flexibility, and helps you have a good posture.

What’s inside the full power stretching method?

This stretching program consists of scientifically proven body stretching routines that are easy to follow. the 120 minute stretching routine contains:

Casual morning stretching

Regular stretching in the morning is a great way to wake your body and metabolic system up. Morning stretches are the perfect way to start your stretching journey because of how beginner-friendly it is. This helps to lose weight and keeps the body and mind fresh for the day.

Crow-pose challenge

Crow pose exercise helps to strengthen your abdominal, back, and arms muscles. It helps to boost your control and the primary nerve system. This routine can also improve your self-confidence and improve your coordination.

Upper body stretching

This stretching program is perfect for those who spend a lot of time in front of their screen. It is perfect for reducing as well as releasing tension in your body. The 10-minute technique targets your neck, shoulders, and back. All you’ll need is a mat and 10 minutes off your day.

Lower body stretching

This series of exercises will boost the flexibility of a lower body. Whether your muscles are often burnt out or rigid, this stretching routine will assist you to remedy the situation. These 9 minutes long lower body stretches will enhance the flexibility of your lower body. This will also increase nourishment absorption and release muscle tension.

Headstand challenge

If you always find it difficult to focus or feel stressed out, you’re in luck. The headstand poses will help you resolve all your problems. It will teach you to be in the present while focusing on what you’re doing. But you must keep your leg straight and maintain a constant foot’s shoulder width at all times.

30 days front split challenge

The splits are still one of the most appealing yoga poses ever to exist. If you thought that you would never be able to do a split, you were wrong. This 4-week front split challenge will help make your hip flexors and hamstrings elastic.

Who should use the Full Power Stretching method?

The full power stretching program was constructed with exercises that are safe for everyone. So, regardless of your age, gender, athletic ability, or health conditions, you can use this stretching program. It can fulfill your fitness achievement goals, whether that’s flexibility or physical agility.

But if you have any physical condition that prevents you from certain stretching, you can’t get the full taste of the program. Many people who have used this in the past have seen a major improvement in their physical and mental health.

What makes Full Power Stretching apart from other routines?

Now, what is it that sets this stretching program apart from other routines available? Let’s see:

Scientifically proven results

After hundreds of hours of research and practical experience, this full-body stretching program was made. Through experimenting with these techniques through years in her studios, she has concluded that they work.

Plus, her knowledge in strength training, fitness, and kinesiology has helped to take this program to the next level. So by following these techniques, you can increase your energy levels, improve posture and relieve back pain.

Made for all age groups

All the exercises in the program were carefully selected so that it fits every individual perfectly. These yoga poses and their sequence was put in such a way that even a novice can do it. If you are an athlete or a housewife, you can take part in this program and get results.

No equipment is needed!

The reason why stretching programs are not liked by most is that most programs need equipment. But not in this one! I guess they know how much of a hassle buying equipment can be. So, their stretching program can be done anywhere, anytime.

You don’t need to spend money on expensive gear for this program. All you need is a comfy T-shirt and shorts that you can easily stretch your body in.

The ultimate day-to-day routine

The main reason why people don’t continue in a workout or stretching program is that they can’t fit it into their busy schedules. People don’t have much time to work out nor to eat healthier. this is a factor that Nikki kept in mind while developing the full power stretching program.

Nikki designed this program to help customers maintain a healthy lifestyle without spending a lot of time in the gym. She specifically designed it in a way that it can be squeezed even into the busiest schedule.

Advantages of the Full Power Stretching Program

Full power stretching is a fast and effective way to improve your health. Following the guided video instructions will have you enjoy the benefits below:

Relieves body aches

You might often feel sharp pain high up in your back, spasms, and dull aches in your pelvis. All of these are signs of body pain, leading to lower athletic ability. But don’t worry as they can be treated!

With the full power stretching method, you can treat these issues. The programs help to stretch the muscles and soothe them to prevent future attacks. Thanks to these stretches, you can gain full flexibility and relieve yourself of muscle pain.

