Flat Belly Forever Review: The Real Secret To Always Having A Flat Belly?

Many people have tried and failed. Getting slimmer is never going to become easier. With more great tasting food being invented, how can you resist? Moreover, technology also prompts you to be lazier. Instead of running around with friends and family, you spend mornings playing console games and applications on mobile phones. Sure, even I believe that it is hard to slim down. With all the odds stacked against us, how can we possibly hope for a flat belly?

Many books have through reviews. These reviews show the cons and pros of many writings out there. Diet regimens, workout programs, and many more. These aim to make you feel better about yourself. At the same time, they fail to grasp the idea – there a lot of temptations around you that you lose sight of your goal. Is there hope to slim down? As it turns out, we may have been looking in the wrong direction. The answer was smiling towards us, waiting for us to find it.

Flat Belly Forever seems like any other weight loss guide out there. Make no mistake. This one is absolutely different from others. You don’t need to be an expert to say that what we claim is true. In fact, one of the great reasons why you should review this book is that three people collaborated to make this happen. Their names are Brad Pilon, John Barban, and Kyle Leon.  Stick around to see if we really have hope to gain that flat belly.

What makes the book credible?

First, you should look at who made the book. As mentioned previously, Brad Pilon, John Barban, and Kyle Leon were the authors. These three aren’t just pushovers. They are experts in the nutritional and fitness field. As they collaborated to make the book, you’re sure to learn things you haven’t learned before.

  • One of them has a master’s degree in Human Biology and Nutrition. Barban is also a fitness trainer with a great reputation.
  • Leon is a world-renowned fitness instructor. You might have encountered his program, Customized Fat Loss, before.
  • Pilon has great studies about fasting and its many benefits.

Do you now see how credible the authors are? We decided to trust them and make a review out of their book. With all these accomplishments and reputation, how can we not? We feel excited as we start turning the pages of the book!

Take a good look at the whole review before you start hitting the gym again. You might be surprised that the techniques used here are simple enough. One might even wonder why he or she did not know that fact. You might, too!

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What is the approach?

You want to lose weight? You need time to do that. The authors say that you need just three months to do that. Wait, 90 days?! Here are some more details about the book’s approach:

  • It promotes steady weight loss. Healthy weight loss is gradual and does not happen instantly. If you lose more than 10 pounds a week, you should definitely consider changing up the diet. Steady weight loss is important to make sure that you do no lose muscles, too. You need energy and starving yourself to gain that is wrong.
  • They want to destroy belly fat. The reason for this is astounding. The authors claim that belly fat can be the hive of bad bacteria. As a result, you can get sick more often and even develop problems in digestion and develop other forms of sickness! Surely, no one would want that. You sure will not.
  • They tell you the right way to cook. As you know, people cook differently. You may not be a master chef but if you can cook correctly, you can chuck out the great nutrition without risking yourself. You can even turn fatty foods to fat burners! How amazing is that?
  • The food to avoid and food to eat. No program on weight loss does not contain food guides. As such, Flat Belly Forever also has them. It gives detailed information on what food you should avoid. At the same time, it even tells you what nutrient you should take in to make weight loss a breeze.
  • It is incredibly simple. No hard to understand terms, no words are too hard to pronounce, and no recipe is too complicated. One of the most beautiful things you can notice about the book is its simplicity.

The pros of the book

Since we have made many reviews regarding diet programs, we already have the knack of seeing which traits stand out. You can see many of the pros listed down below:

  • It tells you the exercises to avoid. If you thought exercising was all you need, you were wrong. Some exercises can even make you fatter. Yuck. If you buy the book, you’ll learn which of the exercises that you do make you fat.
  • You have three people collaborating on one thing. That is the beauty of the Flat Belly Forever Program. Since you have many contenders trying to achieve what this book can, it rises to the top with three powerful authors.
  • It has detailed advice on cravings. What kind of drinks should you avoid? What does alcohol do to you? These are just some of the things you need to know if you want to keep your weight low.
  • It guides you on the food you need to take in. This program spans three months. You cannot expect a guide to not have a food intake guide. As such, this book has it very detailed. It even tells you why you need that food for the day.
  • It has short exercises for you to follow. If you were thinking that you ate too much, you can do these exercises to give your metabolism a boost. Make sure to follow it correctly!
  • It contains videos. Finally, a book that actually has videos to show you how to do things. We get frustrated when we review books that do not have videos especially when they ask you to do some exercises. Some of them are just hard to comprehend. These videos amount to 140 and they are step-by-step.

The cons we noticed

Many reviews show biased support by not showing the true cons of a product. We deviate from that practice and show you the real things to expect. You need money to buy things. This program needs you to buy it, too. So, here are some honest to goodness cons we noticed:

  • Stay away if you are pregnant. If you’re pregnant or nursing, you should avoid this program. Flat Belly Forever needs you to do intense workouts at times. You also will eat strictly. The baby needs nutrition and so do you. You can return to this a while after your pregnancy, though.
  • It needs to be disciplined. Well, all diets and exercise programs need you to be disciplined. That means not cheat when you should not cheat. It also means to exercise when it is time to exercise. You should be very careful when you follow the program. Your enemy is yourself.
  • It is not instant. Many people hope for drastic changes to happen real quick. Reality check, that kind of weight loss is dangerous and sometimes even deadly. It will take you three months to complete this program. If you do want to continue down the path, it is up to you. Just remember that none of these are magic. You really should exert an effort.

These cons are things tat you should be wary of. However, these should not discourage you form buying the book. In fact, we still fully recommend buying it!

The real secret to having a flat belly

If we try to get the gist of the book, it almost certainly talks about being able to follow simple instructions. If the program says to eat a banana, you eat a banana. However, the program itself is the secret. Many weight loss regimens out there abuse your body. Some make you starve and some make you feel the pain of doing strenuous exercises.

We can promise you one thing, though. Flat Belly forever is a guide you can follow if you want to slim down and continue to enjoy eating great. We highly recommend it because even we had experienced the benefits first hand. None of the writings in the book were fads and lies. All have been backed by scientific evidence. If you’re still skeptical, remember who wrote this book: three super qualified authors with great reputations.

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