Fight Fast Review: Does Learning To Fight Have To Be Difficult Or Slow?

Fight Fast

Who Else Wants To Own 15 Easy-To-Learn Brutally Effective Combat-PROVEN “Fight-Enders” – Come Watch FIGHT FAST – Review

I might have watched the film ENTER THE DRAGON more than 100 times. If given an opportunity I will watch it even today. Such was the power of that film. The fight sequences blew us out of imagination. Bruce Lee became the hero and a cult figure. I could not believe how such a small, lean, frail guy enacts such amazing fights. Later I learned it is all about your inner strength, techniques, and confidence.

Bruce Lee


I briefly went back to those Bruce Lee days after watching the DVD – 15 FIGHT ENDERS.

The promotional stuff had so many promises:

  • Win any confrontation is 4-7 seconds
  • Defeat, larger, faster opponents with few simple techniques
  • How to fight without earning belts, long practice or learning complex nonsense steps.

In one of his films, Bruce Lee stares at his opponent for a few seconds and before he could understand Lee makes a swift move. The opponent is down and out!!!!

It is this swiftness and effectiveness what this video offers you. It is all about 15 –ULTRA FILTHY- NO NONSENSE FIGHT MOVES

I had read about the years of efforts Bruce Lee had put in to achieve what he achieved. Though he was my hero, I never had the will power to follow such strict, tiring, and cumbersome practice schedules. I had always wondered why someone can’t come out with some simple fight steps which can be learned and used by anyone without spending hours and hours in practice. This video is an answer to that.

What is it all about? My friend asked when I kept raving about the video on and on. It was easy for me to share the highlights:


  • Simple and easy steps which anyone of any size, strength and skill level can use. Even if you have never been to a fight before.
  • Easy to learn. Watch them once and use them. Use them instantly. These moves require no special knowledge or skill.
  • Devastatingly effective. It will be all over in 4-7 seconds.

Street fight

“I don’t believe,” my friend said. “I have seen many such videos. They come out with such tall claims and when you buy you realize you have lost your money.”

“The best way for you to believe is to buy it”, I quipped, knowing well it is difficult to convince a hesitant buyer. “This video is the result of more than 20 years of research and experience” I continued.

I could feel my friend is all attention. Years of experience always count.

“It contains fight instructions taught by top world class combat experts.”

“Really?”. He was eager to know more.

“They have over 1000 hours of fight instructions and 85 titles,” I added.

I realized I am also making some swift, deft moves, though not physically, to floor my friend. It almost worked. He wanted to know more.

“Remember what happened to John last month”, I asked. I was trying to invite his attention to a real-life incident.

“While they were coming back from the film”? He understood what I am hinting at. Both John and his girlfriend had a horrible experience. As they were coming back from a late night show, they were confronted by thugs. They somehow managed to escape from there. However, his confidence was heavily shaken.

This incident was one of the reasons why I particularly thought of reviewing this video. The need for us to be self- reliant suddenly dawned on me. I went through dozens of videos. THE BRUTAL FIGHT ENDERS stood out from the crowd. They won hands down.

Mixed Martial Arts Maza Shooto Maza Fight Mma

The Video is the result of painstaking hours of research and gathering information’s. The sources from which they gathered the facts to design these devastating steps are impressive. They have literally spent MILLIONS of dollars combing the globe to gather together the world’s most accomplished (and vicious) fighters…men who just don’t TALK about fighting, but who…Have blood on their hands.

It has an amazing range of-Seasoned bar bouncers, US Special Forces combat soldiers, ruthless Chicago gang enforcers, decorated delta force special operators, Israeli anti-terrorist killers and even Russian Spetnaz experts.


When, Bob Pierce, owner of TRS, makes this bold statement we can’t disagree with him.”  No. In fact — with all due respect — cops show up AFTERWARDS…to snap grisly photos, draw chalk-lines, write up reports, and clean up the blood.” He says, tongue in cheek.

How many times we had experienced this ?? His years of experience have taught him that we cannot wait for the police always. We need to be self-sufficient. We need to learn how to defend ourselves.

Bob is to the point when he explains, “What’s my point? Just this: When it hits the fan — and some goon decides he likes the look of your wife…or climbs through your kid’s bedroom window…or just thinks it’d be funny for him and his buddies to humiliate, beat and rob you..having a handful of simple and devastating moves to quickly dominate and end a confrontation in seconds — with your opponent shocked, dismayed, and running for his life — would be extremely valuable to know…” He further adds,”  it’s almost NEVER about “good looks”… but that strange and unknown quality called “confidence”. It attracts women to command respect and loyalty and, without saying a word, puts thugs on “notice” that you’re not to be messed with.


As mentioned earlier, fundamentally they have amassed an intense arsenal of real-world combat instructional packages. They have 1000 hours of fight instructions and over 85 titles.

What is offered here is intensive 100-minute “Brutal Fight Enders” DVD package.