Increases flexibility

Flexibility is something we all wish we had, no matter what our age is. This program exactly helps with that! It helps you regain agility, whether starting in sports or just for better physical health. The exercises here were chosen carefully to increase one’s range of motion.

Nikki’s experience and research have helped her top choose scientifically proven exercises to increase flexibility. The flexibility that you gain from here will help to increase your overall physical performance.

Enhanced blood circulation

We all want to look and feel younger, don’t we? One of the unrevealed secrets behind looking and feeling younger is optimum blood circulation. But exercising can also lead to poor circulation. Surprising right?

Exercising often leads to sore muscles, exhaustion, and inflammation. If these side effects are not treated properly, it can cause poor circulation. But don’t worry, as the full power stretching program deals with that too.

Through the stretching in this program, you can easily boost your blood circulation. It helps to ease the side effects of working out and refreshes the body instantly.

Perfect health booster

The power stretching program is the perfect health booster for all. Following this routine leads to health benefits like-

  • Weight loss
  • Improved cardiovascular system
  • Stable high blood pressure
  • Reduced stress
  • Improved respiratory system
  • Improved posture

Through these exercises, you can easily help your body to reclaim its lost adaptability. Not only that, but these sets of exercises help to bring tranquility to the mind.

Fast recovery from injuries

Injury prevention is a crucial step of a healthy training regimen. This can only be done through proper stretching before and after a workout. Nikki’s program ensures that your muscles are adequately warmed up before you start with any physical activity.

Incorporating the stretches in your workout routine will reduce the risk of injuries by increasing the blood flow to muscles and connective tissues. It also helps to strengthen the tissues rapidly.

Improved skin complexion

Most people start working out or do power stretching for a perfect and captivating body. But one thing that stretching provides that other exercises can’t provide is better skin. Yes, you heard me right!

The power stretching program helps increase blood circulation, so more nutrients reach the muscles. This results in skin rejuvenation and muscle priming.

Muscle hypertrophy

Regular stretching helps to increase the muscle mass in your body. This results in better physical health and increased muscle hypertrophy. The sets of exercises included in the program help to quickly extend the muscle mass, which eradicates body trouble.

Is the Full Power Stretching Program legit or not?

Full power stretching program consists of scientifically proven exercises to be effective and safe. Tens of thousands of people who have used this program has given a positive review and the changes they have seen in their body. Most people have reported having improved flexibility and mobility in a few weeks.

Nutrition is a great factor of this program, as mentioned by the creator herself. To gain maximum benefits from this program, make sure to follow healthy eating habits and exercise regularly.

It can be followed anytime and anywhere due to how convenient it is. Not only that but anyone can also do whether they are an athlete or a typical person irrespective of their gender.

They have claimed that this program will benefit all, no matter your athletic abilities. If you don’t see any results for yourself, they also have a 60 days refund guarantee.

How much does the Full Power Stretching Program cost?

You can get lifetime access to Dr. Nikki Zevende’s full power stretching program for just $29. Due to the 70% discount going around due to their awareness campaign, the price has been brought down from $99 to $29. The buying procedure is very easy as it can be found on the main website.

Make sure to not buy this from anywhere except the main website, no matter how cheap they are. You can also get a 60-day refund if you don’t see any results. This procedure is very simple and takes 2-3 days to get the refund.


Stretching regularly is crucial for everyone, whether they are advanced athletes or just a beginner. This full power stretching program is a valuable investment if you ask me. It is a combination of various old yoga exercises, especially vinyasa yoga.

The health benefits you get through this program should be a great reason to buy it.  The carefully selected exercises help your body to be back in shape by improving muscle mass and muscle strength.

Thousands of customers have given positive reviews after using the program. If you don’t see any results, you can even get a refund with their refund policy. So, if you want to improve your physical agility, consider investing in it.

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