Full Body Licious Review: Mistakes To Avoid & Burn Fat 2x Faster

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, good for a saying, but something hard to take.

I look around and stare at attracting women wondering. “where has it gone all wrong for me?”

I want to lose fat, to shape my butt and thighs.

I want more energy.

Finally, I want to feel better.

Endless thoughts go through our mind when we see someone attractive. From her top to toe physique, and the dress which suits her so well. We admire such beauties.

But the big question is asked afterward,  Why can’t I be the same?

Belly fat

The definition of a perfect female body has changed all through the years. Once it was the chubbiness of her body, and then the concept of beauty began to follow around her curves. The definition of beauty changes with generations.

I grew up in the era of skinny models,  and I have seen many women who literally stress over their body size. We all want to wear those slim fitting outfits, but our body is not letting us to.

Beauty has become the most integral part of someone’s personality. If she’s pretty, then the society accepts her. She walks into what she wants and walks out achieving it. Scientific studies have proven that when a person is attractive their confidence increases significantly.

Now let’s look into the other group of females, including me, who consider themselves not so attractive.

We start the day by picking up clothes to wear, and it all begins there. From pear-shaped thighs which don’t allow us to wear our favorite jeans, to our belly fat that never lets us wear the top that we always loved.

The list follows the staring look that the guy gives to my friend. We have always wanted to see the same look and amazement on that guy’s eyes while they look at us.

Where Has It Gone All Wrong For Me?

Well, a few of the women have got the body through their genetics, and they might not have to work so hard to preserve it. They are gifted with a faster metabolism which allows them to eat as much as they want. And still, burn the calories without tireless workouts.

On the other hand, the majority of the ladies out there carved their bodies through regular workouts and diets. They have gone through a path that we were lazy to take on, or else a path that we have given up hopes.

Yes, God created us all equal,  but we’re not created the same. That is why some of us have to take a path to be equal with the rest.

a woman cycling

Is It Really Possible For Me To Look Good?

You should stop asking that question to yourself.

“YES, YOU CAN” That is my answer.  A person’s look doesn’t completely lay on their face if she has the assets and the figure that everyone admires. Then she becomes attractive in everyone’s eyes.

All you gotta do is, shake off the negative thoughts that have been pulling you from behind. And start working towards your goal, the goal you always wanted to achieve.

Tight and trimmed thighs, a show-off stomach to be proud of, a perfect booty and a sleek and shapely shoulder. You could have them all if you’re ready to put some time into workouts.

What Kind Of Workouts Should I Follow?

A good question.  Majority of the women out there make this same mistake when choosing their workout plan. “Following the same workout and eating pattern that their husband, boyfriend or a male friend does”.

Yes, we make this mistake. Why would you be doing the same exercises to trim your body size, while the guy next to you who are doing the same exercise to build and bulk their body?

woman training at the gym

So if you’re looking to trim your body size and get the skinny idolized body that you have been dreaming of,  You need to follow a workout routine which is designed for you.

Stop following what the guys have been doing,  find a workout program that is meant for women and which is designed to give the results that you wanted.

Which Program Should I Choose?

There are too many workout programs to choose from. But you’ll never know what gives you the results you’re looking for.

And if you’re thinking about hiring a fitness coach. That might not be as affordable as you imagine. But what if you could follow a program which is tested and proven by many, designed by a certified personal trainer? Would you buy it?

About Flavia Del Monte

Flavia Del Monte is a registered nurse, certified personal trainer, and a holder of masters level in nutritional certification.

With her research, scientific knowledge and the experience in the fitness industry, she discovered a formula for a woman’s body. which was tested on a recruited 95 members women test group, to make sure the formula she discovered work for all.

Flavia Del Monte succeeded in discovering the “Force Formula”. Which acknowledges unique posture, hormonal, nutritional and specific workout needs of a woman’s body.

Finally, she made a program that is easy to follow, with the combination of all the workouts.

Website of full body licious

Full Body Licious: A Female’s Formula For A Flawless Figure

This is a program which made an instant hit among the ladies for its results. The video presentation in this program is suitable for beginners and long-time fitness buffs alike, who would love to admire their body.

The Full Body Licious is an easy to follow workout program, which includes the complete diet information required for your body transformation.

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Full Body Licious 5-day workout plan comes in five DVD disc. With each disc explaining the workouts in video presentations.

1. Tight and trimmed thighs

Like the name, the disc walks you through the workouts needed to tone your thighs. The exercises will attack the thighs to lengthen and strengthen it.

Getting tight and trimmed thighs may have been a dream until now. But with some key moves and techniques, you’ll finally give your legs an opportunity to shape up and get noticed.

2. Show off stomach

This workout presentation is all about getting awesome abdominal. There’s no need to hold your stomachs in constantly. After going through the Show Off Stomach workout tutorials, you’ll be able to use up all the opportunities to show off your stomach rather than covering it up.

This program helps you to do the exercise with right movement, order, volume, and the right intensity.

woman working out

3. Booty booster

What else to say, these exercises will make you look divine from behind. The very well organized booty toning program will make you look good in,  bathing suits,  lingerie, short shorts and your favorite pair of jeans.

4. Sleek and shapely shoulders

Shoulders are the best muscle group to focus on. It creates a magical illusion on your body weight,  and this will make you look amazing in any tops.  the five-day workout program gives you an in-depth view of the exercises to have that shoulders, which would make you fit into any tops.

5. Beautiful backside

A beautiful back makes you feel stunningly sexy and it rounds up the total package. Body Licious program will make your backside more stunning than ever before and by doing so, you’ll be able to reveal your back in most stunning outfits.

This workout also helps get a perfect posture and lift up your front side.

Eat like this: A book which explains the do’s and don’ts of proper nutrition.
Success tracker: To track your progress through a well organized daily tracker.
Hormone control: a guide which helps you in understanding the three hormones related to fat.
Fab 5 supplement guide:  a book with very well sorted out foods and carbs details which the author herself uses.


Full Body Licious program has received great reviews, all around the world.

One review by a client named Jessica, says “The bodylicious workout programs are amazing. The workouts worked well on all areas that I wanted to be trimmed. Thighs, stomach, booty, arms, the back side. I saved so much money by buying the program instead of hiring a personal trainer and I got awesome results. So I would totally recommend this for everyone. “

Thousands have given good reviews about this 100% effective, body workout program.

woman with abs

Below are the pros and cons of the Full Body Licious program:


  • You’ll learn the ins and outs of what makes the female body so unique and why other most common training techniques won’t work.
  • There’s no need for long duration cardio sessions with this program.
  • The workouts are in video format, making it easy to understand how to perform each exercise.


  • Workouts tend to be a bit lengthy at 60 minutes each and are to be done 5 days a week.
  • If your goal is to make more size, then this workout program won’t work out for you. Because you’ll need a more muscle building focused approach.
  • Those with slow computer connection may struggle to view the online videos.

With the help of Full Body Licious, it’s possible to achieve the fit and tight figure you have always wanted!

Burn Fat Twice As Fast, Avoid These Simple Mistakes, And Start Using Full Body Licious – Click Here To Join Today!


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