Here is a peek into some of the mind-blowing tactics and techniques in offer.

  • How to use a single knuckle-blow (using very little pressure) into an easy-to-hit pressure point to bring a man of ANY size to his knees in excruciating pain.
  • A simple “human pliers” move that will shred through flesh and muscle and send him reeling into shock.
  • A single deadly strike that will either (a.) instantly knock him unconscious or – with slightly more force applied – (b.) disconnect his spinal cord from his skull. This is as brutal as it gets.
  • A very nifty “underhand lace” move that uses the back of his neck and the “V” of your leg to snap his arm like a pretzel while you choke him out. Yes… wicked and humiliating (for him)… but so simple and effective it’ll all be over in seconds.
  • One hell of a brutal “shoulder roll” leg-bar (very simple to do) for anyone stupid enough to bear-hug you from behind. It’s shocking how quickly this will “pop” his knee and leave him begging for a ride to the emergency room.
  • The punishing “nose bridge” (looks innocent enough, but inflicts mind-numbing pain)
  • The blinding “thumb rake” (one hell of a brutal move)
  • An Israeli Special Forces bone crusher (doesn’t require a lot of force, but highly effective in shattering specific delicate bones)and on and on.

Girl with gloves

It’s all here…

I will not be doing justice to the review if I do not share what experts have to say about this video. I would also like to include the comments of those who had direct experience and benefit of these videos.

  • Practical and Easy!

I found Dale’s instruction in the combat arts to be different from anything I had been previously exposed to. This is a practical, easy to learn self-defense system that anyone can quickly absorb and use.

4th CAB teaches self-defense class

Eric Wilson

Owner-Global Security Consultants Inc. Tampa, FL

  • Major General Says…

This Command is glad to communicate to you that SGT Jim Wagner has been appointed to be an Honorary Member of the Brazilian Air Force.

Major-General Junito Saito

Fifth Regional Air Command

  • This Truly Works!

Dr. V cuts straight through the crap and delivers what truly works. Awesome DVD! I’ve got hundreds and this is my all time favorite cause it’s real.

Alec M.P.

  • Complete Confidence!”

This is Top Level, no-nonsense stuff you can learn fast and use with complete confidence almost immediately. With the one-shot take out moves I learned from Jim, fights don’t last longer than the time it takes to blink, even if I’m surprised from behind.

Jerry Goney, a professional bouncer for Rick’s Lounge in Fayetteville, NC the roughest military hangout in the country for 48 years.

  • A brave Escape with Family

Two Strange Men Approached. I was able to use what I learned while out with my 5-year-old daughter one evening. I backed two strange men off and I believe I wouldn’t have known what to do and keep my daughter safe without this training.

Laura Templeman

Former Federal Corrections Office

  • Soldier Of Fortune Publisher Says…

I seldom give endorsements, but this is something special. The release of this package is unparalleled. You can learn a lot… it may save your life.

Colonel Robert K. Brown, USAR (Ret.)

Founder and Publisher of Soldier of Fortune Mag.

You can find thousands and thousands of such reviews and feedbacks. The very range of these comments is amazing. All these remarks come from people who have really used it and found it useful and effective.


Yes, you read it right. This video is offered almost free!!!!


What you have to pay is just a nominal shipping and handling charge of $7.95.

Hold on, no there are no traps here. No membership fees, no maintenance fees. IT IS JUST ONE TIME CHARGE.

I found this really amazing.


Once you have decided to buy it, you have more BONUS waiting for you. It is a DVD called “Advanced Fight Enders” which otherwise costs 46 USD. Still simple and easy-to-learn, but a tad more advanced.

So effectively you get an entire package which cost $ 146 for just $7.95!!!

You cannot ask for anything better.

There is more good news for those who have already made up their mind.

IF YOU ARE NOT SATISFIED WITH THE PRODUCT YOU CAN GET A REFUND WITHIN 60 DAYS AND CAN KEEP THE VIDEO WITH YOU. Can you imagine, you need not to have any reason for rejecting the video.

Oh man, that I call is unbelievable confidence in your product and unmatched trust in your buyers.

I was impressed with the techniques and simple tactics they offer. In the present world where crime rates have multiplied and when you can be a nasty, vicious situation yourself, such simplified self- protection instructions are the need of the hour.

Woman Kicking

It is highly recommended to spend a nominal $7.95.

As I was concluding this review my mobile rang. It was my friend “what’s up?” I asked.

“Hey Buddy, I bought this DVD – Fight Finders. It is awesome !!!”.

It nailed everything.

After all, Protecting yourself and your family is YOUR job as a man !!!

Get Ready For Anything Life Throws At You, And Any Attackers Lurking In The Shadows – Learn To Fight Fast By Clicking Here And Joining!

Fight Fast Review: Does Learning To Fight Have To Be Difficult Or Slow?
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